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I have a small hard lump just inside my back passage, pretty sure it's not hemmoroids.
Thank you for your inquiry. The problem requires a physical examination (after taking a history of course). You do not mention your age and this is only one a few factors that make certain differential diagnoses more or less likely. For example, this could be an 'internal' haemorrhoid, a clotted vein in the rectum, the scar left by an episiotomy or tear following childbirth, or even the 'superficial' manifestation of an infection... or one of a number of other conditions As it is not possible to know which of these or any other diagnoses are likely, you're best advised to see your doctor for the above. If you have rectal bleeding or signs of infection or weight loss for example, then you should see your doctor swiftly (although, again, it is most likely nothign serious one cannot be sure without a thorough assessment). Hope this is of assistance.
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