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Got an ache or pain? Have a question about a prescription or over-the-counter drug? Looking for some FREE medical advice?
A six-month old baby of my friends has an otitis, and the doctor prescribed certain medicines that we are not familiar with. Could you describe them and how exactly they work. And also if can tell us their European or American names. Here are the medications- Macropen, Dioxidin, Nasivin, Phencarolum. Thanks.
MACROPEN (Midecamycin) is an antibiotic of the group of the macrolides. They are active against aerobic and anaerobic gram-positive cocci (exception enterococci) and gram-negative anaerobes. It is absorbed when taken orally. Is recommended for upper and lower respiratory infections, infections of mouth cavity & skin, soft tissue & urinary tract infections, Chlamydia, diphtheria, pertussis., etc. There are tablets for adults and suspension for kids. DIOXIDIN (Dioxidine) is a anti-microbe medication for external use and local treatment. It is active against Staphylococci and Streptococci inter alia. NASIVIN ( Oxymetazoline) -nasal drops used for local treatment. It decreases oedema, hyperaemia and exudation. It is indicated for acute rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis media and Eustachian tube infections. It should not be used long-term. PHENCAROLUM (Quifenadine) is a anti-histamine. It has anti-allergic, anti-exudative and anti-itching effect . It has no sedative (drowsy) effects. It is used for rinitis, allergic upper tract conditions, pruritus, eczema, etc. Hope this helps
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