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Recently, following an MRI due to complaints of terrible headaches, sleeplessness, facial twitching (left side only) and facial pain (right side only), ear ringing, and hand tremors, I was told that I have a 1.5 cm pineal cyst pressing on the quadrigeminal plate of my brain. The surgeon I was sent to said he didn't feel the cyst was big enough to warrant surgery or the risk of draining. (Also, there was no contrast on the MRI, which is good.) The doctor prescribed Inderal La (80mg). I also take advil daily. The problem is that nothing seems to help. The headache is now causing terrible neck pain. I also feel slight tingling in my hand. Is there anything you can recommend to help? The Inderal has only helped my tremors, but nothing else. Any information you may offer is greatly appreciated. If the headaches would ease up, I think I might find even a few hours sleep without waking up. Thank you, TJ
Thankyou for your question , and sincere empathy for your symptoms. Recommendations on what other medication or management cannot be given however due to the complexity of your case. Your symptoms of pain may or may not be coming from the pineal cyst. You may have other factors bringing on the headache, and whart sounds like peripheral neuralgia pain.The best chance of relief is to see your doctor for a thorough review and reconsideration of all the options. I urge you to do this as soon as possible. Best regards
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