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dear Dr. i belive that i have got what is called a Yeast infection, because i have got a serious irritation in my vagine and i see a white or cream color descharge in my underwear, and after some research that i did i found out that it could be from some kind of perfume or some very tight underwear and i have been wearing an extreamly tgiht underwear for about a week now, they are the new thongs that i have aqired, what over the counter medicatin should i use or will it go away buy itself without medicatin if i wait?
Thank you for your inquiry. This is very unlikely to go away by itself if you wait... while the diagnosis is very likely to be what you think it is, this needs to be confirmed by your doctor so that the proper treatment can be prescribed rather than guessed at. There are other types of infection in the same area which can present similarly, and the treatment for one will not work very well - if at all - on other problems, and sometimes may make them worse. Your doctor can also give you advice on what to wear to reduce the chances of the problem persisting or coming back after initial treatment. Hope this helps.
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