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I am 36 And I have no Uterous but, I am having symptoms of being pregnet. My stomach is always upset, I am lighted a lot, tired, mooody, and my breast are leaking some now. Can I still be pregnet?
Answer: If you have no uterus it is impossible for you to become pregnant. In order for an egg to be fertilised, sperm deposited in your vagina need to swim up through the uterus and Fallopian tubes to reach the egg. This is impossible without a uterus. The symptoms you describe are probably related to hormonal changes in your body and can be caused by many things. Often mild symptoms like this are experienced by many women and have no sinister cause. However any discharge from the breast should be looked at by your doctor. You will need to have a full breast examination and probably some blood tests to check on your hormone levels. You may need an ultrasound scan of your breasts, or a mammogram, depending on how old you are. You should see your doctor as soon as possible just to make sure this is nothing serious.
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