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21.03.12 From: Job Strous
Hi, beginning May my girlfriend and I are moving from Netherlands to Moscow. We are looking for a 2 or 3-room furnished apartment of about $1500-2000 a month near a subway station and basic shop facilities. This apartment should be for living and for establishing an office which is part of a St.Pete based company. While asking some agencies they explain that we have to call back 2 weeks before we arrive:

- Is it only possible to discuss possibilities on such a short notice?

- Can you give an estimation if we can find something based on our needs?

- Is it difficult to register a company on the same address as where we are living?

- Can you advise how we can find such an apartment?

Thanks for your support and service!    Read answer
08.03.12 From: Martin
I will be moving to Moscow in June 2012 and I would be interested renting a house in Rosinka or Angelovo. I have checked in internet but there are no prices given on their webpage. What are the rental prices in this two places?    Read answer
24.11.11 From: Robert Gollings
I am British and I own an apartment in Russia, and I would like to sell it. I have a buyer but because I live outside the country I need to plan my time to return and complete the sale. How long does the process take? The buyer's bank has agreed to lend him the money. Thanks for any information!    Read answer
18.11.11 From: Guy
What are the indoor places popular for children over the winter months (where we can take the kids on the weekend)?     Read answer
10.11.11 From:  Sue
We are coming to Moscow at the beginning of December. Where do I go to buy good value winter clothing (coats, snow suits etc for kids and winter coat for me and my husband)?    Read answer
28.05.11 From: Mazen
Hi, We are planning to relocate to Moscow in the near future and will be looking for a place to stay. Ideally, a house not too far away from the world trade center, close to an international kindergarden and not too pricey. Also, I have noticed that most of the places for rent in Moscow are furnished, is this always the case?    Read answer
11.05.10 From: Marco
I will relocate to Moscow, expecting to get a place for my kids at AAS. Please help me to get a good apartment (3 bedrooms) or a house near the school.    Read answer
19.01.10 From: Boris
I would ideally like to rent a property (large flat or small house) with the following characteristics: (1) centrally located (as close to the Kremlin as possible as will be working near there), (2) very near a very good school (for a 3-4 year old) and (3) with outdoor space (e.g. a ground floor flat with a garden or patio), as we have a dog. I appreciate there may not be many (if any) properties in Moscow fitting this description but please let me know what area you would recommend and a rough estimate of rent range. Thank you!    Read answer
18.01.10 From: Don P
We are generally pleased with our apartment, but after 3 months, and a number of things promised to be done are not yet done - installing drapes, bookshelves, wardrobe doors, etc. According to the lease, these were to have been done two months ago. Do we have a legal right to withhold rent until the landlord completes thes promised items?    Read answer
15.09.09 From: Ryan
We have just moved out of a flat after a year and the landlords are unsatisfied with the state of the carpets in the flat. We had the flat professionally cleaned out of our own pocket and have offered to pay for a dry cleaning service, but the landlord still claims two of the carpets may have to be replaced, despite them not being damaged in any way. Do we have any rights at all in this situation?     Read answer
14.09.09 From: Kelly
Hello, my name is Kelly and I am looking to rent in Moscow, downtown, preferably, around Zubovsky Blvd. I am hoping to share a room to lower the monthly rent. Anything between $850-$1,000 is what I am looking at. I know living downtown is expensive, but I would be open to sharing a room with a student or other Americans living in Moscow. Let me know. You can reach me at my e-mail address here: Thank you!    Read answer
23.06.09 From: Andrei
Hello! I am an expat who owns an apartment in St. Petersburg which I am renting out. I have usually accepted the rent in cash, but since I am currently abroad I asked the tenant to transfer the rent to my bank account (a ruble account at Raiffeisen bank). When he tried to do this however, he was informed that it was impossible for residents to transfer funds to non-residents' accounts. Is this true or is his bank (Sberbank) giving him misleading information? (He gave them the necessary "currency control code").    Read answer
11.06.09 From: Gresha
Dear Tess,
We are considering an expat assignment in Moscow and are negotiating our living expenses. We would like a 4-bedroom townhome or house close to the AAS. Can you please help me with current rent prices and availability?
Thanks very much!    Read answer
05.03.09 From: Helene
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I am looking for a western renovated comfortable 1-2-room apartment. As my work place is on Putilkovskoye shosse, I would prefer to rent between that point and the city centre, near a mentro station. Do I have realistic expectation with a budget about 20-30K Rub/month? Thanks in advance for your answer!    Read answer
02.03.09 From: David Styles
I'm trying to insure my Dacha but the agency I've approached want silly money for basic insurance. Can you recommend a competetively priced insurance company who will actually pay-up if something occurred? Thanks!    Read answer
17.02.09 From: Adrian Cooper
Hi, I am relocating out to Moscow with my family in August 2009. My workplace will be based in Chekhov [142301], and I plan to drive there daily. We are looking at schools, maybe either BIS [school 4], EIS [Zeleney prospekt] or Int.School of Moscow [121552]...and clearly we need to be south-ish of the centre in all cases. I have RUB 3m to spend p.a. on rent. We need at least a 2-bed (ideally 3-bed) accommodation. What areas do you suggest for these 3 schools [ideally either walking distance, or short metro/bus], and will my daily commute be for more than 1.5hrs each way! Many thanks!    Read answer
17.02.09 From: Julia
Help please! We are trying to work out which districts to look for apartments in. We are considering the Slavic/ Anglo/ American school, Victoria school or BIS 4. I'm guessing we may need to walk to school, as I gather the metro is not great with small children during rush hour? Rents up to $6500 pcm. Work is a 60km commute down the M2. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks!
    Read answer
22.01.09 From: Ben Foster
I am a solicitor in Liverpool England who is trying to confirm the origin of a clients funds re a purchase in the UK for Money Laurderying Regulations. The client has provided me with Russian Documents showing proof of sale of two property which were registered in the Sarartov Region State Registration Chamber. Obviously as they are in Russian this is not adequate. How do I go about getting copies of the documents in English from the Statement Registration Chamber or is thier another easier way for me to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations in that I need to "prove origin of all funds used in a Conveyancing transaction". Any help or suggestions would be much appreicated. Regards, Ben Foster, Goodmans SOlicitors Liverpool UK    Read answer
14.01.09 From: Pura Montero
Next summer, we will move to Moscow. My office will be 4 - 6 kilometers from Sheremetyevo airport. Where should be the best place to live, taking in consideration we wish to have an easy access to downtown...budget should be from $7000 to $8000. Thanks!    Read answer
16.11.08 From: Dave
Given the softening of the market and continuing high rents for quality inner ring flats, what would $1 million buy, as opposed to rent on a $10,000 monthly basis?    Read answer
11.11.08 From: Tess Yasin
What are the available options in condominium/ compound style housing in the western side of Moscow for families? We will be moving within the next 6 months and are likely to stay for up to 3 years and ideally require a 4-bed house. Sports, education options and amenable environment are important considerations. An understanding of indicative rents will be helpful.    Read answer
27.08.08 From: Marc Pugh
I am a parner in a medium sized real estate agency on Costa Blanca Spain, with many meditteranean, inland and exclusive golf properties. A growing number of russian citizens appear to be considering purchasing in this area. Where could I seek advice as to making contacts in Russia. I do not speak Russian but have access to a translator.    Read answer
19.08.08 From: Jonathan D.
My wife (Russian & US citizen) and I (US citizen) plan on moving to Moscow in 2009. Is $4,000 per month ok to live comfortable in Moscow? How much is high-speed internet? What about overall cost-of-living comparison with US income and expenses? (Online Resources). Spaseeba.    Read answer
20.06.08 From: Aldo D.
I have a gorgeous beachfront land (20,000m2 w/311m of beachfront) for sale in Bahia, Brazil and would like to know where is best place to place small/cheap ad for the Moscow market.    Read answer
12.06.08 From: Phillip S
I am contemplating working for a company who will pay housing expenses. How much should I ask for if I want a 3 bedroom furnished with concierge within walking distance of the Anglo-American School? Please reply soonest.    Read answer
30.05.08 From: Andy G
Hi There,
I am looking to come to Moscow with my company to implement a project likely to last around 3 months. Our office is around Karamishevsky proezd. I would be looking for a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment that it not too small and ideally walking distance to good restaurants / bars etc. It should also not be too far from the office to avoid lengthy commute / traffic. My questions are:
1. What locations would you recommend based on where the office is and requirements above?
2. What sort of cost are we looking at per month?
3. Could you recommed any intensive Russian language courses for english speakers once in Moscow?
Many thanks!    Read answer
28.05.08 From: Marielle van Leth
We are a family with 2 kids aged 15 and 10 considering a move to Moscow late summer. Looks like the older one will be accepted at AAS and the younger one will have to do one year at BIS Rosinka before moving to AAS as well. We are looking for a compound with facilities, like tennis, swimming, fitness etc, so that the kids can do their activities and socializing indepently without us driving them everywhere. I understand from other questions that Rosinka has these facilities. Are there any other compounds that have these as well? I am a bit worried about the commute into the centre. We used to live in Moscow 14 years ago and always used the metro. What is the commute time from Rosinka to closest metro? And what is the commute from Rosinka to AAS? We are already on a waiting list for Rosinka, but what are options for temporary accomodation. Is Moscow Country Club an option?     Read answer
27.05.08 From: John Clason
I plan to relocate to Moscow in the Spring or Summer of 2009 with my wife and two small children (3 and 13 months). We're interested in living in one of the international townhouse-type compounds. So far I have identified Rosinka, Pokrovsky Hills, Chaika, Syetun, and Serebryany Bor as options we should consider. Are there any others? I have the contact information for the management companies of Rosinka and Syetun, but not the other 3. Could you provide that information, along with any other neighborhood recommendations. Thanks.    Read answer
13.05.08 From: Don Prince
I plan to move to Moscow early in 2009. I will work near the Garden Ring at Mayakovskaya Metro stop. My wife and I will look for a 3-room western remont apartment of around 90-100 SM, close to the Metro, restaurants, and hopefully a supermarket. Also a park nearby for our small dog! We will have a budget of around $5,500 USD per month. Is it resonable to find a nice apartment for that in a nice central area as described above? Also, are most apartments furnished? And for the furnished ones, what is included? TV, kitchenware, etc.? Are apartments in this price range "cable-ready"? Thank you!    Read answer
29.04.08 From: Joanna Fischer
I'm planning on taking an intensive Russian course in Moscow in summer 2006. Does anyone know of a place for students to stay for about 5 weeks?    Read answer
18.04.08 From: Rick
What exactly is a American Compound? Are these compounds near American restaurants, American grocery stores, English Movie and Live Theatres, Clothing Stores, etc.? In the newer compounds outside downtown Moscow, how long does it take to commute to the city's center?    Read answer
07.04.08 From: Stefan
Hi, I may be moving to Moscow in the fall of 2008 and would like to know more about the rental market. We are a family with 3 small children and are looking for a house/townhouse with at least 4 bedrooms in a nice expat compound. What areas would you recomment and how are the prices there? Thanks!    Read answer
27.03.08 From: Masha
My grandmother is considering of selling our family dacha in Solntsevo. In return we would want to purchase a small 2-bedroom flat somewhere around Izmailovo, preferably a "stripped" one with so we can remodel it ourselves. My mother and I currently reside in the US so we would have to fly out and help my grandmother out with the process as she is old. Could you elaborate on how this all works and how long it might take?    Read answer
28.02.08 From: Andreas Baumeister
Hi, I read somewhere that if one is an employee of an accredited entity, one can save 20% VAT on the rent. Can you please explain the procedure for that. Thanks.    Read answer
11.01.08 From: Alex
Hi, I am planning on relocating to Moscow over the next few months. I will be working around Kosmodamianskaya Nab. and wanted to find an apartment to rent that would be reasonably close to my work place. I have the following questions:
1) How much would be a reasonable rent for a 1-2 bedroom apartment (appr. 50-70 sq.m), no parking, and a well maintained building in a safe and good area.
2) In Canada, the real-estate agent is paid by the landlord, how is the situation in Moscow (how much are those fees?) What other fees are typically involved in a transaction? How large is the security deposit.
3) How much time should I plan for, from the moment I find the right place to the moment I can move in? Are there many places that are vacant?
4) Are most rent agreements are for a full year, more/less, and are they flexible in terms of early termination or extension?
5) Are most transaction being executed directly between the tenant and landlord, or is there a real-estate agent involved?
6) How to chose a good real-estate agent?
Thank you,    Read answer
05.11.07 From: Ali & Gary
We are probably coming to Moscow in the new year with our 6 y.o. child. we have no idea about property prices and as yet not finished negotiating housing package. Please can you let us know how much we would pay for a house in the complex near to Anglo-American school? And how much for an appartment in a "diplomatic compound" near to Derbenyovskaya? Thanks!    Read answer
30.10.07 From: Martha
Hi! My partner and I will be moving to Moscow in early December. We'll be looking for a 2 bedroom apartment. We'll like to be quite central, near the bars, restaurants, shopping, public transport. Could you plrase advice of the best location and price range? Thanks,
    Read answer
28.05.07 From: Keith
Is it possible to raise finance from the UK to buy a Moscow apartment?    Read answer
28.05.07 From: Harry Ringwood
I have an Irish passport and my wife has one from Kazakstan. Is it possible for us to legally own property in Moscow, if we do not live there? Many thanks,    Read answer
14.05.07 From: Miguel Carneiro de Moura Crespo
I am moving to Moscow with my family. I would like to know about the price range for a 100 sq.m-150sq.m apartment (with parking space) near the German school, in good standards.    Read answer
30.04.07 From: Paul Goldman
Could you provide an estimated cost comparison of leasing versus buying and than selling? We are talking about 3-bedroom apartment which would cost from $6000 to $8000 per month if rented, and the duration of stay in it would be 3 years.    Read answer
17.04.07 From: Bridget
I am moving to Moscow and because I am on quite a junior salary I am hoping to spend as little on rent as possible. I am keen to be as close as possible to the centre and/or in a nice area and obviously would like it to be as comfortable as possible! Could you please let me know what I can expect with this criteria? I really don't want to pay more than $2000 and ideally less. Also, what are the up-front costs when renting an apartment such as deposit, etc... Thanks!    Read answer
21.03.07 From: Belle Anne King
My husband has been approached re a job in Moscow and will be flying over for an interview in the next 10 days. We know nothing whatsoever about that part of the world and as it is with a company we do not know, we don't know if they even have expatriate policies in place. We are also not sure whether we will bring our teenage children, or leave them at boarding school in our own country. We have a good standard of living and a large house/garden and two dogs. What sort of accommodation can we expect in Moscow, and what sort of money are we talking per month. What is usually included in the price? Having read some of the other questions, it appears that an apartment in the city area, in an expat area - if anything is available there - is what you will likely recommend. Three bedrooms will probably be sufficient. Are dogs generally permitted in apartments and is it easy to exercise them? Is security an issue with living arrangements? Does one require a garage - I don't know whether expats drive or drivers are provided? Do expats generally bring all their goods and furniture or are there lots of furnished places? This and any other information would be appreciated. We have only ever lived abroad under the umbrella of a large multi-national where we always felt very secure. This is going to be quite different. Is there anyone who we can chat to in order to establish whether our "package" is sufficient? Thanks for any help you can provide.    Read answer
15.12.06 From: Ira
A permanent resident in US and a Russian citizen wants to sell her apartment in Moscow. What would be the taxes if any, how would the money be transfered to US and what realtor would you recommend to handdle this? Thank you,    Read answer
09.12.06 From: George Doran
I purchased an 3-room apartment in Patriashy with two other Russians. I now want to sell my third share, can I make them sell what is the legal position?    Read answer
22.11.06 From: Matt
Hi, do you have guidelines for rental costs and expected additional costs in Moscow for 3-bedroom apartments? Thanks,    Read answer
21.11.06 From: Brian
I am a British passport holder spending more than 183 days in Russia every year and I own my own apartment in my own name. If I was now to marry a Russian National and subsequently get divorced then what claim would my partner have on my property if I wanted to sell it. Could she stop me selling it and does it make a difference if she is registered at the apartment address. Thanks + Regards,    Read answer
18.11.06 From: A. Darmon
Is it still possible to find a 1-2-bedroom flat for 4,500 USD in areas popular for expats?    Read answer
05.10.06 From: Dimitra Dwelley
Are there any houses/flats that one could *buy* in or near Moscow for the same as a house goes for in the U.S.? e.g. $200,000 or hopefully less? I have seen outrageous rents of $8-10,000 or even more a MONTH and do not understand how people making $300 or even $500 a month can afford this. Bottom line: is it possible to sell my house in the U.S. (Boston, two-bedroom), pay moving expenses to Moscow or nearby and buy a house there anywhere? Buy an apartment? Thank you very much?    Read answer
21.09.06 From: Andrew
If I own an apartment I bought from Capital Group and have held it under an investment contract (but lived in it) for more than 3 years, would I be exempt from Capital Gains Tax already or does this start only on receipt of the Ownership Certificate?    Read answer
03.08.06 From: Gill Height
When buying a flat in Moscow, do I have to pay stamp duty, or register that I am the property owner with a government dept? My colleague has a flat I would like to purchase and he believes we can do this by means of a contract which states that I have purchased and now own the property. It seems too simplistic to me.    Read answer
24.07.06 From: Thomas Degn-Petersen
What areas both in town and outside of town are most expat friendly i.e. where do the expats live?    Read answer
20.07.06 From: Susan Baranosky
Is it possible to sell a home completely and buy a home for less money completely outright without having to pay a lot of taxes? Do a lot of people do this?    Read answer
13.07.06 From: Brendan
What kind of tax does a foreigner have to pay when selling real estate (apartment) in Russia?    Read answer
30.06.06 From: Mossen
Foreigners, studying and living in Russia, can they buy property such as a flat, land?    Read answer
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