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Could you provide an estimated cost comparison of leasing versus buying and than selling? We are talking about 3-bedroom apartment which would cost from $6000 to $8000 per month if rented, and the duration of stay in it would be 3 years.
Paul Goldman
Dear Paul,
In order to provide you with a sale cost of the apartment we would need additional information such as location, size, quality of the building and entrance, parking, etc. An estimation made upon the basis that the apartment's monthly rent is worth $6,000-8000 would be not professional nor precise. For estimation of the rent it is important to know such factors as location, quality and type of renovation, and proximity of parking. For estimation of the sale the price-making factors would be quality of the building, date of the construction of the building, floor, view, location, etc. Therefore, we can provide you with a more accurate estimation once we know more information about the apartment. Should you require our help please contact us at 502-9553 for rent and 775-2230 for sales. Thank you. Best regards,
Yana Lukyanova
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