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Free Dentist's Advice sponsored by ARDC
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23.04.08 From: Sue
I went to the dentist and had a molar taken out, and another tooth refilled. And the top wisdom tooth removed. this was done in 2 visits. But now, since I've had this done, my whole mouth has been in PAIN!!! I've went to the doctor, and got pain killers, but i can't get back to see my new dentist until the end of May! What can I do?? I am dying!! I mean why would all my teeth be in pain??    Read answer
24.11.07 From: Mary
I have noticed that my gums has become dark suddenly and also my lips what is the cause?    Read answer
11.04.07 From: Tracey
I am with at a dental center now and they seem to want to do a lot of work on my teeth. They want to change all of my silver fillings to white, to change my gold crown to white and to crown one of my other teeth even though there is nothing wrong with it. They say that the filling is too big and that it would be better to crown it. So far I have let them change one of my fillings to white and I have had tooth pain for the last two and a half months. When I went back they said that the filling is close to the root now that it may be better to kill the root. I'm due to go back in 2 weeks for them to sort out my tooth pain but it seems a lot of work to me. Please let me know what you think?    Read answer
28.03.07 From: Abigail
One of my front teeth is out of place and bigger than the other. What do I do and how much will it cost?    Read answer
26.03.07 From: Tip Top
My two front teeth are longer than all my other teeth on the top row. Is it possible to have them shortened and what kind of cost would I be looking at?    Read answer
13.03.07 From: Shannon
My friend currently wears an upper partial which he must slip out to eat. In general, what are the options as far as implants, etc. and their associated costs? Your assistance is appreciated.    Read answer
23.02.07 From: Serine Mims
My boyfriend has swollen gims. He has a really hard time chewing on the right side of his mouth. His tooth feels like it is going to come our. What can he do if not able to see a dentist?    Read answer
22.02.07 From: Asymptotic
I think I've got the start of a dental abscess (have had them twice before and once lost a crowned tooth due to one); there is increasing pain if I chew on a particular (long since root-filled) tooth. Can you advise if antibiotics would be enough to clear it up, and how much a consultation would cost? Cost determines treatment in my case as I do not have (cannot afford) dental insurance and it might be cheaper to return to the UK. Thanks.    Read answer
09.02.07 From: Ira
Is the microscop for very difficult work (pieses of instruments and others) in root canals in your center?    Read answer
05.02.07 From: Kathy
If I am to get a molar root canal tommorow without a crown. My tooth isn't infected at present, and has already had a medicated filing put in it.That didnt work. Than a poreclain one now. Can this be done properly in only one 45 min regular dentist's office visit? Thank You.    Read answer
23.01.07 From: Daniel Melby
I read that you charge $75 for an initial cleaning. Does this cover the entire cost including x-rays? Thank you.    Read answer
07.12.06 From: Kathy O'Donnell
I need to have two implants put into my mouth. My dentist quoted me 8,000.00 does that make sense? Seems high to me...    Read answer
22.08.06 From: Ian
I have recently broken a crown that has been in place for over 10 years. It is only the actual white part of the crown that has broken off on one corner on an bottom molar tooth. It does not cause any pain or other problems, and I think the root canal and base of the crown is still OK. I do expect that in the coming months the remainder might also follow suit and break off. What would be the cost of replacing the white part if this crown, and would it be the best option to leave the tooth or to replace a.s.a.p.?    Read answer
14.08.06 From: Jed
I chipped half of one of my back teeth. Approx what is it going to cost me to get it fixed and what can be done?    Read answer
10.08.06 From: Ksenya
Hi, I\'m a 16 year old student in England but I come to Moscow during school holidays. While going for a check up to fill out a school medical form, the dentist discovered 9 caries even though at my last check up a year ago, the dentist in Australia didn't mention anything. The Russian dentist suggested I get fillings, and that if I wait even six months, the situation will become much worse and require more serious root treatment. What is the treatment for caries, and is it really necessary to do fillings if there are no cavities yet? And is there any way that I can stop the situation from becoming worse? Thanks,    Read answer
09.08.06 From: Robin
Twice in my life, incredibly a complete stranger came up behind me a sucker punched me on the right mandible with their right fist, breaking the left mandible. They broke in the same location even between the same teeth both times. The first time I was lucky even though I had no insurance I went to a private hospital and they took me in and I got a great specialist who made sure not to screw on any metal plate. 11 years later when the second incident ocurred, I went to a public hospital. I didn't really worry as I turned out fine the first time. They cut open my gums on the inside of my mouth and screwed in a metal plate causing a lot of nerve damage. The plate was removed two years later and a third unneccessary surgery where they really screwed up by cutting from the outside under the chin left the left side of my face feeling like it was on fire and assymetrical. Do you usually use metal plates or just wire the teeth? Also, I know the nerve damage can not be fixed, but do you know of any kind of procedure that will kill the pain? I have a pain specialist and nothing works. The damage from the incision on the outside leaves my muscles straining from my neck to the bone. Is there a way to cut these muscles to prevent the face from spasming?    Read answer
11.07.06 From: Mark
What are the teeth bleaching options that you offer at your Center & what are the approximate (or precise, if possible) prices for each respective option?    Read answer
04.07.06 From: Philip Watt
I need a filling! What is the cost for this work. Also what is the cost for a white filling! Thank you!    Read answer
03.07.06 From: Olga
Hi, could you please tell me the range of prices you charge for implants? Thanks!    Read answer
25.05.06 From: Dustin Ford
I have a question which is sort of random, but relevant to my problem. I just recently had veneer preperation done on the front 6 of my teeth. Currently, I have been fitted with a temporary while the permanent veneers are fabricated at the laboratory. I am not a big fan of taking all kinds of medications and what not, which leads us to my question. I am aware that I need to constantly floss inbetween my temporary veneers, and keep them clean of any obstructions, do to the fact that they can not flex/move such as natural teeth can. Causing them to snap off. So instead of taking an OTC Anti-Inflammatory such as Advil which contains Ibuprofen, could I consume 4-6 tbsp of honey throughout the day. The reason I ask that is because I have read of the anti-bacterial effects honey has. IE- If I kill the bacteria, the swelling which I might experience due to consuming food,alcohol etc. will subside. Also I have read, that studies show, that it can "clean teeth and dentures." And possibly act as a barrier/coating which shall in the short term prevent any further intrusions from bacteria. In the end, to make it simple, do you feel that Honey could reduce swelling, and help aid in the cleansing of teeth, dentures, and veneers? I appreciate your help and time.    Read answer
02.10.05 From: Nikki
Could you please give me an idea of the cost for front teeth veneers. If you know, what is the translation of this service "veneers" in Russian. Thank you.    Read answer
19.04.05 From: Scott
Firstly i'd just like to say thankyou for your time.. i'm a 17 year old boy from America and my teeth are discoloured, due to the fact then when i was a kid i was eating way too much sugary stuff, ie; chocolate etc and drinking lots of things like Coca cola, my teeth have now turned yellow and i'm desperate to get them white as my self confidence is rock bottom because of this problem, i brush several times a day and i have not had any foods with sugar in for about 8 months, what foods do you recommend to eat which are health for teeth? and also because i brush lots and lots of times a day can this actually make my teeth worse? i am seeing no improvements some days they look ok, others they don't, please help. Thank you so much.    Read answer
11.03.05 From: Gabriela Dudnik
I am 38 years old. I would like to start an orthodontics treatment to straighten my teeth. Is it possible? How much would it cost approximately the whole treatment? How long it would last? How often should I have to see the dentist? I am supposed to be living in Moscow for two more years. In the case I leave before I finish my treatment, can another dentist continue it? Many thanks in advance.     Read answer
26.01.05 From: BonnieKathleen
How much does a cleaning cost? I am an American living in Russia but I get the typical Russian salary of about $200 a month.     Read answer
24.10.04 From: JD
I have a 2 and 1/2 year old boy. One of his 2nd upper incisors is has the tip broken off(about 50% of the tooth). It is black at the break. Now I see what looks like a good sized hole in the center of one of his upper molars. I took him to the dentist when he was two and they said to bring him back when he is three. Do these two problems need to be looked at sooner. And is there something that can be done to help with the overall health of his teeth, such as flouride supplemants?    Read answer
18.10.04 From: Bree
Hi there... I am 14 with bucked teeth & wanting to get rid of them but i really don't want to get ugly braces i think that they are revolting and i absolutely hate them so i was wondering is there any operation that dental surgeons offer to teenagers where they straighten there teeth during an operation??    Read answer
12.08.04 From: Dashinka
The last time I was in your office for teeth cleaning, the pretty hygenist asked if I wanted the doctor to examine my teeth. I thought 'why not'. My question is 'why don't you have your staff inform the patient that this exam, which may last only 20 seconds, will cost them $60?'    Read answer
25.05.04 From: Sting
Hi, I am originally from England now living in Moscow. Whilst I was in London I had a consultation at one of these places called a 'cosmetic dental studio'. Basically they offer to make you look like Brad Pitt - unfortunately you need his salary to pay for this! Even if I wanted to have the work done it would be difficult going to and from England. Could I get this work done here in Moscow? It is purely cosmetic and they say I would need two bridges and one veneer. Could you give me an idea of cost?? Many thanks.    Read answer
11.04.04 From: Stephen
I may be moving to Moscow soon to run a company there for my employer. I'm 35 and have a bottom left wisdom tooth problem of a neo-major kind: despite serious mouth-wash and twice/three-times daily, dental regime teeth-brushing is like a bloodsport. Never before, just since my bottom left tooth started playing hard-ball and the tooth emerged: but now my whole mouth bleeds, all over and from everywhere, despite epic amounts of Dentyl I don't think it can be gingavitus ANYWAY, When I lived in the West Indies (for three years, until six months past) I never went to a dentist - for obvious reasons...obvious if you had lived there. But now I guess I need a dentist. Practically, what differences can I expect from buying treatment in Moscow, in a month's time, or London where I'm hanging out now?? Or is it just wisdom teeth 'movement' and will all go away soon anyway?    Read answer
11.02.04 From: Diana
In mid-December I had problems with my front right tooth root channel. It was in pain, so the doctor has cleaned it and put a filling. However it was in pain again at the beggining of January, I visited the doctor again, and she has taken an X-ray and told that she didn't see any problem. The pain was gone again. However, it is mid-February now, and yesterday I felt the pain again. What would be your recommendations in relation to that? Thanks in advance.    Read answer
03.02.04 From: Matt
Hi my name is matt, I am 15 years old. My question concerns my upper lip. See, I had really bad bucked teeth, and then I had braces for 3 years.
My upper lip is too short. If i let my mouth relax, my upper lip curves up, revealing my front teeth. I cannot close my mouth without straining.
Is there any way to correct this without surgery? Ty for your time    Read answer
30.01.04 From: Caroline
Hello, I will be arriving in Moscow sometime in the next two months with my husband. I recently had braces put on my teeth and of course need to find a good orthodontist in Moscow to continue my treatment. I am currently in Seoul, Korea, and would like your advice as per transfer in costs and transfering of files from my current orthodontist to an orthodontist in Moscow who will not deviate from the current treatment which I am quite satisfied with. Cheers, Caroline    Read answer
23.12.03 From: Wisdom Tooth Problem...
Hey Doc,
I'm in my 30's. 12 yrs ago, my rightside wisdom teeth were pulled out, operated on, laughing gas, injections the works (back in NY).
Well finally my leftside bottom tooth has been coming out (for 2 yrs). I've had blood spurting out every now and then.
I just went to see a russian dentist (Moscow) and she stated that it does seem that the tooth will have to be pulled-extracted out, and most likely an operation will be needed. The neighboring tooth is starting to curve out, thus the wisdom tooth is pushing it, but doesn't hurt yet...
Do you handle such operations? If so, with laughing gas? Well, if not, thats fine, how much would such an operation go for, cost?
I'll be back here after the holidays... But let me know now if you handle such operations and the process...
Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all...    Read answer
06.12.03 From: Graham
I need 2 dental implants,4root canals+crowns and some bridge work.can you give me an estimate of the cost of this work?    Read answer
19.11.03 From: Vince
Hello, I cut the skin which is located between my two front teeth and connected to my above lip (kind of like a strappy thing) pretty badly, I was wondering if this would heal properly on it's own or if I should see a doctor?    Read answer
18.10.03 From: PW
how much will it cost to get a tooth extracted.(Canadian Fund)    Read answer
18.09.03 From: N8
Hey Doc, I have some holes in my teeth, one black one in my top front eye tooth on the outside wall of the tooth, been there for years, and two more in my bottom rear molars, they are on the inside walls of the teeth, new arrivals. There is, nor has there been, any pain, should I fix it here in Moscow, or wait to get back to the US or Canada ? How much can I expect to pay ?    Read answer
16.09.03 From: Fairbro
I was writing to a young lady in Russia, but when I met her, her teeth appeared to have a problem. Beneath and around one front tooth, the gum/skin was grey instead of the usual color. What causes this, just a lack of brushing the teeth? Can it be fixed? The lady is only 22.
    Read answer
18.08.03 From: Kwan
im 27 years old and i have small stains on my front teeth. im not a smoker. is there any way to remove these stains? i prefer natural solutions. thanks    Read answer
17.07.03 From: Vobla
Can you suggest anything for My teeth are generally in good condition, but the enamel has been very tender on the upper part of one side of my jaw. Why could have caused it and what can I do to reduce enamel tenderness? Creams, foods, etc... Thanks in advance.     Read answer
02.07.03 From: DW
I just had a tooth pulled and I would like to know a few things: (1) How do I brush my teeth if i am not allowed to rinse? (2) Can i drink juice? (3) When will it heal all the way?     Read answer
29.06.03 From: EA
Under my tongue, I have a white/greyish spot or wound (must be 8mm long in the meantime) This makes eating, even talking very difficult. What can I do to get rid of it as soon as possible? And what can I do to prevent it?    Read answer
29.06.03 From: AV
I had a filling in my tooth 3 months ago. The doctor did not remove the tooth and did not clean the root canals, just did the filling. But my tooth is now hurting me a little. The pain is not unbearable, but I can feel it every morning when I wake up and when I use the tooth for chewing. Does it mean I should have the nerve removed from the tooth and have the root canals done? Or should I wait? I was told that in such cases the pain may go away in several months. Thank you in advamce, AV.     Read answer
13.06.03 From: my last tooth
I am 34 yrs and have a new tooth in the last of my upper is so sharp it hurts my inner portion of my mouth. > what should I do?do I have to ignore for sometime so that it will get adjusted by itself    Read answer
29.05.03 From: EA
Under my tongue, I have a white/greyish spot or wound (must be 8mm long in the meantime) This makes eating, even talking very difficult. What can I do to get rid of it as soon as possible? And what can I do to prevent it?     Read answer
13.05.03 From: my last tooth
I am 34 yrs and have a new tooth in the last of my upper is so sharp it hurts my inner portion of my mouth. > what should I do?do I have to ignore for sometime so that it will get adjusted by itself     Read answer
05.05.03 From: t.l.
I broke my front two teeth at work and they are both now cresent shaped and going to get them fixed but i wanted to know if there could be nerve damage and not know it cause it really doesnt hurt and also what they probably would do. Can they do a filling if they did wouldnt it get chiped again.    Read answer
05.05.03 From: t.l.
I broke my front two teeth at work and they are both now cresent shaped and going to get them fixed but i wanted to know if there could be nerve damage and not know it cause it really doesnt hurt and also what they probably would do. Can they do a filling if they did wouldnt it get chiped again.     Read answer
02.05.03 From: PW
Guten Tag mein zweijähriger Sohn hat Probleme. Seine Schaufeln/Eckzöhne scheinen sich langsam aber sicher aufzulösen, ev. wegen zuviel Fruchtsaft-Konsum? Was können wir tun? Kann das die 2. Zähne beeinflussen? Und wo könnten wir ihn behandeln lassen, wenn das nötig wöre? Besten Dank     Read answer
24.04.03 From: SS
For the last two months, my gums bleed when I brush my teeth. Have been taking vitamins and using the toth paste Lacalut. However the bleeding has not stopped. Will appreciate if you could help me with this problem.Thanks in advance     Read answer
24.04.03 From: n8
I am preparing to leave for moscow for a 6 month stay and I have just noticed that I have 4 major cavities in my teeth, is this something I can take care of in Moscow? What can I expect to pay ? There are 3 large cavities on my bottom and top molars and 1 bad one on an upper eye tooth.I have purchased the official medical if that makes any difference    Read answer
27.03.03 From: DKS
I recently had a root canal done in the States and a temporary crown put on while the permanent one is being made. Since that time the temporary crown has come off. Can you suggest a dentist to re-install this same temporary crown at a reasonable price here in Moscow ? I need someone reasonably close to the center of Moscow.     Read answer
25.03.03 From: NY
I had amalgams put in my teeth while waiting to get crowns. I have left them for quite a few years now. What are the side effects of leaving them in, would they have any affect on blood pressure. How are they removed successfully. What is the approx. cost of removing and replacing with crowns.    Read answer
27.02.03 From: CAG
My son is 5 1/2 years old. He was told by the speach therapist in his detsky sad that he needs to have the skin (a strappy thing) under the tongue cut to enable him to fully pronounce words. Apparently, this is a regular procedure for Russian kids. Have you heard of it? Recommend it? Do it? How much? Can you do it to a child 5 1/2 under anestesia? I ask because he won't submit to any surgeries in his mouth while awake - for sure. Please write me. I'm grateful for your help.    Read answer
26.02.03 From: vpmac_de
Wo befindet sich GDC. Ich gehe davon aus, dass Sie deutsch sprechen. Machen Sie auch professionelle Zahnreinigung und Flourbehandlung für Kinder?     Read answer
25.02.03 From: mk
I have noticed a darkening of my gums in between my lower front teeth. can anything be done to reverse the problem?    Read answer
12.02.03 From: Patrik
This is a "personal" question: Could you recommend a good but not too expensive place - and with a good service - for implants ? I need 8 implants. The places are ready but I decided to not deal with the clinic I went before, for some reasons. Of course, I will not go to the French dental clinic, where they charge uncredible sums for anything :-) Thank you     Read answer
30.01.03 From: SL
Having received only UK National Health dentistry for 50 years, I would now like to have my teeth transformed into a whiter even set, including replacement of a larger set of Crowns then those in the Tower of London. Whilst your charges are "per tooth", are you able to offer a price for the whole treatment, and where it is available, assist to defray some of the works to dental insurance?     Read answer
17.01.03 From: A
I have a hole at the back of one of my wisdom teeth. They say it can't be healed because it is too difficult to work in such an awkward location. So, it should be pulled out. Is that a correct diagnosis?     Read answer
13.01.03 From: pw
I have had very little dental care in my life. I have had a cavity that needed filling for some time. Now the tooth that had the cavity has started to break. One fourth of the tooth has chiped and fallen out. I can not get to a dentist for a couple days. Is there anything I should do to protect the rest of the tooth until I get it taken care of?     Read answer
09.01.03 From: ik
I am under orthodontic care and planning to move to Moscow. I know that I have to wear braces 6 month at least more. Can I get orthodontic service in Moscow and how expensive is it?     Read answer
09.01.03 From: JO
I haven't been to a dentist in over three years and by doing so have managed to destroy my teeth. I wan't to have a brand new set of teeth installed but not removeable ones,fixed. Is this possible and how much would it cost. This is quite urgent.     Read answer
27.12.02 From: Dave
What are the job prospects in Moscow for an American certified Dental Hygienist?     Read answer
27.12.02 From: AV
I have recently had a problem with my tooth. It did not hurt, but food was getting into it, so I went to the dentist hoping to get a filling. The doctor drilled a hole in my tooth and said that I had pulpitis and that the nerve should be removed and the root canals should be cleaned. He put arsenic in it to kill the nerve and told me to come again in a few days. But the tooth started to hurt. I came to that doctor the second time and he took the arsenic out, put a temporarily filling in the tooth and told me to come again in 3 days. For whatever reason, I decided to switch doctors and went to a different doctor. The second doctor examined my tooth, did an X-ray and said that I may have an inflammation of the alveolus of the tooth and he may have to remove the tooth. He cleaned the root canals, out a temporay filling in the tooth and asked me to come again in 5 days. He said the pain may gradually decrease and disappear altogether by the end of these 5 days, and if it doesn't, he will remove the tooth. I don't want to have this tooth pulled out. What other options do I have? Should I take antibiotics to treat the inflammation? I've started to take Ampioxum. How much does a consultation cost in your clinic?     Read answer
17.12.02 From: LV
My dentist has recommended that I should have my teeth cleaned from tartar buildup by ultra sound. Is it really necessary to remove it? And does this procedure have any side effects (can it destroy the enamel, etc.)?     Read answer
17.12.02 From: I.M.
How often should one have a check-up? Why have my teeth turned yellow during my stay in Russia? Can I reverse this?     Read answer
17.12.02 From: GB
My husband grinds his teeth at night, and they are almost completely worn away. Should he get porcelain veneers or some other type of tooth cover? How much would it cost?    Read answer
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