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Free Dentist's Advice sponsored by ARDC
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Hi, I\'m a 16 year old student in England but I come to Moscow during school holidays. While going for a check up to fill out a school medical form, the dentist discovered 9 caries even though at my last check up a year ago, the dentist in Australia didn't mention anything. The Russian dentist suggested I get fillings, and that if I wait even six months, the situation will become much worse and require more serious root treatment. What is the treatment for caries, and is it really necessary to do fillings if there are no cavities yet? And is there any way that I can stop the situation from becoming worse? Thanks,
Dear Ksenya,
The caries and the cavities that you're describing can only be identified and diagnosed by the doctor and then the decision can be made by you with so called informed consent (which means that the doctor showed you the caries either on the x-ray or visually) what you would like to do about them (caries and/or cavities). To answer your second question I will have to be frank with you and tell you that if there is a caries and/or a cavity with time it will only get worse, so you actually need to see a dentist ASAP. Regards,
V.V.Soyfer DMD, PhD.
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