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07.06.05 From: Rian
Hi there :) I have two questions: 1. If an American man is engaged to a Russian woman and they both live in Moscow, and they are planning on moving to the US, is it better to get married in Russia or the US? 2. If an American man is married to a Russian woman, and they both live in Moscow, and they want to go to the US on vacation, will being married make it easy for the Russian woman to get a travel visa to the US? Thanks :)    Read answer
18.04.05 From: Eleanor Bindman
I came to Russia recently on a 1-year multiple entry business visa but have now found work with a Russian company which wants to get me a work permit but is not sure how to do it. Does this mean having to leave the country to get a whole new visa, and if I do get a work visa will it be multiple entry? How long will the process take and what paperwork is required?    Read answer
13.02.05 From: Nayanika Romanyuk
I have a valid visa for 1 year with multiple entry. I am in the process of getting a permanent residency. Seeking a permanent job. Want to know about work permit for spouse of russian national. Please email and inform me all the rules regulations as issued by the Ministry of Interior Government of Russian Federation. Thank you!     Read answer
18.01.05 From: Rabbit
Here's a bit of an odd question for you. My partner and I are considering taking up jobs in South East Asia. We have a pet cat and need to find out information about importing him to our destination country, eg. is a permit needed, which innoculations are required, etc. I have emailed the embassies in Moscow and am awaiting replies. However, I cannot find email addresses for Thailand and Vietnam. And am I emailing the right people in the first place? Thanks.     Read answer
14.01.05 From: Vanessa
Hello, I wanted to know exactlt what I am supposed to do to register when I arrive in Moscow. My landlady told me she's going to register me, but where are we supposed to go? And what documents should we bring?     Read answer
03.01.05 From: Thiru
I am planning to visit Russia with double entry business visa (90 days). My question is : During that 90 days, is it possible to get work permit, work visa and extend my registration for staying without leaving Russia (the company which, issued invitation for getting 90 days visa is ready to hire me on long term basis and support for arranging above mentioned things if it is possible). If you any other ideas please, advice me, Thank you.     Read answer
01.01.05 From: Velo
I've heard that carrying an immigration card, with a currently valid registration, is no longer necessary from the 10th of january. An apparent change in the law from that date requires only that a Landlord send a letter by post to OVIR stating who lives in their property and for what period. Therefore you do not have to prove this to every bribe-seeking copper who stops you on the street. It just sounds too good to be true.     Read answer
23.12.04 From: Barkin
Hello! I've recently received 1 year business visa and going to arrive to Moscow on 30th Dec. and depart on 03 Jan. It will be holiday period in Russia during my short stay, so do I really need to register my visa anyway? Or postpone it to my next visit? Had been in Moscow before for twice with touristical and 1 month business visa.     Read answer
17.12.04 From: Sigurd
Hi, I work as a chef in Australia and was wondering how to go about applying for a work visa in this capacity in Russia. I understand that visas of this nature usually last 6 months, but I am also interested in staying for 1 year, perhaps longer. I would be very grateful for any information in this regard. Cheers.     Read answer
13.12.04 From: Olga
Hello, I am going to Moscow in a month, I am citizen of Canada and I still have Ukrainian passport, but Ukraine doesn't allow double citizenship. My travel agent said that I will be able to enter Russia on Ukrainian passport and leave on Canadian. I was wondering if that's appropriate and if I get in trouble on my way back to Canada while leaving Russia. Thank you in advance.     Read answer
05.12.04 From: Bradn Buerkle
Greetings! I am an American citizen and my wife is a Russian citizen. We've recently had a baby boy here in St. Petersburg. He has received an American passport, but also is written into my wife's internal and external Russian passports. We are planning a trip to the U.S., and my wife has already received the necessary (tourist) visa for this purpose. I am hoping to find clarity re: how exactly we'll be able to get our son in and out of Russia. I suppose I'll write how I imagine it, and hope that you'll correct me if I'm wrong. 1. First, at the airport in Russia, we will show the airline officials our son's American passport, so that they will be convinced that he has a right to get on the aircraft. 2. Then, at Russian passport control our son will go with my wife, who will show her Russian passport with our son's name in it. This will convince border control that he has the right to leave the country. 3. At American passport control, our son will go with me and show his American passport. The procedure will be essentially reversed for the trip back to Russia. Is this correct? Thank you for your attention!    Read answer
06.11.04 From: Baris Altintas
Hello, I am from Turkey and have been living in Russia for about three years. I have a multi-entry business visa. I also have a car on a general "doverennost". I would like to drive to Turkey and back over the new year. What documents will I need to pass through borders on my car?     Read answer
07.10.04 From: Otabek
I am a citizen of Uzbekistan currently working in US. I am considering moving to Moscow and would like to know how difficult it is to obtain a work permit and how much do you think it will cost to get it. I know I can go to Russia without a visa but don't know about the procedure and timeframes of obtaining a work permit as well as its (market) cost.     Read answer
02.10.04 From: D'Anna
Hello! I am an American citizen getting married soon to a Russian citizen... My question is: Is there any Russian spouse visa/official paper or passport that I can get so that I don't have to continue to get a new visa every few months. I am planning on living long-term w/my husband here in Russia. Thank you!    Read answer
27.09.04 From: Ben Northrup
I am a U.S. citizen married to a Russian, living in the U.S. My wife is being forced to return to Russia for 2 years before she can get her Green Card (because of her original J-1 visa and a U.S. funded exchange program). Our 1-year-old daughter (a U.S. citizen) and I will go with my wife to Russia for those 2 years. I understand that it takes 6 to 8 months for me to get a temporary resident permit – is that right? Can I be in Russia, working, while I wait? (I don’t have a job lined up, and we will need income.) I understand that with a temp. resident permit, I must stay in the same apartment – I cannot move. I don’t think there is much work for an architect in my wife’s hometown (Salavat, in Bashkortostan) – I think I would have a better chance of finding work in Moscow. But can I get temp. resident permit there? Also, I have to demonstrate sufficient income: how much is that? Do I have to line up a job in Russia before I apply? I will have to give up my U.S. job for those 2 years.    Read answer
24.09.04 From: Bernard Haunch
I want to travel to Tajikistan for a few days end of December. Do I need a visa? I am a British citizen and have a multiple-entry business visa to Russia. Thanks.    Read answer
17.09.04 From: Kinney
Is it possible to get a 1 year multi entry religious visa. If so, how?     Read answer
11.09.04 From: Peter Hatala
Hi, I'm from the United States and am planning on beginning a program in Moscow to become certified to teach English as a foreign language. I hope to remain in Moscow after completing the class and teach from 6-9 months. Because the class starts soon I don't have time to wait for a year long business visa to be processed, but do have just enough time to obtain a 3 month visa. Since I want to stay in Moscow, is it possible to extend that 3 month visa to a year long business visa at some point during my first 3 months in Moscow, or do I have to return to the United States where I live, reapply for a year long visa, then return to Moscow, wasting tons of money on a plane ticket just to do this? Also, since you can only be in Russia for a consecutive 180 days on a year long visa, can I travel for a weekend to a country nearby Russia to satisfy the requirements of this law, or must I return to the United States? Thank you for any help!!!     Read answer
10.09.04 From: Adnan Mirzoyev
Dear representative, I am currently working in Houston US for an oil company and the company will be relocating me to Rissia on a permanent basis. I have an Azerbaijan passport. I have 2 questions please: 1) Do I need multiple entry work/business visa to enter and stay in Russia on a long-term basis? I know that I don't need a visa for travel purposes, but I was not sure about the case when the purpose of the visit is work. 2) Do I have to get a Work Permit? Below is a text that I copied from your website: ..."Federal Law #115 stipulates some exceptions regarding the necessity of obtaining work permits for the following categories of foreign citizens: - those who permanently reside in the Russian Federation; - those who temporarily reside in the Russian Federation..." Will I qualify for these? What exactly is defined as a 'residency' in Russia (temporary/permanent)?    Read answer
03.09.04 From: Jeff Morgheim
We are considering hiring a nannie who I believe would be a great fit for our family. However, she has an Uzbek passport and is living here in Russia. She won't be able to get her Russian passport until next year. We would like her to travel with us on occassion for long trips with the family abroad. Will the fact that she has an Uzbekistan passport going to be a problem for traveling out of and in to Russia? Other countries? What process will I need to make this happen?    Read answer
24.08.04 From: Luigi Cattaneo
I'm working at Siemens in Milano and for several reasons I need to have a multiple enter Visa valid minimum one year, I applied for it but I received an invitation letter only for three months??!! What to do???? Thank you.    Read answer
23.08.04 From: Michelle
I am in the process of applying for a 1yr ME Visa. On the application form I am asked to state at which consulate I intend to pick up the visa. As I am unable to predict right now what my plans are my question is this. Am I obliged to pick up my visa in the same country as stated on my application form? Or, providing I have the origianl invitation, I can collect my visa in any country. Also can you direct me to a website where I can download an up-to-date visa application form (English/Russian)which I'll need to hand in at the consulate.     Read answer
10.08.04 From: Kavu
I am already living in Moscow on work permit for last 3 years and needs to be renewed every year which not only takes good ample time but a lot of money too.I had read a law that after 1 year working on work permit i can get it renewed for 3 years,does such rule still exists?    Read answer
06.08.04 From: Chris
Hi. I have a Russian Mutliple visa valid until April 2005. However, my current passport (Canadian) is full and I need to get a new passport. Can I get my visa transfered to my new passport or do I need to apply for a new visa? If I need to apply does that mean having to wait weeks, getting HIV test, etc.?     Read answer
04.08.04 From: Martin
Hi. I have a 12 Month multi entry Russian business visa. I travel to russia quite frequent and stay in a private home. If I am in the country less than 3 business days. For example thursday until sunday, do I need to register my visa, or is this only if I stay more than 3 business days? I would hate to have trouble leaving the country, but not having to go through the ordeal of registration is tempting.     Read answer
23.07.04 From: Martin
I might need a Ukrainian visa for a business trip, fast enough to not having time to proceed the usual procedure with invitations and so on. Is there any way (=any agency) providing full visa support for Ukraine to third country citizens?     Read answer
21.07.04 From: Milu
Hello, I'm a french student and next year i will study in Moscow. I wanted to know if every student visa was multi entry or if i have to do a special request to get a multi entry student visa for next year.
Thanks for answering.     Read answer
20.07.04 From: Dietrich
Hello, I am from germany and I have a Visa from my company. It's not in my passport but a green card with picture and so on... Now it's only valid till end of October but after that it will be prolonged for another year or so I was told by our legal department. But nevertheless I want to obtain a residence permit. From all that I have read, for the first year that will be a 'temporary' one. Must I obtain a different Visa for that? For my work I need to be able to go in and out of russia quite fast and flexible. And if I need to obtain a exit/entry-visa every time I doubt that this would be flexible enough. Or can I use my work-visa for that year until I opbtain a permanent residency permit?    Read answer
16.07.04 From: Barkin
hello! how long does it take to obtain a work permit for an expat employee by your assistance? and how much does it cost approx.? what happens if you don't apply for work permit & go on working like that? what may be the possible penalties?    Read answer
16.07.04 From: Liz
I'm going to Vilnus to get my year multi-entry business visa next week. First question - how much is it? And do I need an HIV test in order to get it?    Read answer
14.07.04 From: Barkin
Hello! I'm planning to relocate in moscow latest November. Then take care of stay & work permit with the help of my girlfriend. must i get ME 1 year business visa? Or can I come there with 3 months visa, and extend it there to 1 year by the help of your agency or any other travel agencies?     Read answer
11.07.04 From: Stephan
Hello, My question is about immigration a little. I am married to a Russian lady (married in russia) who lives in Siberia, I am from Canada (canadian citizen) but I want to move there because of problems with Canadian immigration and visa standards(not good)I have visited twice before but because the wait is unbearable for my wife I want to come there. I do not work there in Russia (I work in Libya)could I get residency status based on my marriage or do I need to have employment in Russia? I want to find work in Russia (oil and gas) but it is not easy.If I get a multiple entry buisness visa can I stay in Russia with my wife (in an apartment-or with family) and then fly to where I work and then return from there (Libya) or do I need go back to Canada and then return to Russia? This is a very sticky situation could you please advise me on options.Thankyou so much. :(    Read answer
04.07.04 From: Dak
I've found that if I get a Russian driver's license it is only valid for the length of my visa. How much will does a license cost? Do I have to get a new one with each new visa? Or can it be simply prolonged? What are the costs associated with extending the license?    Read answer
30.06.04 From: Pieter
I am on a business visa which expires 2nd December this year, I have a valid work permit which expires on the 8th of January 2005 do I have to leave Russia to get a new multiple business visa in December this year?    Read answer
26.06.04 From: Victor
I will travel to Russia soon. I have Russian Passport, and my 4 y.o. son (born in USA) is recorded into my passport. What documents does he need in order to enter Russia? Thank you.    Read answer
20.06.04 From: Seaella
I would like to visit Kazakhstan for couple of days. How can i get a visa? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Do i have to have friend living there to have an invitation? Thank you.     Read answer
19.06.04 From: Mascha
I want to relocate to russia but I can't find any answers for my questions, my husband is from a soviet satellite country and doesn't need a visa. (I am american) Is it possible for me to come there on a tourist visa and then later get a working visa?    Read answer
17.06.04 From: Victor
I will travel to Russia with my son. My documents are fine, but his travel visa is only 30 days long, whereas his stay in Russia will be 33 days. If he will leave with expired visa, how much exit permit fine I will have to pay for him, and where? Thank you.    Read answer
11.06.04 From: Darren
I am coming to russia in 01-07-04 on a visit visa I was talking to some one here on a thread and he informed me of a ME business visa. What I am looking for is a 1 year work visa multi entry visa so I may look for work in russia and I really don't want to come back to canada for good reason. What are my options??    Read answer
11.06.04 From: Persian
I have an one year visa here and my husband work here for a company i want to know how can invite my mother for 2 months.Can i send her invitation my self and what should i do??    Read answer
30.05.04 From: Ray
For three weeks around June & July I will be vacationing in Russia with my friend from Nizhni Novgorod. She sent me an "Original OVIR permission-IZVESCHENIE" from her local OVIR, which I've used to obtain a "Homestay" (Visitor's) Visa. These documents state that I will visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Nizhni Novgorod. How many times and in which city should I register my visa and migration card? We will schedule my itinerary to facilitate this process. All that has been decided so far is that I'll arrive on a Saturday in Moscow. This is my first trip abroad and I want to do everything legal and get home without a problem. Your suggestions will be extremely appreciated!     Read answer
27.05.04 From: Natasha
Hi, I am a citizen of Uzbekistan (CIS) and have been working and living in Russia for 2.5 years. I am now moving to Moscow with my partner, UK citizen, who's renting a flat in Moscow. Due to complications with my work permit, my employment in Moscow is not confirmed. Would I be able to register in my partner's flat if I just come to Moscow and what is the procedure to do it? Me and my partner are not married. I would also like to know whether I can be employed from abroad, but work in Moscow without having to get work permit. Thank you for your help.    Read answer
27.05.04 From: John McG.
I am permanent resident of Russia and have a residence card. I plan to travel abroad the next week. Should I need to apply for an exit visa or something else in my passport before leaving the country? Many thanks.     Read answer
12.05.04 From: Persian
I want to invite my mother for 2 months and need to know how can i register her? She will stay with us. We have rented a falt and we have one year visa with 4 months registration as new rule does not let to register for one year!!! and i have send her invitation for one year by the company as she want to visit us.    Read answer
11.05.04 From: Anastasia
Could you please advise according to your experience in what countries it is easier to apply for a Russian 1-year multi-entry visa for an expat - wife of American citizen working in Moscow(if not in the USA)? Some people say that it's easier in Finland or Latvia. Thank you in advance!     Read answer
10.05.04 From: Christine
My husband and I are making a short (6 week) trip to Russia this summer to do archival historical research (I'm a historian, he's a linguist). We're renting a private apartment but planning to register our visas at a hotel since we won't really be there long enough to do the whole landlord-OVIR process which apparently is taking a long time these days. We have business visas (we didn't want to get tourist visas in case the archivists somehow had a problem with that). Do you think we're likely to run into problems? I've always registered at hotels in the past (when staying in dorms, etc.) but am not sure if procedures/ laws are changing. Thanks!     Read answer
05.05.04 From: Jed
Here is my problem: I am here on a three-month "commercial" visa. I work for a small publishing company in Moscow. Against all logic, my employer says that I am responsible for handling my own visa problems. On top of this, I am married to a Russian but she is not from Moscow (no 'propiska'), meaning that I can only get residency in the small town where she is from. So, what is the best option for staying in Moscow for the long-term?    Read answer
28.04.04 From: Julia
Not quite an expat question, but I hope you know the answer. I am a Russian citizen living in US and will be traveling to Russia with my daughter who has US passport with Russian visa. Will Russian authourities give us any trouble on entry? Thank you for your help.    Read answer
15.04.04 From: Aydogan
Going to Moscow in a few months, I have a student visa and am studying at night time at a university, but am planning to work full time during the day. Do I need to change my visa type, and get a work permit? Or is it ok with my student visa? as Students are allowed to work without permit at part-time jobs.. thanks for any reply. p.s.(can I as a student open a company? is the type of visa relevent? or not..)    Read answer
03.04.04 From: Mira
I actually went to Kazan hoping to stay for a year on a business visa. The problem is that my visa was only registered for 3 months because I was not going to be working. The travel agency in Kazan said that in the future I would need to either come on a student visa or simply come for only a short stay on a tourist visa. I own a retail business here in the USA, so I am not particularly worried about money..but I loved Kazan enough that I would like to go back and possibly even relocate. Is there any way to be self-employed and still retire in Russia? I also am going back to school for that is another question..if I choose to set up a private practice/ business in Kazan, would that even be possible? I also heard that to gain citizenship that it would now be necessary to give up my USA citizenship. Is that really true? Thank you for any insight you have!    Read answer
30.03.04 From: robert
I arrived here 12 days ago. I can not find my inviting agency, that is, the agency that is registered with the ministry of the interior. my travel agent in the united states told me that my job will register me. i now know the process. i have a landlord who will register me through my apartment. but 12 days have gone by and i am not registered yet. what can i do? can another company help me register? should i have my travel agent look harder for their information here in moscow? what if my inviting agency is from a different city? i would love some help.    Read answer
28.03.04 From: Travis
I am a College student in Salt Lake City, USA and would like to make an extended trip to Russia while maintaining my US citizenship. My main purpose would be to learn about the culture and history of Russia, and to gather material for a book about living in Russia from an American perspective. I would like to stay for 1-2 years. -Is this type of trip possible? -What kind of Visa would I need to apply for? -How much freedom to travel to different areas would I have (I was hoping to spend about six months in two to four different cities)? -If I decided to take a few courses at a Russian school, how difficult would it be for me to apply (remember my main purpose is not formal education, but I may wish to supplement)? I have an independent income so I would not need to work. Thank you for your assistance.
Sincerely, Travis     Read answer
20.03.04 From: Jamaldeen
During my last trip to UK,My wife overstayed beyond 06 month but I came after 30 days to my country.Me and wife got seperated.Now she is living in UK with her new husband.The fact is,When I apply for visa again,Is her overstay affect my new application?    Read answer
17.03.04 From: shabir
HI I'm coming to moscow on a muti entry work visa, I'll be going back and forth from the uk. How do I register my visa, as I be staying in a hotel first and then flat. would I need to register the visa at the work place. Also what the arrival/departure cards I have been given with my passport? thanks    Read answer
12.03.04 From: Toby
I have just rented a flat in Moscow. I will be living in this flat for 2 weeks and then going back to London for 2 weeks, then back to Moscow for 2 weeks and so on. To date I have never had a problem getting my registration card (whatever that piece of paper you are given on the plane is called) stamped as I have stayed in hotels. Now I am living in a rented flat, how do I get the necessary stamp?    Read answer
03.03.04 From: Fred
After a lot of fuzz I finally got my registration stamp in my passport. It is valid until July. However, I am now going to Kazakhstan for 3 months and have cancelled my Moscow apartment lease (where I am registered). Will my Russian registration still be valid if I come back to Moscow on weekend trips in May or will it automatically be cancelled?    Read answer
23.02.04 From: Ash
So I have a multi-entry business visa that has a current PVU registration stamp in the visa. I will be entering and exiting Russia several times next month, do I need to register the new migration card? I have brought it in to be registered after the new law came into effect and was turned away. Also what is this about going to the DEZ to register also? My visa is properly registered to my apartment by my landlord and company. Should I bother? Do you think this whole thing will blow over, like all the other times crazy new laws have been put into effect? Thanks!    Read answer
22.02.04 From: Doug
I need to be in Rostov in 3 weeks to work. How do I get a work permit and visa? I had only heard about business vias before. Can I get a work permit after I get to Russia? I live in Riverside, California and the RF Consulate is in San Francisco.     Read answer
19.02.04 From: Ali
I need to register a 3 month business visa. I'm being sublet a room in appartment, so I can't get a letter from a landlord. How do I get my visa registered for the time I'm going to be in Moscow?     Read answer
11.02.04 From: rob
i am coming to moscow and will stay in a room in an apartment for 1 month while i look for somewhere permanent to stay. can I use this as registration? the person i rent from will not be the people who issue the invitation. is it a difficult process? i want to get a 6 month multiple entry business visa.    Read answer
06.02.04 From: Michelle
Please could you advise where I can get multi-trip travel insurance from to cover travel from Moscow to various parts of the world.    Read answer
04.02.04 From: Chris
I need to know how to go about getting medical insurance before I start working. I dont know if you can help with this, but if you can it would be much appreciated, thanks.    Read answer
04.02.04 From: Dante
My ME visa is expiring soon, and my new employer is issuing an invitation for a 1 entry, 2 month visa. Upon re-entry on the new visa, my employer plans on leading me through the accreditation process to obtain a 1 year, multiple entry visa. In order to receive, the second visa, will I need to exit Russia once again in order to enter on the new visa? Also, which foreign consulates offer express visa processing? Several of the embassies listed on the internet do not offer express processing. Last year, I travelled to Tallinn but was surprised to see that they were charging $500 for same day processing? Are their any consulates that are especially appealing in terms of pricing, service, friendliness, ease of use, etc? As I am travelling from Moscow, ideally, I would like to travel somwhere close by, either Prague, Cyprus, Zagreb, Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw...
Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!    Read answer
29.01.04 From: Rhoda
I am married to Russia man, for few years now,i need the Russia resident parment,how can i get it, and how long,and what do i need to get it.    Read answer
22.01.04 From: Nick
I'm Swedish and have a multi-entry business visa. When I renewed my registration 2 days ago the registration stamp was placed on my migration card and not in my passport as usual. They told me it was a new rule from 01.01.04. When I leave Russia I will have to give away the migration card - and thus I will need to register once again. This can't be?!    Read answer
21.01.04 From: Limey
This isn't a question, you can read it and delete it, but you have misinformed 'oliver' from the U.K. below, telling him he needs no letter from his employer. For more than 2 years now it is a condition in the Russian Embassy in London (although this rule doesn't apply in most, or even all, other Russian embassies) that an applicant for a business or commercial visa provides a letter from his employer verifying and explaining the business that they are sending the applicant to Russia for. Telling him he just needs to apply for an invitation through you is terrible advice. He will arrive in the embassy in London and be turned away because he has no letter, and have paid you for nothing, and will think badly of you for misleading him. I have seen it happen.    Read answer
20.01.04 From: Conrad
I'm considering getting a 6 or 12 month multiple entry visa for Russia; l plan to do short trips into Russia and stay at hotels in various cities. Firstly, if l'm not actually working at the moment what do l write for the 'company name/position/address' question on the application form? Secondly, if l use a Moscow visa agency for visa support, do l have to go to Moscow straight away, or at some point for that agency to register my visa? For example, if on my first entry on the visa l decide to go to Volgograd for 2 weeks(staying at a hotel that will register my visa) then exit Russia, is that okay? (afterall l've fulfilled the requirement to register my visa within 3 days of entry into Russia) Or MUST a multi-entry business visa be registered by one's sponsor at some point or before exiting Russia?    Read answer
19.01.04 From: stephan
Hello, i am a canadian citizen but i recently got married to a russian girl in kemerovo, i went there on an OVIR invitation (2 month stay)i had to come back to Canada because my visa ran out and my job was postponed in the question is how can i come back to Russia and visit my family there and stay for more than 30 days-buisness visa or regular visit visa? I am so confused ( i would actually like to stay in Russia on a permanent basis and travel to work in the Emirates until i obtain work in Russia is any of this possible.....sincerely confused!!!    Read answer
19.01.04 From: oliver
I have recently sent off for my business visa and my friend I am travelling there with has been told that we need a letter from our employers in Britain and the company we're visiting in Moscow. I haven't sent these because there was no mention of these on the websites I've viewed. The problem is that we are applying for business visas as a more flexible alternative to tourist visas and were under the impression that this was a widespread and a common thing to do. Do you have any advice on the situation?    Read answer
19.01.04 From: stephan
When i fly from toronto to moscow i need go to domodedovo airport because i want to fly from there to kemerovo do you know the safest way to get there from shermeyeto 1. I had troubles last time getting from sherm 1 to sherm 2 (being a foreigner and all)easy target for taxi scam.    Read answer
17.01.04 From: Carl
My wife is Russian and is currentlt finishing her studies in Pytergorsk, we have been married one year and I have visited her in Russia on a tourist visa. Is there another visa I can get to visit her as her husband i.e. one longer than 14 days. And also, what are my chances of obtaining temporary residency. Is it similar to the English syatem. We would be grateful for any advice you can give.    Read answer
15.01.04 From: Ilan
I am a British citizen in Moscow. I have a Russian wife and we have a son who has a British passport and a Russian passport and will soon have a British Certificate of Entitlement. We want to go to France on vacation. Does my son need a French visa in his Russian passport in order to be allowed to leave Russia?    Read answer
09.01.04 From: oliver
On the visa application form when it asks your proffession and place of work does it mean my workplace in England or Russia (as I intend to teach some English lessons while in Moscow)?    Read answer
08.01.04 From: Timothy A Woollard
Hi, I am from U.S.A., I would like to buy round-trip airline ticket for my Russian girlfriend. How can I buy tickets for her, while I am in U.S.? And what will she needs before she check in at St. Petersburgh Airport.    Read answer
06.01.04 From: RRob
My visa states that my entry date is the 1st Feb, but it turns out that I will need to travel a day later. Will I need to get the date changed or is it ok to travel as it is (it is a 12month multi business visa).    Read answer
06.01.04 From: Paul
I'm a student and I'm researching the move for a company in the UK to go to russia. I'm having difficulties in finding information about work permits in Russia. Could you help?    Read answer
05.01.04 From: oliver
I am travelling to moscow in february and have applied for a 12 month multi-entrance bussines visa. I would like to know whether I will need a landlord's letter stating that I will be staying at his residence for the full 12 months or if 6 months would be enough. Also where it asks what cities I want to visit will I encounter problems if I try to travel to others ones?    Read answer
03.01.04 From: John
Whats the procedure for my Russian girlfriend to obtain a tourist Visa to visit the United Kingdom for 6 months? Any help appreciated.
Also does the UK have Fiancee Visa system like the US ?     Read answer
29.12.03 From: Arjan
Am currently looking for an apartment. Strangely enough the landlord doesn't want me to register my visa (one-year multiple entry business) on the apartment. Do you know why? And are there ways out?
Best regards,
Arjan    Read answer
26.12.03 From: Kris
Where and when do you apply for a visa? When do you apply for a temp residence permit? I read you can live/work only in the area the permit was issued. How big is this area? Is it possible to change this area? How long does it take to get a visa or permit from the date of application?    Read answer
26.12.03 From: Jean
dear sir/miss,
i plan to visit moscow and peter for 10 days in total next summer, my friend sasha in moscow will host me and lead me to peter, so i want to get a private visa with her invitation. but i read that private visa is only valid in the city where your host lives, so i wonder if i apply for a private visa with sasha's invitation, will it be valid in peter too? thank you for your time and looking forward to your early reply!
merry xmas and happy new year!    Read answer
22.12.03 From: Johnny Pan
I am an Asian American who is thinking about going to Russia for a vacation. I am thinking about making a trip in March of 2004, but based on what I have read in the media, Russia may not a safe destination for someone of Asian ancestry. What is the real situation, especially in Moscow?     Read answer
16.12.03 From: Kachuk
Is there a way to get a tourist visa for my Russian girlfriend to travel to Canada for 6 months? Any help appreciated.    Read answer
10.12.03 From: robert
I have a 12 month multi entry visa which expires in June 2004. I want to get a new passport ( so I can enter the USA on visa waiver program ). Usually, the British Embassy marks the old passport as "superceded" by the new one and writes the number of the new passport. Will Russian immigration accept visa in old passport?    Read answer
09.12.03 From: Sam
Hi, I am new to Russia. I just moved in. I have obtained a multiple Business one year visa as I am the head of the mission in my company that is already registered as a representative office and already obtained all the necessary legal documents to hire foreigners in Russia. I have a lease agreement under my name for an apartment too.
My question is that my wife has children from her former husband and I would like them to visit me in Russia. I need to know what is the best legal way to issue an invitation letter for them as I am going to sponsor them while they are in Russia.     Read answer
07.12.03 From: Joe Russia
Do you assist with obtaining either a temporary residence permit or a work permit? I would like to work here (as legally as possible) but do not want to have to order an exit visa in advance (10 days, I hear) from OVIR? Can I have the right to work for a Russian company and have free passage across Russian borders?
I hear stories... but haven't met anyone who can tell me the real deal.    Read answer
07.12.03 From: harrison dike
i wish to travel to united kingdoom ,iam anigerian , how do you help me get visa. otherwise i may wish to work.
please, let me hear from you.
harrison     Read answer
04.12.03 From: AL
I got my one year visa through an agency and they have told me that I need to register with them every three months (each time it costs me $60)Is there any other way that I can register for a longer period of time (ie 9 months) or am I forced to go through the agency that 'invited' me?     Read answer
27.11.03 From: John Smith
Actually, I have a similar problem to the previous person. My landlord has refused to register me. I don't want to move as I have a really good deal on my apartment. I don't really know any Russians that well yet who would be willing to register me so what should I do?
By the way, ATH issued the invitation for my visa and when I called and asked them about it, they said I would HAVE TO get a letter from my landlord or I would have no registration.
Can you help me? I know some agencies offer registration in an unknown flat but sadly yours doesnt.    Read answer
25.11.03 From: Steven Gerrard
I entered Russia some time ago but still cannot get registration. My landlord is not in a position to register me (the flat I live in belonged to his father who died a few months ago and they are still sorting all the paperwork out) and the company I got my visa invitation through has (very helpfully) told me to move. As I pay $350 to live in a two-roomed flat in the centre of Moscow, this is not an option. I don't know of any Russians who own their own flat so I can't ask friends- what should I do?    Read answer
24.11.03 From: Jon Reed
I wish to drive accross Russia to China in a camper van. Can you tell me how I can arrange a visa for this type of trip please? (Do you also know where I cna get vehicle insurance for a British Vehicle for this trip?) Many thanks    Read answer
16.11.03 From: Maine Surfer
We are moving to Moscow quite soon, and in need of some help with registration information.
We arrive to Moscow on Dec 12, Fri. As far as I know a foreigner has to register with OVIR during 3 days after arrival. I assume it's 3 buiseness days, but you never know.
So my first question is are they 3 calendar days or business days?
Upon arrival we are going to do some traveling. The plans are to go to Rostov-on-Don for the holidays. I just heard that a foreigner has to register at any city he/she visits. Is it true?
Does my wife have to register with Rostov's OVIR if we are only staying there for about two weeks?
When buying a plane or a train ticket, a Russian citizen has to present his/her passport.
What about a foreigner? Does a foreigner need any other documents besides a passport with visa when buying tickets?
Will we encounter any problems bying, say, regular train tickets just with our passports?    Read answer
14.11.03 From: Tom
I want to join my Russian wife and live and work in Moscow. How do I do this?    Read answer
10.11.03 From: Daisy
I have a registration for 10 months right now and i don't have an exit visa. Can you issue an exit visa to go out from the country and get an invitation from your company to come back to Russia?
Thank.    Read answer
21.10.03 From: Dianna
Can you tell me the names of travel agents that speak English and who can help me plan a trip to Cyprus?
Thanks.    Read answer
13.10.03 From: Ian
I am currently living and working in Moscow. I have a couple of friends who want to visit me from England in about two weeks time. They are coming across all kinds of obstacles trying to obtain visas. What is the cheapest and quickest way they can do this?    Read answer
09.10.03 From: Matthew Ganshow
I want to visit Russia,how do i get a visa...I live in USA,im not sure when i will visit,maybe in spring or summer    Read answer
07.10.03 From: JD
I have friends visiting me from US,they have a got a tourist visa valid for 30 days. And we were told that there is no way to extend this visa, however they need to exit Russia on the 40th day of stay here. What can happen if they fly back with an expired visa?     Read answer
01.10.03 From: Michael H.
I plan to go to Moscow for a couple of years, i have been in Russia before just geting a some business visa, i will be now working in Moscow,so i was told by some friend that the rules had changed and i need to get a work permit. What can you recomend me?     Read answer
24.09.03 From: Tyler
I've had my multiple entry visa for three months now. During these three months I was registered at a hotel. Now that I need a new one, the hotel tells me that they will only register me if I actually live there...
The agency who issued the letter tells me that because the hotel registered me before, they won't help me anymore.
What do I do now? Please help!
Tyler    Read answer
22.09.03 From: Matthew Healy
I've worked in Moscow before, and always recieved my commercial visa through large companies.
This time however I want to work from the outset independently, can you reccomend an agency who could do this for me, invitation etc? I'm currently in Riga and the agencies here are quoting prices of $260 upwards and a wait of 3 months. Can I do better?     Read answer
19.09.03 From: n8canuck
I need to extend my 6 month business visa for another 6 months, i attained it through a friend not a company, and my friend says for him to do it I will need another invitation for $90 usd and then leave the country and get a new visa, we are talking hundreds of dollars now. Is there an easy cheap way to do it, what does it entail and how much will it cost?    Read answer
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