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Ask your Visa and Travel advisor
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Are you going to travel to Russia, or do you plan to go abroad? Do you need to register your visa, or want to work officially and get a work permit? Or maybe you have other travel inquires and do not know how to fulfill your plans?

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07.06.05 From: Rian
Hi there :) I have two questions: 1. If an American man is engaged to a Russian woman and they both live in Moscow, and they are planning on moving to the US, is it better to get married in Russia or the US? 2. If an American man is married to a Russian woman, and they both live in Moscow, and they want to go to the US on vacation, will being married make it easy for the Russian woman to get a travel visa to the US? Thanks :)    Read answer
18.04.05 From: Eleanor Bindman
I came to Russia recently on a 1-year multiple entry business visa but have now found work with a Russian company which wants to get me a work permit but is not sure how to do it. Does this mean having to leave the country to get a whole new visa, and if I do get a work visa will it be multiple entry? How long will the process take and what paperwork is required?    Read answer
13.02.05 From: Nayanika Romanyuk
I have a valid visa for 1 year with multiple entry. I am in the process of getting a permanent residency. Seeking a permanent job. Want to know about work permit for spouse of russian national. Please email and inform me all the rules regulations as issued by the Ministry of Interior Government of Russian Federation. Thank you!     Read answer
18.01.05 From: Rabbit
Here's a bit of an odd question for you. My partner and I are considering taking up jobs in South East Asia. We have a pet cat and need to find out information about importing him to our destination country, eg. is a permit needed, which innoculations are required, etc. I have emailed the embassies in Moscow and am awaiting replies. However, I cannot find email addresses for Thailand and Vietnam. And am I emailing the right people in the first place? Thanks.     Read answer
14.01.05 From: Vanessa
Hello, I wanted to know exactlt what I am supposed to do to register when I arrive in Moscow. My landlady told me she's going to register me, but where are we supposed to go? And what documents should we bring?     Read answer
03.01.05 From: Thiru
I am planning to visit Russia with double entry business visa (90 days). My question is : During that 90 days, is it possible to get work permit, work visa and extend my registration for staying without leaving Russia (the company which, issued invitation for getting 90 days visa is ready to hire me on long term basis and support for arranging above mentioned things if it is possible). If you any other ideas please, advice me, Thank you.     Read answer
01.01.05 From: Velo
I've heard that carrying an immigration card, with a currently valid registration, is no longer necessary from the 10th of january. An apparent change in the law from that date requires only that a Landlord send a letter by post to OVIR stating who lives in their property and for what period. Therefore you do not have to prove this to every bribe-seeking copper who stops you on the street. It just sounds too good to be true.     Read answer
23.12.04 From: Barkin
Hello! I've recently received 1 year business visa and going to arrive to Moscow on 30th Dec. and depart on 03 Jan. It will be holiday period in Russia during my short stay, so do I really need to register my visa anyway? Or postpone it to my next visit? Had been in Moscow before for twice with touristical and 1 month business visa.     Read answer
17.12.04 From: Sigurd
Hi, I work as a chef in Australia and was wondering how to go about applying for a work visa in this capacity in Russia. I understand that visas of this nature usually last 6 months, but I am also interested in staying for 1 year, perhaps longer. I would be very grateful for any information in this regard. Cheers.     Read answer
13.12.04 From: Olga
Hello, I am going to Moscow in a month, I am citizen of Canada and I still have Ukrainian passport, but Ukraine doesn't allow double citizenship. My travel agent said that I will be able to enter Russia on Ukrainian passport and leave on Canadian. I was wondering if that's appropriate and if I get in trouble on my way back to Canada while leaving Russia. Thank you in advance.     Read answer
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