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Ask your Visa and Travel advisor
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Are you going to travel to Russia, or do you plan to go abroad? Do you need to register your visa, or want to work officially and get a work permit? Or maybe you have other travel inquires and do not know how to fulfill your plans?

Please address your questions to your online Visa and Travel advisor Andrew’s Travel House. We really like the idea of helping people!

Just a brief company history, so you can rely on our services even more. The result of a successful merger between Andrew's Consulting and Travel House, Andrews Travel House is one of the oldest and largest corporate travel management companies in Russia, being active in this field since 1994. Andrews Travel House offers a complete travel service including flight booking, accommodation and visa services for foreigners wishing to travel within Russia, and for Russians looking to travel abroad.

In addition to providing one-stop corporate travel services, Andrews Travel House offers incentive programs, training seminars and special leisure packages for corporate clients and their staff, as well as high class FIT services for individual travelers via partner agencies.

For more information on any of our services contact Andrews Travel House
in Moscow: +7 (095) 916-9898, in St.Petersburg: +7 (812) 325-9400,
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I am planning to visit Russia with double entry business visa (90 days). My question is : During that 90 days, is it possible to get work permit, work visa and extend my registration for staying without leaving Russia (the company which, issued invitation for getting 90 days visa is ready to hire me on long term basis and support for arranging above mentioned things if it is possible). If you any other ideas please, advice me, Thank you.
Dear Thiru,
The entire process of obtaining a work permit might take from 2,5 to 5-6 month, depends of how fast your employer will prepare required documents and submit them to authorities. And you will have to leave Russia to apply for the 3 month single-entry work visa , as it cannot be done whilst in Russia. But after your entry on the work visa you will have to submit document for the registration and multi-entry work visa, which will be processed at the same time.
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