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   July 24
Children Calendar
Dining Out with Children
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Children Venues / Schools and Kindergartens
ABC Kids
Tel:  +7 495 565-3479
International Preschool. Native-speaking teachers and international curriculum. Open for 2,5-6 year olds. Art, music, dance, fitness, yoga. Park area and zoo.
American Embassy Childcare and Preschool
Address:  Bolshoy Devyatinsky per., 8, (on the US Embassy compound)
Metro:  Krasnopresnenskaya
Tel:  +7 495 728-5354
Daycare for children age 15 months to 5 years old and full-day Preschool/Pre-K for children 3-5. Summer camp offered mid June to early August. Enrollment allocated to children with at least one US citizen parent resident in Russia or foreign diplomat parent. Children within the embassy may be enrolled in daycare starting at 6 weeks.
Anglo-American School
Address:  Beregovaya ul., 1, Pokrovsky Hills
Metro:  Sokol
Tel:  231-4470
Elementary, middle and high school. Experienced educators, principally from the US, UK and Canada. International curriculum, a solid grounding in English/Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Russian, French or Spanish, art, music, computer skills and physical education.
Baby Club
Address:  Trekhprudniy per., 11/13, str. 2
Metro:  Pushkinskaya
Tel:  8 916 3513590, 973-3590

Address:  Krylatskie Kholmy ul., 35, korp. 2
Metro:  Krylatskoe
Tel:  +7 (499) 348-2837

Address:  Talalikhina ul., 1, korp. 2
Metro:  Taganskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 677-5799

Learning through creative play for children aged 8 months to 14 years. Montessori and Zaitsev systems, adapted for children's age and language ability groups. Up to eight children per group. Also art, music, dance, chess, fitness, birthday parties. Native-speaking and Russian teachers.
Britannia School
Address:  Fabritsiusa ul., 36
Metro:  Skhodnenskaya
Tel:  +7 499 444-0661
British education for 1.5-7 year olds. The teachers are native English speakers and children from different countries. Britannia School follows British Yearly Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.
Brookes Moscow & Brookes Saint Petersburg
Address:  Lazoreviy proezd, 7, Moscow
Tel:  +7 499 110-7001

Address:  Tatarskiy per., 3-5, Saint Petersburg
Tel:  +7 812 320-8925

Brookes Moscow & Brookes Saint Petersburg are next-generation international educational establishments in the heart of Russia. Members of the Brookes Education Group (BEG), a global family of IB schools with seven campuses around the world, including major ones in Cambridge (founded in 1982), Vancouver and Seoul. The 800-pupil capacity Brookes Moscow site and its sister site of 250 capacity in Saint Petersburg welcome local and international students from age 2 to 18 to its campuses and offer the chance to study for the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Students also have access to BEG’s family of schools and the opportunity to study abroad.
Cambridge International School
Address:  Skolkovo, Moscovskaya oblast, Odintsovskiy rayon, Zarechye, Berezovaya ul., 2
Tel:  +7 (495) 255-2249, +7 968 6517282, +7 903 7262811

Address:  Festivalnaya ul., 7a
Metro:  Rechnoi Vokzal
Tel:  +7 903 2812720, +7 (499) 745-6261

Address:  Saint Petersburg, Lakhtinskiy proezd, 40/2
Tel:  +7 (812) 2445044

Nursery, primary school, secondary school. International English Curriculum and Russian National Curriculum. English and Russian are the languages of speaking and teaching. Foreign languages: French, Spanish, German, Turkish.
Children of the World Int. Pre-School
Address:  Minskaya ul., 1G, str.3
Tel:  +7 963 9762228
Nursery and Primary School for children aged 2–7 years. English national curriculum, qualified experienced teachers from GB. Warm homelike atmosphere and a cheerful age-appropriate syllabus. Fun, challenging activities and lots of friends to play with!
Chitaika Children’s Center
Address:  Ostozhenka ul., 7/1
Metro:  Kropotkinskaya
Tel:  642-3443, 8 925-0823620
Preschool educational center and mini-nursery. Small groups. Open for 1,5-7 year olds. Classes in Russian and English.
Cooperation School
Address:  Maly Poluyaroslavskiy per., 1
Metro:  Kurskaya
Tel:   +7 495 911-9991
English immersion nursery and kindergarten for children 2,5 – 7 years old. New Preschool in the centre of Moscow. Native English-speaking teachers and British national curriculum ( EYFS, KS1). Newly-constructed building with spacious classrooms, swimming pool and observatory. Russian lessons on request. No entrance fee!
English Baby Club
Address:  Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse
Tel:  635-4202 / 4389
Preschool educational center. Children from 1,5. Native English-speaking teachers.
English International School (EIS)
Address:  Zeleny prosp., 66a
Metro:  Novogireevo
Tel:  +7 (495) 301-2104
Fax:  +7 (495) 301-7587

Address:  Molodogvardeyskaya ul., 9
Metro:  Molodyozhnaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 140-1025

Address:  Lobachevskogo ul., 14
Metro:  Prospekt Vernadskovo
Tel:  +7 (495) 726-3146

British owned, managed and staffed. For children from 3 up to 17 years old. Based on British National curriculum adapted for international classes. EIS Moscow East for children aged 3-17, EIS Moscow West (age 3-12), EIS Moscow South-West (age 3-11).
English Nursery School
Address:  Obrucheva ul., 4/3
Metro:  Kaluzhskaya
Tel:  933-2893

Address:  4th Dobryninsky per., 8/10
Metro:  Dobryninskaya
Tel:  987-1552

British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Native English-speaking teachers. Open for 3-6 year olds.
English Playschool
Address:  Leninsky prosp., 87a
Metro:  Universitet
Tel:  8 499 134-2006
Fax:  8 499 132-2200
International staff. Open for 3-8 year olds.
English Preschool
Address:  Shmitovskiy proezd, 20
Metro:  Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Tel:  8 499 256-5776

Address:  Nezhinskaya ul., 1/4
Metro:  Slavyansky Bulvar

Address:  Obolenskiy per., 9/2
Metro:  Park Kultury

Modern leading English preschool, it is equipped with great native teachers, methods, facilities with based American curriculum IPC and other teaching tools. Small groups aged 2-7 y.o., Full time/ part time stay/ Mini Discovery programms offered. Additionally: ballet classes, nap time, lunch provided. 9:00-19:00.
European Gymnasium
Address:  Sokolniki, Poperechny prosek, 1a
Metro:  Sokolniki
Tel:  225-5201
Pre-school, elementary, high school.
Fly High Kids Academy
Address:  Pogonniy proezd, 3A
Metro:  Preobrazhenskaya Ploschad
Tel:  +7 919 7727193
The doors are open to all kids aged 1,5 to 7. Academy has both full-time and part-time groups, a nursery and also early development classes.
Greenwood (Montessori) School
Address:  Bolshaya Tikhonovskaya ul., 18
Metro:  Sokolniki
Tel:  8 985 928-2088
Montessori Method plus the English National Curriculum. Classes in Russian and in English.
Hinkson Christian Academy
Address:  Novochereyomushkinskaya ul., 39
Metro:  Profsoyuznaya
Tel:  733-9740
Fax:  733-9062
Elementary and secondary English language educational institution established to serve primarily expatriate Christian missionary families. The philosophical and religious orientation is from a Biblical world-view of life.
I, Myself
Address:  Vavilova ul., 89
Metro:  Universitet
Tel:  8 499 347-0403
Open for 1-7 year olds. Multiple locations.
International Montessori Center at Otrada
Address:  Moscovskaya oblast, Krasnogorskiy rayon, Otradnoe, “Equestrian club Otradnoe”, 36
Metro:  Piatnitskoe shosse
Tel:  +7 495 215-0929
Authentic bilingual montessori education for children 0-6 years old. AMI certified teachers.
Our programs: Casa dei Bambini (2,5-6), Toddler (1-3), Parent and Infant (0-1).
International School of Moscow
Address:  Krylatskaya ul., 12, str. 5, 6
Metro:  Krylatskoe
Tel:  8 499 149-4434
Fax:  8 499 149-3451
English National Curriculum. Open for 2-12 year olds. Native English speaking teachers. French, Russian.
JCC (Jewish Cultural Centre)
Address:  Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul., 47/3
Metro:  Arbatskaya
Tel:  787-4560 / 67
Educational programs, creative studios, Sunday and family programs. Childcare center “Tapuz” - preschool children’s aesthetic development. Open: 09:00-21:00. Closed: Sat.
Little Angels Kindergarten
Address:  Novocheremushkinskaya ul., 49, office 12
Metro:  Profsoyuznaya
Tel:  332-1603
Open for 1,5-6 year olds. Native English speaking teachers. French, Russian.
Magic Castle English Nursery School
Tel:  +7 926 5308949
Compehensive programme based on International Primary Curriculum. Half-day and full-day stay. Art, music, dance and sports. Other languages - Russian, Spanish, French and Chinese. Three locations - Novoslobodskaya, Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Polezhaevskaya
Magic World Kindergarten
Address:  Michurinsky prosp., 6, korp. 3
Metro:  Prospekt Vernadskovo
Tel:  729-5319
Open for 2-7 year olds. English, French, Russian, art-aesthetic programs, physical development. Psychologist. speech therapy classes.
Molodezhnaya Montessori School
Address:  Elninskaya ul., 15, korp. 3
Metro:  Molodyozhnaya
Tel:  +7 916 2874587
Toddler (14 m - 36 m) and Casa dei Bambini (3-6+ years old) programs. International staff, AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) diplomas. Languages: English, Russian, French.
Montessori School of Moscow
Address:  Starovolynskaya ul., 12, str. 3
Metro:  Slavyansky Bulvar
Tel:  +7 903 7215004
Upper Elementary, Elementary, Casa dei Bambini, Toddler and Parent Infant programs, English and Russian Speaking AMI standard teachers.
Moscow International Film School
Address:  Stroiteley ul., 5, 2 floor
Metro:  Universitet
Tel:  775-0401
Russian. Ages: 12-17.
Moscow International Preschool
Address:  Udaltsova ul., 73
Metro:  Prospekt Vernadskovo
Tel:  +7 499 431-5569, +7 915 3644583
Open for 2-6 year olds. Up to ten children per group. Art, music, dance, birthday parties. Native-speaking and Russian teachers, psychologist, speech therapist, extra-activities.
P'tit Cref
Address:  Bolshoy Afanasievsky per., 41
Metro:  Arbatskaya
Tel:  +7 495 697-2006

Address:  Bolshoy Trekhgorniy per., 4/2
Metro:  Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Tel:  +7 495 605-2200, +7 903 5332200 (WhatsApp)

Address:  Sirenevy bulvar, 9A
Metro:  Shchelkovskaya
Tel:  +7 495 055-0288

Trilingual centers (Russia, English, French) for preschool children. Native-speaking teachers, psychologist, speech therapist, extra-activities, workshops.
Piccolo School
Address:  Fadeeva ul., 4A
Metro:  Novoslobodskaya
Tel:  +7 499 3900200
Private bilingual kindergarten for children 2-7 years old. Open: 24 hours. Small groups and classes. Full-time and part-time groups.
Native English-speaking and Russian teachers. Art, music, dance, fitness, yoga, theatre.
Saturday Kids Club
Address:  Bolshoy Trekhgorniy per., 4/2
Metro:  Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Tel:  +7 495 605-2200, +7 903 5332200 (WhatsApp)
Now Ptit Cref – the trilingual children's centre in the center of Moscow – is open for kids on weekends! Leave your child for half a day or for the whole day – and he or she will spend the whole time playing cheerful games with contemporaries and professional animators! The club is opened from 10:00 till 17:00 on Saturdays.

Slavic Anglo American School
Address:  Panferova ul., 6, korp. 2
Metro:  Universitet
Tel:  8 499 134-1547
Fax:  8 499 134-5035
Elementary, middle, high school. Open for 6-17 year olds.International staff. English and Russian are the working languages. German, French.
The British International School
Tel:  +7 495 241-6469
The British International School has successfully worked in the field of educational services in Russia for the past 27 years, providing a first-class education in the best traditions of British schools. It is accredited by the Council of British International Schools. At present the BIS consists of 6 schools located in different areas of Moscow: in the North (Voikovskaya Metro Station) and in the South (Profsoyuznaya and Novoyasenevskaya Metro Stations). The programme in 5 BIS schools is based upon the English National Curriculum. These schools are staffed by highly qualified specialists from the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries. Children of 65 nationalities, aged from 3 to 18 years study there. The British International School has been offering the International Baccalaureate and A-level programmes.
Address:  Matrosa Zhelezniaka bulvar, 29A
Metro:  Voikovskaya
Tel:  +7 499 154-4391
Half-day /full-day nursery, primary and secondary school. For children from 2 up to 17 years old. Small groups and classes. Native English-speaking and Russian teachers.
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