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   February 17
Children Venues
Dining Out with Children
Children Calendar / February 17
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17.02.19 Oriental Fairytale
12:00, 15:00. 100 min (with interval). Kuklachev's Cats Theatre presents its new show "Oriental Fairytale" in which the audience will meet a sultan, his beautiful daughter and their cats and two dogs who live at court. The guests will witness a story in which the sultan's daughter gets kidnapped by a rich, insidious and powerful villain. Will the princess get rescued? Will the good win over the evil? The theatre invites kids and adults to witness their new show and find out.
Kuklachev's Cats Theatre  
17.02.19  13:00 The Forgotten Land
Circus performance. 150 min. "The Forgotten Land" will open the door to the mysterious world of childhood memories, experiences, fears and joyful moments. Caught in a never-ending circle of routine tasks, plans and everyday hassle people always forget that the main thing that matters the most in life is family. They often waste their time on meaningless things and fail to notice that their closest ones badly need their attention.
Circus of Dancing Fountains "Aquamarine" 
17.02.19  15:00 The Sandy Tale
Circus performance. The New Year is always associated with magic and fairy tales and kids especially look forward for New Year's holidays. For them and their relatives, the Circus on Prospect Vernadskogo presents its new show "The Sandy Tale". The artists keep the plot of the show a secret, but it's sure to be a kind story full of magic and amazing performance. Will there be a desert? Magical palace of the sultan? Guests will find out, but one thing is clear - it will definitely be quite different from traditional shows devoted to the New Year.
Circus on Prospekt Vernadskogo 
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