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   March 24
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Native English Tutor for kids
Contact: Nick
Posted: 06.03.23
I'm an experienced native English tutor. Currently have free time slots available for private home tutoring during workdays and weekends. I teach all levels. Let's have a conversation if this is what you looking for.
Native English teacher
Contact: Oseh nic
Tel: 8 999 8517156
Posted: 05.03.23
I am a TOEFL qualified British teacher with seven years of experience. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I teach children, teenagers and adults English Language at all levels. use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate level.
French Teacher
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 905 7311052
Posted: 04.03.23
I am a young native French teacher. I have experience in teaching adults and I have a certificate level C2 (TCF) in French. If you want to recover your language skills or improve them contact me I will answer you as soon as possible.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Andrew
Tel: +7 965 2861511
Posted: 03.03.23
I am from England. I have been teaching English in Moscow for 5 years. I have vast experience of teaching adults and university students both general and business English.If you would like to improve your English get in touch.
Business Trainer / General English
Contact: Ian
Tel: +7 915 4910907 (telegram)
Posted: 02.03.23
I am from the UK and have been working in Moscow for several years now. In the UK I worked in business and finance for 10 years; and in Moscow my clients have included large national and international companies, as well as Russian university professors. I am available for classes online.
British English teacher
Contact: William
Tel: +7 925 9317925
Posted: 24.02.23
I am from the UK. I have been teaching English to children and adults for over ten years. I also teach GCSE and A Level Economics and business studies. Do feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.
English and French Teacher.
Contact: Alexandre
Tel: +7 977 7520600
Posted: 23.02.23
I am 25 years old. I am a bilingual teacher with over 6 years of experience working with children, teenagers and even adults teaching them English and French in the most interactive, enjoyable and communicative way. Though only 6 years in the field, I have already taught over 200 students, led a good number of masterclasses in big and popular libraries in Moscow. Being a professional teacher was never my plan but now I can say that it was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I hold several teaching qualifications but I still possess an individual approach when it comes to teaching as from my experience, I strongly believe that teaching should not only be about the language content itself but also about sharing, listening, caring, learning to learn, advising, and to a certain extent socializing. Besides, each learner perceives a language differently so a strong rapport between the learner and his teacher is already a 50% successful lesson. I will be really honored to help your child grow linguistically and even socially.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Julia
Tel: +7 916 2628612
Web: @sketches_of_russian
Posted: 22.02.23
I have 7 years of experience teaching Russian. I teach online and offline. I'm a friendly teacher, I follow students' needs and use interesting educational materials. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are prefererable for classes.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Victoria
Tel: +7 909 6477556
Posted: 20.02.23
I am a dedicated, resourceful and innovative English teacher, with a rich experience of working with kids of ages 3 – 7 years. I communicate exceptionally well with my pupils and their parents in a caring, fun and professional manner. I am currently looking for vacancies in kindergartens.
English Teacher
Contact: Dike Esther
Tel: +7 991 5863473
Posted: 17.02.23
I am a native English teacher living in Moscow, with more than 6 years experience in teaching English as a foreign language, preparing students for IELTS exams and even professional English. I believe learning shouldn’t be a bore and I use play-based methods with kids and for adults, I am skilled at engaging people. I see teaching as a way of enriching others and I bring a lot of talent and experience to your team.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Zaheer
Tel: 8 903 1194124
Posted: 13.02.23
I am a 36 years old with over 6 years teaching experience in Moscow. I have all the necessary books and material to help you not only improve your English but your confidnce too.
Native Spanish Teacher
Contact: Antonio
Tel: +7 926 6235531
Posted: 13.02.23
I'm a native speaker, been teaching and working as a translator for more than 10 years. I'm teaching online lately but I can also come to your place. I've been working with adultas and children (starting from 9 years). I work will all levels os Spanish from 0 to C2. If you have any question, please don't hessite and contact me. You can send me an email or write to my whatsapp/telegram.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Alexander
Tel: +7 916 8732177 (Whatsapp/telegram)
Posted: 02.02.23
I am a 32 year old Native English speaker, from the USA, with over six years of experience teaching English in Moscow. I enjoy teaching all ages at any level. Whether it is to improve your speaking level, grammar, phonetics, or prepare for exams, I can offer an intriguing and enthusiastic learning environment, with a wide variety of educational mediums and materials. I am available both online and offline.
English Language Teacher
Contact: Maxwell
Tel: +7 919 9706474
Posted: 30.01.23
If you are interested in a more communicative, participatory and interactive approach to studying English then contact me for a more interesting English lessons specially structured to your specific need in the usage of the Language. I have over 7 years of teaching English to Russian learners of all ages and levels. Be it business or general English, TOEFL or EGE all at affordable rates.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Flora
Posted: 29.01.23
I am a Native English speaker with about 10 years teaching experience in Moscow, I give lessons to all levels (kids and teenagers). I am looking for either part time classes or a position as a private tutor. I am available to work on Saturday and on Sunday.
Native German Teacher
Contact: Martin
Tel: +7 910 4318080
Posted: 28.01.23
I have over 12 years of experience teaching in Moscow and work with well-known language schools and international companies. I have prepared my students for various exams including Goethe (A1-C1), DT? and ?IF and offer general or business German classes. Classes can be hold in person in Moscow or via Skype or Zoom.
Spanish & English Native Teacher
Contact: Daniel Hernandez
Tel: +7 915 1233773
Posted: 20.01.23
I am a native, professional teacher of Spanish & English, with over 10 years of experience, based in Moscow. I give online or face to face lessons of General or Business Spanish & English (all levels), IELTS, FCE, DELE as well as a Conversational course of Spanish & English for children and adults (starting from the age of 8). If you would like to learn a new language or improve your language skills!, don’t hesitate to contact me. Write to my Whatsapp or e-mail please!
Native French and English Teacher
Contact: Rusty
Tel: +7 915 4001242
Posted: 19.01.23
Native French and English speaking teacher. I have 10+ years of experience working with kids from age 2+ as well as adults. Working with young learners I teach them through games, arts and crafts, sport activities, lego, songs, poems etc. whereas with teenagers I prepare them for various language and university exams (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GMAT, DELF, DALF, Cambridge exams: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). I also teach English and French to adults for business including public speaking. Besides I teach British and American curriculum as well as Science and Maths.
English Native Teacher
Contact: Itay Strokova
Tel: +7 906 7803982
Posted: 18.01.23
I am an experienced English teacher, with teaching experience for more than 12 years. I hold two degrees and a couple of Cambridge certificates (TKT 3 modules, jolly phonics). I teach kids starting from the ages of 3 years, teens and adults. I prepare for Russian OGE и EGE. I am currently looking for a job in schools first part of the day, private students both online and offline within Moscow. Offline I can work in the first part of the day.
Native Teacher/Governess
Contact: Sharon
Tel: +7 909 9186175
Posted: 13.01.23
I am a patient educator with over 3 years experience If you need a fun loving and active English teacher who loves helping children and teen get a better understanding of English Language without being shy or scared I am committed to working with kids and giving them every necessary personal care with fun filled English lesson from large to small groups.
English Teacher
Tel: +7 985 0003628
Posted: 12.01.23
I’m a native speaking English teacher from South Africa with an experience of over 5 years teaching English as a second language to several age groups. I am highly reliable and efficient with my work.
English / Art teacher
Contact: Nataliya
Tel: +7 962 3607569
Posted: 11.01.23
I have a degree in Fine Art and History of Art and it has impact on the way I work in teaching. My professional experience is mostly linked to teaching English and working in childcare. Creative background informs the way I work with children a lot, as I believe that the way information is presented to children can make it easier for them to learn and start speaking freely and confidently without the pressure of getting it right or feeling like they are at school. I also work with adults and teenagers teaching general English as well as more specific aspects, such as History and theory of Art in English or preparing for international exams such as IELTS. I am Russian, however I lived, studied and worked in the UK for 8 years and it influenced the way I work with students - I am able to create an English speaking environment, but, at the same time I can use Russian with Russian-speaking students if they feel more comfortable learning that way. My third language is French, and it does help to know another language to understand and broadcast the mechanics of learning a language in general. Also, as I have experienced both Russian and British education systems, I can give some advice or perspective on that, if the student is interested.
French/English teacher
Contact: Sam
Posted: 08.01.23
I am an experienced female French and English teacher who can work with both adults and children. If you would like to acquire a new language, feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you. Merci!
Native English Teacher for Young Learners
Contact: Natalie
Tel: +7 926 4201211
Posted: 05.01.23
I’m a native English speaking teacher from Toronto, Canada. I have been teaching English in Russia for over 10 years, working at some of the top kindergartens and schools in Moscow. I have a TEFL certificate from the University of Toronto and am working towards my Child Psychology degree, which I will be completing this year. I specialize in working with children as young as 3 years old. I have a proven track record of preparing students with no knowledge of English for entrance exams to international schools in Moscow within one academic year.
French Teacher
Contact: Theo
Posted: 02.01.23
I am a young native French teacher. I have experience in teaching children and adolescents. If you want to recover your language skills or improve them contact me I will answer you as soon as possible.
Native German Tutor
Contact: Marcel
Tel: +7 915 4708788
Posted: 30.12.22
Native German speaking teacher. I have multiple years of experience working with both children and adults. I get my students ready for various tests and exams including DaF. In my classes we play games, do crafts, do sport activities weather permitting. I also teach Maths and Science. Besides, I work with major Russian and international companies teaching Business German.
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