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   September 25
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English Tutor
Contact: Priscilla
Posted: 21.09.20
I am a versatile and detail-oriented English teacher. Affable, dedicated and proactive teacher with great experience. Have spent the last 3 years in Moscow as an English tutor. As an English teacher, I employ innovative means to deliver the subject matter effectively, I also develop a cordial relationship with my students which enables them to approach and have conversations with me. We have discussions only in English, a strategy that boosts the confidence of my students and encourage them to speak more. I believe with my skill set and creative vision it brings out the best in my students.
Contact: Peter Scott
Tel: +7 925 0761830
Posted: 21.09.20
I have studied Russian for over 20 years and have a degree in the language from UCL. I have spent the past nine years living in Moscow. I was first employed as a translator by Yandex, then Russia Today in various roles and currently work at Reuters as a producer. I have also worked as a presenter, correspondent, video editor, interpreter and video journalist during my time here. I am currently looking to explore other opportunities in Moscow. Iím afraid I am not interested in teaching English.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Garth
Posted: 21.09.20
Private Native English Teacher offers you High Quality Results Focused Online English Lessons for Preschool Children from 2.5 years old to 7 years old and for School Children Grades 1 till Grades 11. Also Lessons for Adults are available too. Begin to Learn English, refine your already learned English Skills and Advance your ability to Speak as well as Listening Comprehension, Reading and Wring in English. Additionally, Master English as well as you know the Russian Language and to quickly translate and switch between English and Russian. A bilingual person needs to be able to speak in both languages well. My focus is on English, but I know Russian too navigate students, ability to show they comprehend what they learnt in English in the equivalent Russian. I use rapid speech and repetition to facilitate studentsí ability to speak correctly and think in English. Write me via email and I will than send you my Mobile number. I am from the USA, but I do live in Moscow. Also, if some or all lessons are preferred Face to Face this is possible to arrange too. I look forward to hearing from you and beginning our Lessons for Success on your rapid Mastery of the English Language.
Translator, Editor, Writing Assistant
Contact: Stacie
Posted: 21.09.20
I'm a native speaker from Canada with a double Master's Degree -- Linguistics/Marketing. In Canada, I worked in advertising, in Russia, I teach Business English to corporate clients and freelance as a translator/editor. I'm fluent in Russian. I specialise in literary translations and marketing materials (advertising, press releases, financial texts, business correspondence). I also offer a broad range of hands-on writing assistance -- from guidance on academic papers to help with business correspondence. All work is strictly confidential. Rates are negotiated on a project-to-project basis, depending on project type and terms of collaboration.
English Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Michael
Tel: 8 963 7766381
Posted: 18.09.20
Iím a native English speaker with 4+ years of teaching experience here in Moscow. I was born in KGN, JA and spent some of my early high-school years in NY, USA. Iím currently a masters student in Russia I have a BSc in Physics, I speak and understand Russian very well. Iíve been teaching both individual and groups in several summer-camps, kindergartens, activity-clubs and language schools in and around Moscow. Iíve taught all ages (toddlers ďonly with TPR methodsĒ, pre-teens, teens and adults). Iíve also been preparing students for IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
Online English Language Teacher
Contact: Mary
Posted: 16.09.20
A superb English instructor is offering lessons via Skype and WhatsApp for children and adults of all levels. I have been living in Moscow for quite a few years, therefore I speak Russian. Welcome to my courses!
Russian Tutor
Contact: Alexandra
Tel: +7 916 5125992
Posted: 16.09.20
I am experienced Russian tutor. I am sure that best results can be achieved when the teacherís approach meets the studentís language needs, so if students need reliable skills to be able to talk to their colleagues at the office or friends in an informal situation, their program will be built to develop just that. If you need Russian for business your programm will build in a different way. However, if you are interested to explore the Russian culture and mentality I will only be glad to help you find out more about what makes Russia so special.
Native English Language Teacher
Contact: Alan
Tel: +7 925 9093906
Posted: 15.09.20
Experienced Native English Language Teacher gathering students who need a very qualified teacher to either begin learning or to advance their English skills and ability. I teach adults, children and preschoolers at any level from just beginning, Intermediate or advanced. I have been teaching English here in Moscow for more than a decade. I am enthusiastic about my studentís progress and success. We can have lessons by online learning or in person. Contact me and we can discuss our lessons in detail and have our first lesson.
Theatre Teacher
Contact: Michael Oliver
Tel: +7 923 2863475
Posted: 14.09.20
Award winning British author seeks relocation to Moscow or St. Petersburg from Siberia. Decorated with 15 international theatre awards and 1 very recent Russian state award. As far as I know I am the only British theatre teacher with a Russian state theatre award. One of my youngest students, who is 12, has obtained full time employment with a reputable ballet and opera house and is now included in their f/t repertoire. Close personal contacts include the President of the International Theatre Institute, who I have shared a stage with. I am qualified in producing, directing, and writing plays; lighting design, prop making and building marionettes. I'm primarily seeking offers from theatre schools, or schools that have a theatre course as part of their prodlenka programme.
Native Online English Teacher
Contact: Georgia
Tel: +7 968 4901333
Posted: 14.09.20
I am a native English teacher from the UK with a teaching qualification from Cambridge University. I have worked in many different countries: Russia, France, Spain, UK etc., and with people of all ages and all levels of English. I am offering fun multimedia online lessons with plenty of games, videos, and interactive activities etc. this is not a usual boring Skype lesson. I will also work with you from a certified and well-respected coursebook, as well as using authentic English texts: newspaper articles, blog posts, poems, stories etc. My fee is 2500 RUR an hour, and the first lesson is half price. If you would like more information, or to organise a trial lesson you can contact me.
Result orientated Native English Language Teacher
Contact: Timothy
Tel: +7 926 0215003
Posted: 12.09.20
Everyone can learn and master if they have the right teacher! Master the English language with my methods and technics developed and designed to teach English through speech-based learning. I am an American native English teacher, educated in Psychology, teaching English in Moscow for 20 years. I bring to my classes known functioning of how the mind works and assist students to correct their English mistakes and master their English Language skills to reach any level, from Beginners, Intermediate or Advance. Speaking is the key to knowing English at the highest-level reaching fluency. Through speech, we automatically and habitually know the logical constructions of a language which enable us to bring and develop our other skills of comprehension, writing and reading. If a person speaks poorly, they will write poorly. My method is based on that reading, writing, and listening should all facilitate the studentís speaking skills and ability, instead of the traditional approach focusing exclusively on reading, writing, and listening but fails to deliver speaking. I also take note the mistakes students make who have learned incorrect and speak incorrectly without confidence. My method corrects a studentsí mistakes as well build confident and self-esteem in their progress, result, and proficiency. I have developed my method through 20 years of experience teaching students at every age of life from childhood till elderly. My students range from 1.5 years to 80 + years. I teach school aged children, Preschool children, Adults, Businesspeople of all trades and positions, Managers and CEOís, Retired people, elderly, Schoolchildren, College and University students and even teach mentally impaired with disorders such as autism or down syndrome. Everyone with the right teacher can learn English and master this language. I encourage everyone to try and to succeed! Call me or write me by sms, telegram, whatís App or by phone to arrange to start our first lesson. I teach by either remote or in person, by Zoom, Skype or other means.
Native-Speaker English Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Adrienne
Tel: +7 977 9543763
Posted: 11.09.20
Active, creative female English teacher from the United States with 5+ years of teaching EFL in multiple countries. CELTA certification, Masterís degree in counseling psychology. Working with students age 12 - adults: General English, Business English, training to enter or apply to foreign jobs/universities; exam prep for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE and more. I teach with a sense of humor and an open mind - my primary goal is to help my students feel confident expressing their thoughts and opinions in English. Available afternoons and evenings - interested in working with individuals, schools, and companies. Contact by phone call, SMS, or email.
Spanish Teacher
Contact: Anastasia
Tel: +7 903 5383658
Posted: 10.09.20
Spanish courses. Russian for foreigners. Experienced teacher. 17 years experience. Skype, Zoom or private lessons are possible.
Contact: Mary
Tel: 8 926 5272348
Posted: 07.09.20
Exceptional Instructor - Ph.D., 30 years teaching experience at fine universities and private schools in America and Moscow, seeks exceptional students who want to prepare for entrance to fine private schools and universities abroad.
Native English teacher/Tutor/Translator
Contact: Jay
Tel: +7 915 0851660
Posted: 07.09.20
Iím a native English speaker with 4+ years of teaching experience here in Moscow. I was born in KGN, JA and spent some of my early high-school years in NY, USA. Iím currently doing my PhD in Chemistry as I have a MSc in Chemistry and BSc. in Chemistry and in English-Russian translation. Iíve been teaching both individual and groups in several summer-camps, kindergartens, activity-clubs and language schools in and around Moscow. Iíve taught all ages (toddlers ďonly with TPR methodsĒ, pre-teens, teens and adults). Iíve also been preparing students for IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
Native English Teacher
Contact: NG
Posted: 05.09.20
A native English teacher in Moscow, I've been working with families, Summer camps & schools for more than 10 years. I teach kids and adults. My lessons are fun, interactive with songs,games, targeted vocabulary groups, etc. I am available to work weekends only.
Native Certified Spanish Teacher
Contact: Diego R.
Tel: +7 925 1213566
Posted: 03.09.20
I'm a native Spanish speaker and been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for many years for young school students, university and companies such as: Pepsico, Scania, Audi, Samsung, Four Seasons hotel among others. I also speak fluent English. Offering: Spanish for everybody and all levels, flexible schedule, intensive academic program, conversation club.
English Tutor (Online)
Contact: Kenny Tom
Tel: 8 977 3038578
Posted: 03.09.20
Good day, I am a native English speaker and an experienced tutor (Skype inclusive). I have attended outstanding schools with British curriculum for over 12 years. I have lived in the UK, as well as ran a foundation in Medicine at University of Durham UK before I changed location. I also have an additional certificate in tourism with English language.I offer diverse and comfortable techniques to clients; the list is long: recorded classes, picture demonstration, interactive classes, audio-visual lessons etc. A full package of well standardized, classical and assimilative English scheme. I run a Skype group consisting of 5-7 students and have vast experience with students of different age groups. I run a collection of rigorous plans for students preparing for examinations, international examinations are also included (I have written TOEFL). Major objective is to aid interacting, mastering and preparation of the student for any exam in English language. Lessons are conducted based on individual program and I believe in boosting the student's self- esteem. I particularly concentrate on pronunciation, vocabulary, formal essays. I would be glad to work with you and I promise you tremendous result, which includes great command of English language within a short time.
English Teacher
Contact: Bryce
Tel: +7 925 7894483 (messenger)
Posted: 02.09.20
I am from Canada and have been teaching English in Russia for more than 6 years. With a B.A. Degree in Journalism and CELTA certification, I have been working with adults, teenagers and young learners in a Business and General English context; individual and groups. Other contexts include speaking clubs, skills development and exam preparation (ie. CAE, CPE, SSAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS, GMAT, GRE, Russian State exams and entrance exams for private schools abroad, etc). Use of different student-based methods to introduce different aspects of language. Corporate clients include Sberbank, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lukoil, Svyaznoy, Beeline, Oracle, Yandex, Zarubezhneft and the Central Bank, among others, as well as VIP clients. Levels are beginner to advanced.
English Teacher
Contact: Maggie
Tel: +7 977 8955880
Posted: 01.09.20
I am a friendly English teacher from Canada. I am a TEFL certified teacher and have been teaching in Moscow for 12 years. I have a degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia. I have experience in teaching English to both adults and children. I have worked with adults individually and in group lessons from leading Russian and international companies including Gazprom, Gazprombank, BP, Clarins, Loreal Group, Bank Zenit, and many other companies. I am able to teach all levels starting from general English to preparation for examinations such as English - Preliminary English Test, English - Key English Test, English - Certificate in Advanced English, English - First Certificate in English, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and IELTS. I can also prepare adults for business presentations and writing reports. With my Masters Degree in Politics from MGIMO, I have a deep knowledge of foreign relations, business, economics, oil and gas and information/technology sectors. For children I can prepare them to enter British and American schools as well as tutor in school subjects like Science, Math, history. I make my lessons interesting and entertaining as well as effective, with many substantial results. I focus on the areas my students need to improve and on pronunciation when necessary. As far as methodology is concerned, I base my teaching material mainly on Oxford and Cambridge publications with supplements from newspaper articles, and video clips. My experience with teaching has shown me that every student is different. We all learn in different ways, and I am very happy to work with you to find the best way for you to learn. I think an important part of learning is to have fun and enjoy the lessons. My strength in teaching English is that I am able to evaluate and understand a studentís needs and goals. I then develop a specific program for each student, according to their individual needs. I also offer online lessons through Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom. In addition, I speak Russian fluently, which is a great asset for teaching English to beginners and pre-intermediates.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Tom
Tel: +7 916 2817986
Posted: 01.09.20
I am a Native English Tutor with over six years experience. I have been working with private students of different age groups. I also worked in schools. The students I teach, show quick improvement in whatever aspect of English they had problems. They improve in communication and speaking skills. I intensively teach English grammar, vocabulary and writing.
Native French Teacher
Contact: Cédric
Tel: +7 991 9408608
Posted: 30.08.20
Graduated of Psychology/Pedadogy, I've been teaching French for 11 years. Used to work with Russians. All levels and ages. My approach is focused on the individual needs of each student. I take pleasure to improve level and reach goals of each student. DELF/DALF preparation. Offline/Online courses. Russian speaker.
Online English Conversation Tutor
Contact: Karina
Posted: 27.08.20
I am an undergraduate student at University College of London studying English Literature. I am fluent in English and Russian and can refine your spoken language for interviews and oral exams. I am also skilled in essay writing, and can help with the grammar, structure, and content of your work.
English Teacher
Contact: Robier
Tel: +7 977 1095851
Posted: 27.08.20
I am a young English teacher based in Moscow, I will be glad to help you improve your conversational skills and make you speak English with more confidence. Why to learn English?! English is one of the most important languages in the Globe. With English you can get a well-paid job in international or multinational companies. English is important during your trips abroad and can help you in different situations. Why to choose me as your English Teacher?! I have a personal goal to help Russians to speak English well. I had been studying English in a language school for more than 12 years. I received EF Set certificate for English proficiency with C2 level. I use professional materials to help you reach your goal easier. I am teaching all levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Advanced, and I also teach ęBusiness EnglishĽ with its different levels. Affordable prices for everyone.
English Tutor
Contact: Nataliya
Tel: +7 962 3607569
Posted: 23.08.20
I started working in teaching and caring during the time I was studying at art school in London. I did some part-time private tutoring in English, Art and History of Art, working mostly with children (ages 2-15) in Russian-speaking families. I had a great experience working with young children as well as tutoring teenagers on more specific and practical matters such as Art Theory, video and photo editing and preparing portfolio for Art School. After finishing University I moved back to Moscow, where I continued working as a private tutor with families in Moscow and Moscow region as a nanny, governess and also giving English and Art lessons to children and adults.
13+, UKISET, ISEB British Tutor
Contact: Milo
Tel: +7 926 9395356 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 18.08.20
I am from London and live in Moscow. I work as a private tutor, tutoring English for competitive entrance exams for top boarding schools in the UK. I have a degree in History from the University of Leeds and over 5 experience tutoring for tough exams to the very best schools.
Customer Service Coach
Contact: Anna
Tel: +7 969 2814778 (watsapp/telegram)
Posted: 16.08.20
I am Russian who has a British and New Zealand education. Have been living in New Zealand since 2002. Currently based in Moscow. Experienced in educational, compliance and sales sectors. I can help you improve your customer service skills by sharing my knowledge and skills gained overseas. Let's connect and have a chat.
English Tutor
Contact: Anthony
Tel: +7 929 9760858 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 14.08.20
An attentive experienced teacher with years of experience working with kids, teenagers and adults. A Children's Book author. I consider my greatest strength to be in designing interesting lesson plan on case to case basis. Available for online lessons via Skype or Zoom.
Online English - General & Business, with Native Speaker
Contact: Victor Romain
Tel: +49 15252618566 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 09.08.20
I'm from London, and I speak Russian. I offer stimulating, interactive online courses in general and business English - either via Zoom or Skype. I have 27 years of experience. Interested? Then let´s talk to each other, and work it out.
Native English Teacher
Contact: James
Posted: 09.08.20
I am an English teacher from England currently living in Moscow. I have a degree in English Language and a respected TEFL certification. I have experience teaching all ages and all language abilities (A1-C2 CEFR level). I teach through immersion, so only English is used during the lessons. I can help you improve your general language skills or help you pass a standardised English language exam. I teach one-on-one or groups using Zoom. Prices are negotiable.
British Native Teacher
Contact: Darren Giles
Tel: +7 915 4199626
Posted: 05.08.20
I'm an English teacher with 5 years experience and hold a TEFL qualification. I teach all age groups from beginners to advanced. I'm available weekends and have some availability on weekday evenings.
Maths Tutor
Contact: Sergio
Tel: 8 916 2505875
Posted: 04.08.20
I have been working as a Maths tutor for 12 years & have a tremendous experience with children 9 - 18 years old (KS2 - KS5). You can find my pupils as students of 7 Oaks, Oundle, Charter House, Winchester, Westminster, St. Paul, Dulwich, City of London, Ton Bridge, High Gates, Latymer, Marlborough & many others. I provide a support with preparation for CE (level 3 & 2), IGCSE/ GCSE/ Add Maths (Edexcel, OCR & Cambridge) & IB/ A-Level/ Pre-U (HL, SL, Edexcel & Cambridge). Preferring face-to-face lessons I have a worldwide net of pupils in Russian Federation, Ukraine, EU (UK, Germany, Spain & Italy) & USA via online.
ESL Teacher
Contact: Alla
Tel: +1 9192152405
Posted: 03.08.20
I am a certified ESL teacher in the U.S.A. I was born and educated in the USSR. I have a BA in Linguistics. I am interested in teaching English in Russia. I have over 15 years of experience teaching in public schools in the U.S.A.
German Language Native Teacher/Coach
Contact: Stefan
Posted: 03.08.20
I provide the possibility to learn German and other languages for people with a very tight schedule. Other that a language course I give all the knowledge to use it practically to the clients. We achieve that in a very short period of time, without any writing, homework and without trying to remember. My clients learn the language, like they learned there very own and that makes the process stress and pressure free.†You can pair up - If you learn together with your spouse or a friend it will be even more fun and will go faster too!
French Teacher
Contact: Lisa
Tel: +7 926 7380058
Posted: 29.07.20
I am a young French teacher, Russian speaker. I have 9 years of teaching experience for all levels and ages. My educational approach is focused on the individual† needs of each student. Special programme for young children from 2,5 years old based on games, songs etc. Working with young children for almost 9 years, I elaborated my own method, based on early childhood development, including physical development and psychological growth. DELF/DALF preparation. Skype lessons.
Remote Tutoring in Russian and in English
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 906 0377975
Posted: 23.07.20
Experienced teacher of several school subjects offers different tutoring of preschool and school subjects, basic training of IT program coding in Russian and in English for children and adults during remote lessons.
Native English Teacher (online/offline)
Contact: Sara
Tel: +7 961 5384652 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 23.07.20
General or Business English lessons with a CELTA qualified teacher from London, UK. I have an MA in Translation from the University of Bristol and I'm fluent in 4 languages: English, French, Italian and Russian! I focus on improving students' conversation skills and fluency through the communicative method. I use modern textbooks, newspaper articles and videos to build grammar and vocabulary skills. Lessons are customized according to the individual's goals and interests.
Native ESL Tutor
Contact: Maria
Tel: +61 450614423 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 16.07.20
Fun, engaging lessons for kids that use a curriculum but are interactive with songs, games, creative writing, grammar excersises and targeted vocabulary groups. Adult classes focused on your specific needs and with speaking proficiency as the main goal, using a wide range of textbooks that I provide. I have a TEFL certification, eight years experience and have worked both with groups and one-on-one. I also teach online with a 5-star average from my students. Currently based in Moscow, Australian.
English Teacher
Contact: Alex
Tel: +7 909 6430516
Posted: 15.07.20
I'm a 32-year-old American living and working here in Moscow for over 8 years. I have experience working with children and adults. Different levels. I'm a linguist and currently working for two major languages centers here. I am also working as a private tutor in a family. My CV and all the references can be sent upon request.
Native English Teacher/Tutor
Contact: John
Tel: +7 978 9575186
Posted: 14.07.20
I have 8 years experience working with Russian students, and worked recently in an International English School in Moscow. I teach all ages, including all major exams and business English.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Jay
Posted: 09.07.20
Native speaker from the UK, Manchester, with 10 years of teaching experience. No matter your level of English, I can have you improve. My lessons are conducted online at the comfort of your home or office via any convenient chat mediums (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail live, etc,) that suit you.
Contact: Vladimir
Tel: +7 926 2387014
Posted: 08.07.20
I've been working with expat families for more than 7 years. I find a personal pleasure in making you time in Russia comfortable and helping you to fall in love with this country.
English Lessons (Online or Face to Face)
Contact: Pierre
Tel: +7 926 5766483
Posted: 06.07.20
English teacher from the US living in Moscow region. I have nine years of teaching experience, TEFL certified, from beginner to C1 level, students of all ages, I've also taught KET and PET prep., ILETS and B2 First.
PA and Driver
Contact: Dennis
Tel: +7 925 1030789
Posted: 04.07.20
Russian national, 40, diverse experience in a number of sectors in admin roles and sales with multinational companies. Natural-born driver in addition, so you could find use of the skill. Reside in Odintsovo. Resume with details on request.
Professonal Proofreading & Editing
Contact: Indiana
Tel: +7 926 4770472 (Viber)
Posted: 03.07.20
We are a professional proofreader and copyeditor couple. Our services are perfect for: academic projects, scientific research works, thesis dissertations, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, website content, book manuscripts, business emails. We can help you and heavily edit your job and study applications, LinkedIn profile, resumes, cover letter that lacks flow, clarity, persuasive edge, and contains grammatical errors (or even ESL writing). We offer a final check and tidy-up before launching your document to the world. We copyedit your text plus polish your language to make it shine! Our services include: extensive editing for language and style; correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word use errors; improve sentences that sound awkward or unnatural. We won't be satisfied until we've made your project both unique and exceptional. We love what I do, and we promise you'll see that passion in every word. Contact us for custom offers and any questions.
English Language Teacher
Contact: Mary Ann
Posted: 03.07.20
Online lessons of English via WhatsApp and Skype. All levels and age groups. I have TEFL certificate from IH London and many consecutive years of teaching experience with excellent references. Please write to my email with your phone numbers. I charge 2500 RUR per one academic hour.
Native French Teacher
Contact: Alexis
Tel: 8 967 1531145
Posted: 01.07.20
Online lessons via Skype, WhatsApp. I am a French teacher who's giving lessons to expat children or teenagers who have to check their levels and want to study or pass diploma(s), DELF. Negotiable prices for summer.
English Tutor/Teacher
Contact: Joe
Tel: +7 925 1659766
Posted: 29.06.20
I am 25-year-old man from England, I have been teaching for 4 years, 3 in Moscow. I have a lot of experience tutoring students privately. I recognise that each child is different and each situation needs to be approached differently. I make sure to cater all exercises and activities to the childís level and to what they enjoy. I like to make lessons feel like adventures, I encourage children to learn outside of the box. Not only can I teach in a fun interactive manner but I have a lot of experience in formal classroom settings or tutoring to specific goals. I have experience in Russian classrooms teaching numerous topics. I understand how the British and Russian systems can differ and how best to navigate those differences. I have helped students gain access to private schools in England & Russia, as well as university admission and British citizenship. If you have a specific goal in mind, I can hit that! As a person, I have very basic interests. I play sports, (I am 194cm and I can dunk a basketball), I read and I write.
Editor, US Teacher/Tutor of English & Maths-in-English
Contact: George Dole
Tel: +7 926 8137847 (WhatsApp)
Web: YouTube:George William Dole
Posted: 26.06.20
Iím an Algebra/ESL English teacher from Los Angeles, US. Iíve taught English and Maths in Moscow since 2006. Iíve a ďVid Na JitelsvoeĒ permit. From 9:00-14:00 I teach English and Maths at an English Immersion Preschool. From 14:00-20:00 I tutor English and Maths to children 4-17 and adults 18-64+ years old. My Mission Statement is, "People read words, excellent musicians read music, and my clients can read and understand most phrasal verbs almost instantly". I teach Russians from 4 to 64+ to have a much stronger command of English's 4,000+ Phrasal Verbs(Macmillan) in 30 to 50 academic hours. How I teach English and Maths to children 8-17 and adults 18+ is to combine Bloomís Taxonomy and Communicative methodologies. In ???'s MBA triangle of Effective-Efficient-Inexpensive consumer qualities Iím only Effective-Efficient and not expensive. I taught group lessons to Russian and International companies including Sberbank, Chevron, Nike, and many others. Another specialty of mine is train clients to earn high TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, SAT, and other English exam scores. With my Masters Degree in International Relations/Quantitative Analysis, I have a thorough understanding of Foreign Relations, Economics, and IT. I also prepare children to enter BIS and AAS schools. I train Accent Correction for several Russian Pop and Jazz singers. My lessons are entertaining yet effective. I can supplement any textbook with 15-18 minute TED Talk videos and scripts you like. For online classes I use Skype, Zoom and programs. For questions please call or text me on WhatsApp.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Stella Damascus
Tel: +7 926 7444863
Posted: 26.06.20
A TEFL qualified British teacher with five years of experience. I offer lessons online/offline with total flexibility. All levels and ages welcome. Extensive experience in schools, companies and private students. I use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. I offer special tuition on Business English, Conversation lessons, Visa Interview practice, Presentation practices, General and Exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
A1-B1 Level Teacher
Contact: Freda
Tel: 8 969 2834989
Posted: 23.06.20
Online and onsite experienced for 7 years in total. Delta, Tefl, TKT, IELTS deep experienced with deep immersion in multicultural learners aware of ethic and culture issues. I trouble shoot language problem as I am specialized in linguistic. I increased the revenue of the schools up to 300,000 rubles per month as a teacher. I have unique creativity in teaching not just fill in the blanks. I teach from the heart.
Office Manager/PA/Sales Administrator
Contact: Olga
Tel: +7 905 7790331
Posted: 22.06.20
I am a Russian woman, Moscovite, have a diversified administrative work experience in the international environment both in Moscow & abroad, established office from scratch, opened accounts in the bank, worked in a bank-client, making payments for the office, worked in SAP & Salesforce, generating quotations & forecasts reports, took care about the office budget, concluded contracts with the suppliers & lanlords, translated different type of documents including contracts & technical documentation.
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