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   July 10
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English Lessons (Online or Face to Face)
Contact: Pierre
Tel: +7 926 5766483
Posted: 06.07.20
English teacher from the US living in Moscow region. I have nine years of teaching experience, TEFL certified, from beginner to C1 level, students of all ages, I've also taught KET and PET prep., ILETS and B2 First.
PA and Driver
Contact: Dennis
Tel: +7 925 1030789
Posted: 04.07.20
Russian national, 40, diverse experience in a number of sectors in admin roles and sales with multinational companies. Natural-born driver in addition, so you could find use of the skill. Reside in Odintsovo. Resume with details on request.
Professonal Proofreading & Editing
Contact: Indiana
Tel: +7 926 4770472 (Viber)
Posted: 03.07.20
We are a professional proofreader and copyeditor couple. Our services are perfect for: academic projects, scientific research works, thesis dissertations, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, website content, book manuscripts, business emails. We can help you and heavily edit your job and study applications, LinkedIn profile, resumes, cover letter that lacks flow, clarity, persuasive edge, and contains grammatical errors (or even ESL writing). We offer a final check and tidy-up before launching your document to the world. We copyedit your text plus polish your language to make it shine! Our services include: extensive editing for language and style; correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word use errors; improve sentences that sound awkward or unnatural. We won't be satisfied until we've made your project both unique and exceptional. We love what I do, and we promise you'll see that passion in every word. Contact us for custom offers and any questions.
English Language Teacher
Contact: Mary Ann
Posted: 03.07.20
Online lessons of English via WhatsApp and Skype. All levels and age groups. I have TEFL certificate from IH London and many consecutive years of teaching experience with excellent references. Please write to my email with your phone numbers. I charge 2500 RUR per one academic hour.
Native French Teacher
Contact: Alexis
Tel: 8 967 1531145
Posted: 01.07.20
Online lessons via Skype, WhatsApp. I am a French teacher who's giving lessons to expat children or teenagers who have to check their levels and want to study or pass diploma(s), DELF. Negotiable prices for summer.
English Tutor/Teacher
Contact: Joe
Tel: +7 925 1659766
Posted: 29.06.20
I am 25-year-old man from England, I have been teaching for 4 years, 3 in Moscow. I have a lot of experience tutoring students privately. I recognise that each child is different and each situation needs to be approached differently. I make sure to cater all exercises and activities to the childís level and to what they enjoy. I like to make lessons feel like adventures, I encourage children to learn outside of the box. Not only can I teach in a fun interactive manner but I have a lot of experience in formal classroom settings or tutoring to specific goals. I have experience in Russian classrooms teaching numerous topics. I understand how the British and Russian systems can differ and how best to navigate those differences. I have helped students gain access to private schools in England & Russia, as well as university admission and British citizenship. If you have a specific goal in mind, I can hit that! As a person, I have very basic interests. I play sports, (I am 194cm and I can dunk a basketball), I read and I write.
Editor, US Teacher/Tutor of English & Maths-in-English
Contact: George Dole
Tel: +7 926 8137847 (WhatsApp)
Web: YouTube:George William Dole
Posted: 26.06.20
Iím an Algebra/ESL English teacher from Los Angeles, US. Iíve taught English and Maths in Moscow since 2006. Iíve a ďVid Na JitelsvoeĒ permit. From 9:00-14:00 I teach English and Maths at an English Immersion Preschool. From 14:00-20:00 I tutor English and Maths to children 4-17 and adults 18-64+ years old. My Mission Statement is, "People read words, excellent musicians read music, and my clients can read and understand most phrasal verbs almost instantly". I teach Russians from 4 to 64+ to have a much stronger command of English's 4,000+ Phrasal Verbs(Macmillan) in 30 to 50 academic hours. How I teach English and Maths to children 8-17 and adults 18+ is to combine Bloomís Taxonomy and Communicative methodologies. In ???'s MBA triangle of Effective-Efficient-Inexpensive consumer qualities Iím only Effective-Efficient and not expensive. I taught group lessons to Russian and International companies including Sberbank, Chevron, Nike, and many others. Another specialty of mine is train clients to earn high TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, SAT, and other English exam scores. With my Masters Degree in International Relations/Quantitative Analysis, I have a thorough understanding of Foreign Relations, Economics, and IT. I also prepare children to enter BIS and AAS schools. I train Accent Correction for several Russian Pop and Jazz singers. My lessons are entertaining yet effective. I can supplement any textbook with 15-18 minute TED Talk videos and scripts you like. For online classes I use Skype, Zoom and programs. For questions please call or text me on WhatsApp.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Stella Damascus
Tel: +7 926 7444863
Posted: 26.06.20
A TEFL qualified British teacher with five years of experience. I offer lessons online/offline with total flexibility. All levels and ages welcome. Extensive experience in schools, companies and private students. I use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. I offer special tuition on Business English, Conversation lessons, Visa Interview practice, Presentation practices, General and Exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
A1-B1 Level Teacher
Contact: Freda
Tel: 8 969 2834989
Posted: 23.06.20
Online and onsite experienced for 7 years in total. Delta, Tefl, TKT, IELTS deep experienced with deep immersion in multicultural learners aware of ethic and culture issues. I trouble shoot language problem as I am specialized in linguistic. I increased the revenue of the schools up to 300,000 rubles per month as a teacher. I have unique creativity in teaching not just fill in the blanks. I teach from the heart.
Office Manager/PA/Sales Administrator
Contact: Olga
Tel: +7 905 7790331
Posted: 22.06.20
I am a Russian woman, Moscovite, have a diversified administrative work experience in the international environment both in Moscow & abroad, established office from scratch, opened accounts in the bank, worked in a bank-client, making payments for the office, worked in SAP & Salesforce, generating quotations & forecasts reports, took care about the office budget, concluded contracts with the suppliers & lanlords, translated different type of documents including contracts & technical documentation.
Zoom English
Contact: Greg
Tel: +7 977 2996316
Posted: 19.06.20
I come from Los Angeles. I have experience working at a Californian High School as a teacher of British and American Literature. I speak fluent Russian and I am obsessed with Russian culture. What else? I have worked with companies like Yandex, and the Russian National Football Team (extra proud of the last one). I worked with Brandon Stanton, the founder of Humans of New York. I am into yoga, languages and playing guitar. I would love to be your conversational partner on Zoom so you can perfect you Ingles. I look forward to new students in this post-rona world. P.S. I have prepared students for exams like TOEFL, IELTS and the SAT. My students have gotten accepted to Harvard, Stanford and MIT.
Effective English Teacher for General and Business English & Exam Prep
Contact: Samantha
Tel: +7 985 4500753 (WhatsApp only)
Posted: 19.06.20
I am an engaging, interesting and effective English teacher from the USA with over a decadeís worth of experience teaching general and business English, as well as IELTS and CAE preparation to adults in Russia. My qualifications include CELTA training, MA training in foreign language education with an emphasis in ESL and a BA in political science and Russian language. I particularly enjoy teaching English for marketing, ecommerce, organizational development, urban planning, and travel and tourism. My personal interests include lifestyle and fitness, cultural and history topics, as well as general business. I take a personalized approach and use a results-oriented, communicative and multifaceted methodology. Your lesson materials and program are customized based on your needs, goals, interests and learning style. If you are in a particular academic program or working in a specific professional industry, I use relevant articles, recorded audio dialogues and/or short videos (TED talks for example) from which we have reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar exercises, as well as several series of discussion questions. This keeps your lessons meaningful and in-context. In each lesson, we work to simultaneously improve your grammar and vocabulary while you speak. I strive to keep my speaking to a minimum, only guiding and providing details when necessary, so you are speaking most of the time. I generally supplement your lesson materials with appropriate grammar or written exercises for your homework. Skype and Zoom lessons only. Free consultation and assessment. Proofreading, copyediting and copywriting services available as well.
Contact: Peter Scott
Tel: +7 925 0761830
Posted: 18.06.20
I have studied Russian for over 20 years and have a degree in the language from UCL. I have spent the past nine years living in Moscow. I was first employed as a translator by Yandex, then Russia Today as a in various roles and currently Reuters as a producer. I have also worked as a presenter, correspondent, video editor, interpreter and video journalist. I am currently looking to explore other opportunities in Moscow. Iím afraid I am not interested in teaching English.
English and French Native Speaker / Tutor / Governess / Teacher
Contact: Ellen
Tel: +7 916 1223300
Posted: 08.06.20
Iím from Belgium. My mother tongue is English, then French. I live in Russia since 2012, have been teaching children (0-18) and adults for 8 years. I have taught in kindergartens and worked with private VIP families as a governess (English/French/both). My approach to each and every student is unique. I make the learning process fun, I tailor to each students needs, my aim is to enrich students vocabulary and grammar, while making the entire process of learning fun, as a game. I am a very positive and energetic 30 year old young woman, I connect easily with all my students of all ages. I can teach and help out with homework and all school subjects too. Contact me through WhatsApp or email.
Native English Teacher
Contact: James
Tel: +7 980 0984327
Posted: 03.06.20
I am a degree-educated, TEFL-certified English teacher from England currently living in Moscow. I have experience teaching children and teenagers, but can teach any age (A2-C1 CERF Level preferred). I teach through immersion (no Russian). I can use Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber to teach.
American English & Maths Certified Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Robert
Tel: +7 903 5441441
Posted: 28.05.20
Iím an American Native English Speaking English and Maths certified teacher from New York City. I have lived and taught English in Moscow full-time since 2014. I can effectively teach children and adults online English and Maths classes using either Skype or Zoom. One of my major teaching specialties is training Russians to earn high scores in American Standardized Exams in English such as TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, and GRE. I also have extensive experience as a tutor for Russian children from 4 to 18 years old. In all my classes I incorporate Blooms Taxonomy of 6 levels of learning(Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation) to improve my clientís English usage level to a higher level. If you have any questions for me please donít hesitate to call me during normal working hours Mon to Sat.
Summer English Lessons for Students and Workers
Contact: Joe
Posted: 27.05.20
An experienced Native English Teacher in Moscow. Ready for you this summer holidays with your English grammar lessons, vocabulary knowledge and lexical structure. My lessons are open to students, workers who want to improve their knowledge and experience in conversation and dialogue. I have 3 yearsí experience in teaching both at elementary and higher education levels. My lessons use current Oxford English materials and offer English grammar teaching services using Cambridge assessment techniques.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Jesse
Posted: 27.05.20
I'm a 29-year-old, male, native-speaking English teacher from the U.S. I have a masterís degree in English, TEFL certification, and Iíve been teaching English in Moscow for 5 years, building communication skills through fun and engaging lessons. I teach all ages in general courses, conversation practice, and exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL). I also teach writing courses and have experience working as a college composition lecturer and writing consultant in the States.
General and Business English Native Teacher
Contact: Alex
Posted: 26.05.20
English for Special Purpose (ESP) native teacher offers intensive general and business English courses for leading Russian companies and top-managers in banking, leasing, insurance, consulting, construction, oil&gas, management, legal practise, business negotiations, financial markets, manufacturing etc. Customised programmes. Fast and maximum results guaranteed.
Online English Language Teacher
Contact: Max
Tel: 8 919 9706474
Posted: 25.05.20
A well experienced English language Teacher is available to offer teaching and learning services privately or virtually to interested persons of all ages. Lessons are fun and highly informative. With over 10 years of teaching English experience, a PhD in Teaching & Research plus a CELTA; lessons are always an amazing moment. Major teaching approaches are communicative, interactive, participatory and exclusively student-centered. Email or WhatsApp for a wonderful learning experience.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Olga
Posted: 24.05.20
I am an experienced teacher of Moscow State University with more than 25 years of teaching experience. I teach using my own program and my own textbook. Any levels are possible: from elementary to business. I also help in passing the test of Russian (TRKI test).
EFL Teacher / Individual English Tutor
Contact: Adrienne
Tel: +7 977 9543763
Posted: 20.05.20
Native speaker, American woman, energetic and creative. CELTA, Master's Degree, 5 years of English teaching experience in Russia, Korea, and Argentina. Background in mental health counseling and psychology. Specialize in adolescents, but love working with all ages. TOEFL, IELTS, and FCE prep. Looking for in-person work throughout Moscow in the summer and for the academic year.
English Tutor
Contact: Andrew
Tel: +7 965 2861511
Posted: 19.05.20
I am a native English teacher from England. I have 5 years experience of teaching English as a second language in Moscow at some of the biggest companies. I currently have some free time to teach more students from home via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. I will be here for the foreseeable future so when quarantine is finally over we could move on to face to face lessons. Feel free to contact me via: WhatsApp: +7 965 2861511, Skype: andrewkeen777.
English Tutor
Contact: Fred
Tel: +7 977 7199104
Posted: 19.05.20
I'm Native English Teacher in Moscow. Smart gentleman, open to students, with knowledge and experience in teaching and learning. I have 6 yearsí experience in teaching both at elementary and higher education levels. I teach preschoolers in groups of 4-8 children using appropriate pedagogical methodologies as well as with role play. I use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. With Adults, I offer special tuition on Business English, Conversation lessons, Visa Interview practice, Presentation practices, General and Exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Svetlana
Tel: +7 965 1823778
Posted: 18.05.20
I offer dynamic classes of the Russian language that will keep you interested in learning the subject. I speak English and Portugues as foreign languages. 7+ years of experience as a Russian teacher. A lot of positive feedback from my students.
English Native Teacher
Contact: Itayka
Tel: +7 906 7803982
Posted: 17.05.20
Are you looking for an online Cambridge certified teacher? Then I am your best option. I'm a highly professional native English teacher from South Africa. I have great experience teaching English to pre-schoolers, schoolers and adults in Moscow. I use natural acquisition of language through immersion into total English environment. I help my young learners and students to pass different English exams and prepare them to get admission to their desired educational institution. I am currently offering online lessons so please feel free to write me.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Olga
Posted: 11.05.20
Effective and dynamic Russian on-line classes tailored to your needs. Communicative approach. Reaching your language goal is my priority. I am a graduate of Moscow Linguistic University with 15 years experience in teaching languages. Native Russian speaker, advanced in English and French.
Contact: Luke Simpson
Tel: +7 981 1654928
Posted: 08.05.20
A native speaking and qualified English teacher with 10 years of experience teaching English to students of all ages and ability levels. Experience includes teaching according to U.K Cambridge and IB curriculums, and teaching students attending international and private schools in Moscow, St Petersburg and abroad.
Online Teacher
Contact: Mark
Tel: +7 905 7056334
Posted: 29.04.20
I am TEFL qualified teacher. I am a PGCE qualified teacher. I have been teaching online for three months and will build a rapport with you and I will make lessons fun for you. Rate is negotiable. I can teach children and adults.
English Teacher
Contact: Bryce
Tel: 8 925 7894483 (messengers)
Posted: 27.04.20
Iím a CELTA-certified English Teacher from Canada. I have 5 years experience teaching English to adults, teenagers and young learners in a Business and General English context while in Russia; individual and groups. Other contexts include conducting speaking clubs, and skills development such as interview preparation and presentations. Also, exam preparation which includes CPE, CAE, SAT, SSAT, TOEFL, BULATS and IELTS among others. Use of various methods to introduce aspects of language; games, role-plays, contests, everyday situations, etc. Corporate clients have included Sberbank, Svyaznoy, Oracle, Rosatom, Yandex, Johnson and Johnson, among others. In addition to this, have worked with VIP families.
Native Certified Spanish Teacher
Contact: Diego R.
Tel: +7 925 1213566
Posted: 24.04.20
I'm a native Spanish speaker and been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for many years for young students, university and companies such as: Pepsico, Fourseasons Hotel, Scania,Audi, Samsumg among others. Also speak fluent English. Offering: Spanish for everybody and all levels; flexible schedule; intensive academic program; conversation club. Special price for Quarantine time.
English Tutor
Contact: George Mills
Tel: +44 7837523219
Posted: 20.04.20
I am a CELTA qualified graduate of University College London. I have experience teaching English with both children and adults. I live in Oxford and I can provide Skype/Zoom lessons. I also speak Russian and French.
English Teacher
Contact: Lara
Posted: 20.04.20
I am a certified and highly-qualified teacher of English with a linguistic background. I am offering General and conversational English language courses to people of all ages and backgrounds. Given today's situation, online lessons are possible.
English Lessons with native speaker
Contact: Mike Scott
Tel: +7 963 6310552
Posted: 16.04.20
US and UK Citizen (educated in both countries, however my accent is American). Fluent in Russian. I teach general and business English to adults and teenagers (individuals and groups). I've prepared students for the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE. EGE and BEC exams. At the present time I'm using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp to teach due to the current restrictions associated with the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Primary & Middle School Teacher
Contact: Julia
Tel: +7 985 5360236
Posted: 16.04.20
I am looking for a position at an international school in Moscow for the 2020-2021 school year. I am a US licensed teacher with a dual citizenship, USA and Russia. My background is an education degree with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience, including 5 in the USA. I am a holder of Florida teaching license in 4 subject areas with ESOL and Gifted endorsements. Additionally I have earned an ASU TESOL ceritificate and received other relevant trainings. Moreover, during my career I have had experience leading the team of teachers as well. I would like to provide a detailed resume upon request as it can't be attached here. Please contact me via email as I may be unable to pick up the phone at all times. Feel free to add me on whatsapp/viber.
Professional American English Teacher & Business Trainer
Contact: Bill McMains
Tel: +7 966 1647046
Posted: 12.04.20
I hope everyone is happy & healthy during this difficult time. I wanted to offer my services, as a professional English teacher & business trainer to those stuck at home and wanting to use the time to better themselves and their skills! I am a former lawyer and headhunter turned English teacher/business trainer with 10+ years exeprience in China, Thailand, Turkey & Russia, working with students of all ages and levels. I teach groups and individuals, and have a conversational approach, with a variety of methods and materials, a flexible schedule, reasonable rates and am available via any online platform (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.). If youíd like a free consultation and more details send me a message via e-mail or WhatsApp/Telegram. Stay safe and keep learning!
Native French/English Teacher
Contact: Rusty
Tel: +7 915 4001242 (whatsapp)
Posted: 08.04.20
Online classes. TEFL certified, trained to teach both kids and adults. 10+ years of teaching English and French. Strengthen studentsí speaking, listening, reading, grammar and writing skills through strategies that allow them to practice and grow their skills within a nurturing environment. Teach Math, Science, Business Language and Public Speaking. Prepare for language and university exams (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GMAT, Cambridge exams). P.S.: I speak Russian.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Morgy
Tel: +7 909 6426933
Posted: 07.04.20
Are you looking to homeschool your kids? Online or at home? I am a native of Georgia, Atlanta, grew up in Brighton UK. Iím 26 years old. A bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of North Dakota, Masters degree in International Law from a university in Russia. Currently a PhD student in Moscow, with over 3 years experience teaching kids and working in several summer camps / kindergartens for kids around Moscow region.
Teacher of English and Spanish
Contact: Mara
Tel: +7 987 1541770
Posted: 06.04.20
I'm a TEFL-certified English teacher and fluent Spanish speaker with over four years teaching experience. I've worked with all age groups of different levels, most recently with young learners aged 3-7. Flexible schedule, online lessons initially.
Native online British English teacher/editor
Contact: Chris
Posted: 06.04.20
Native British English teacher, editor, educational consultant and voice artist available immediately online. CELTA qualified, 10 years experience and proven track record. Specialist in speaking and examination preparation (IELTS, Life Skills, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.) as well as General English, Business English, Conversation and other specialisms upon request. Very competitive prices, exam students get additional free classes guaranteed. References and students results available on request. Contact for more information!
Online English Teacher
Contact: Jay Phillips
Posted: 06.04.20
Online English Teacher for adults and children of all levels. I have a British undergraduate degree and I am CELTA qualified. I have taught English in Russia, China and in summer schools in the UK for 9 years. I love working with students and my lessons are fun, engaging and constructive. Contact me if you would like more information on prices and services.
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