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   June 29
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Translator/Journalist/Presenter/Voice Over
Contact: Peter Scott
Tel: +7 925 0761830
Posted: 22.06.22
I have studied Russian for over 20 years and have a degree in the language from UCL. I have spent the past ten years living in Moscow. I was first employed as a translator by Yandex, then Russia Today in various roles and Reuters. I have also worked as a presenter, correspondent, video editor, interpreter and video journalist during my time here. I am currently looking to get my teeth stuck into some interesting projects/part-time work during my time off. I’m afraid I am not interested in teaching English.
Native English teacher
Contact: Fred
Tel: +7 926 2323488
Posted: 21.06.22
I am an experienced, resourceful and innovative native English teacher, who strives to help my students achieve all their academic goals and become self resourceful during the process. I have worked in various bilingual kindergartens and private schools, working with kids between the ages of 5-15 years. I am currently looking for new and exciting opportunities to continue my professional career.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Denilson
Posted: 20.06.22
A certified native english teacher with over 6 years of teaching experience. I've offered my services to all levels of english proficiencies from young learners to adults. I work with private language schools as well as individuals both online and offline. In addition to teaching English, I also prepare for various exams like IELTS etc. I'm currently in Moscow and available for a summer job (camps) as well as the upcoming academic year.
English Teacher
Contact: Bryce
Tel: +7 925 7894483 (Whatsapp/Telegram)
Posted: 13.06.22
I am from Canada and have been teaching English since 2014. I've cooperated with the likes of Yandex, Sberbank, Oracle, Lukoil, The Central Bank of Russia, etc. and have worked in many families' homes all over Moscow and Moscow Region. My experience has been with individuals from Elementary to Advanced in a General, Business, Technical or Exam setting. I have a B.A. in Journalism along with CELTA and can provide supporting documentation of my education/experience during our initial communication. Important: I can only conduct online lessons at this time.
English teacher
Contact: Alex
Tel: +7 909 6430516
Posted: 09.06.22
I am a 34 year old American living in Moscow. I hold a degree in linguistics. I've been living and teaching here in Moscow for over 10 years. I'm currently working for 2 language centers, I do both online and offline. I also have experience working in families with children and am currently working in a family now. References can be sent upon request.
Native English Teacher
Posted: 07.06.22
I am an English Teacher with about 12 years of experience teaching kids of ages 2-15years at home, camps and kindergarten. I am currently searching for an opportunity to teach on weekend precisely on Saturdays and Sundays.
English-speaking Governess/Tutor
Contact: Anna
Tel: +7 916 5054822
Posted: 04.06.22
Teaching and helping people is my passion. I’ve been teaching children and adults for more than 10 years. I can help you with General English, Business English, Cambridge exams preparation, English for teens and kids, Cambridge Primary, Pre-GCSE , and GCSE. I also run a course for native English speakers and non-native language speakers who want to develop their teaching skills. I’ve been working at International companies, Kindergartens, Private Schools, English Clubs and VIP families (Director of Studies (DOS) "Bumblebee L'ecole innovante" School; Director of Studies (DOS) International School Cambridge Junior (School of Languages and Economics/ Linguistics School-Lyceum; BKC-International House.) Education: HC YLT (International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers); CELTA Certificate; The International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification, Windsor University, Canada; Moscow Institute of Linguistics, English teacher; The Plekhanov Economic Academy of Russia; Middlesex University, London, UK. Master of Money, Banking and Finance.
Professional teacher of English
Contact: Stacey
Tel: +7 903 1577131
Posted: 02.06.22
I am a native, professional teacher of English, based in Moscow. I give lessons of General English (levels), IELTS, FCE as well as a Conversational course and English for children (starting from the age of 8). The average price for the lesson is between 45-65 USD. Write to my Whatsapp please!
English and Russian Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 906 0377975
Posted: 26.05.22
Experienced teacher of several preschool and school subjects offers lessons both in English and Russian. English for Russians and Russian for English speaking children and adults.
Native English Teacher (Early Years)
Contact: Matt Collett
Tel: +7 903 6862152
Posted: 25.05.22
I’m a TEFL certified teacher, 31 years old, from the UK. I have seven years teaching experience with young learners. My most recent position was at one of the best international schools in Moscow, working with nursery group children aged 2.5 – 4 years old. I am very familiar with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and use it as a framework for planning lessons and activities. I’m currently able to offer online lessons or discuss full-time positions with your school for the upcoming academic year.
English Teacher
Contact: Thomas
Posted: 25.05.22
U.S.American English teacher, with over 13 years of working experience in Moscow and fluent Russian, is offering individual, online, English classes for Russian students with an intermediate level of English and above. Qualified to teach both adults and children, with a focus on business English and childhood development. Also an official voice actor for Khabib Nurmagomedov. Rates from $50/60minutes.
English Teacher/Web Developer
Contact: Nick
Posted: 24.05.22
Are you looking for a self-motivated native English teacher for your kids or school? Look no further. I have over 9 years of teaching experience both in conventional teaching setting, private tutoring and homeschooling. I also develop/design websites for businesses and schools. Let’s have a conversation.
English native teacher online/offline
Contact: Mara Jackson
Tel: +7 968 5808698
Posted: 21.05.22
I am an enthusiastic native teacher looking for summer clients. I am currently working online due to the fact that I am travelling in Asia and Europe. I have experience in working with kids, teenagers and adults. My rates are very reasonable and my classes are very effective because I have the needed education in psychology, linguistics and Celta.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Augustina
Tel: +7 916 2018535
Posted: 19.05.22
I’m a native English tutor. I have 4years experience in teaching English and spoken English to kids and adults. I get on well with young leaners. My experience as a teacher has thought me that personal approach to each student is very important, because each child move at their own pace. I provide high quality learning opportunities which enable kids to maximize their educational vocational and personal development. I also do personal text and review to check how well the problem areas of each particular student has been worked out. Both written and verbal. I am positive minded, polite, active and cheerful. If you have any questions, you can contact me by phone or Whatsapp.
Russian to English Translators
Contact: John, Olga simpson
Tel: 8 915 3504682
Posted: 12.05.22
As a married couple, we will provide you with a Russian-to-English translation service on a freelance basis. It took us fifteen years to build a solid working relationship with individual writers and companies. Because we are both native Russian and English speakers, our combined efforts will provide a good translation for you. We are both licenced as entrepreneurs with business accounts in Russia.
American Accent Coach / English Teacher
Contact: Jesse Wagner
Tel: +1 910 5467516 (WhatsApp/Telegram)
Posted: 05.05.22
I am a teacher and linguist from the USA. I have a master’s degree in English from North Dakota State University as well as a TEFL certificate. I've spent six years in Moscow teaching American English and pronunciation to children and adults. I also teach exam prep for IELTS and TOEFL. Previously, I worked at a US university as a writing tutor and composition instructor. I'm currently available for online lessons.
General and Business English Native Teacher
E-mail: contactalex(at)ma?
Posted: 04.05.22
English for Special Purpose(ESP) native teacher offers intensive general and business English courses for leading Russian companies and top-managers in banking, leasing, insurance, consulting, construction, oil&gas, management, legal practise, business negotiations, financial markets, manufacturing etc. Customised programmes. Fast and maximum results guaranteed.1
Native French and English Teacher
Contact: Rusty
Tel: +7 915 4001242 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 03.05.22
Certified native French and English teacher. I have 10+ years of experience working with kids from age 2+ as well as adults. Working with young learners I teach them through games, arts and crafts, sport activities, lego, songs, poems etc. whereas with teenagers I prepare them for various language and university exams (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GMAT, DaF, DELF, DALF, Cambridge exams: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). I also teach English and French to adults for business including public speaking. Besides, I teach British and American curriculum as well as Science and Maths.
Native German Tutor
Contact: Marcel
Tel: +7 915 4708788 (Whatsapp)
Posted: 03.05.22
Native German speaking teacher. I have multiple years of experience working with both children and adults. I get my students ready for various tests and exams including DaF. In my classes we play games, do crafts, do sport activities weather permitting. I also teach Maths and Science. Besides, I work with major Russian and international companies teaching Business German.
TESOL and TEFL Certified Teacher and Tutor
Contact: Arman
Tel: +7 926 6794437
Posted: 02.05.22
I'm TESOL and TEFL certified teacher with over 10 years of experience in teaching English and with the honor of being supervisor of several language institute. I'll be staying in Moscow till September.
Online English Language Teacher
Contact: Judith
Posted: 01.05.22
I am a Moscow based British teacher of English for both kids and adults.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Peter Uche
Tel: +7 925 0739024
Posted: 01.05.22
I am a native teacher of English language with five years of experience, I am a TEFL certified teacher and have been teaching in Moscow for over four years. I have experience in teaching English to preschoolers, intermediate, upper intermediate, and also business classes. I also use current ESL materials, perspective and descriptive learnings. I am able to teach all levels starting from general English to preparation for examinations such Preliminary English Advanced English (CAE), First Certificate in English (FCE), English – TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and IELTS.
Native English Speaking - English & Algebra Teacher
Contact: George
Tel: +7 926 8137847 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
Posted: 22.04.22
I’m a US-Canadian Teacher from Los Angeles. I taught exam preparation for TOEFL, SAT, and Maths in Moscow for 10+ years. My MA Degree in International Relations & Quantitative Analysis helps me create engaging business and nonbusiness discussion topics. How I teach English is combine Communicative methodology with Bloom’s Taxonomy of 6 levels of higher concept understanding. Lastly, I do Voiceover readings and train “Accent Correction” to children, adults and Russian singers. My lessons are effective, engaging, and enjoyable. Email or call me today Mon-Sat 10:00 to 20:00 with any questions you have.
Private teacher
Contact: Bruce
Posted: 18.04.22
I’m a friendly and an experienced native English teacher in Moscow. I teach both kids and adults.
Experienced and professional English teacher from the UK
Contact: Ian
Tel: +7 915 4910907 (Telegram)
Posted: 15.04.22
I have been living in Moscow now for 11 years working as an business trainer and English teacher. Prior to coming to Moscow I worked in the UK in the finance and investment sphere in London; prior to this I received a 1st class English degree from Oxford University. In Moscow I have worked closely with executives from many Russian and international companies including Rosatom, Gazprom, Lukoil, Eurochem, Cordiant and Badoo. I can usually adapt all material for the individual students through video links, current news stories and business materials. Lessons could be arranged through online platforms or in person.
English Teacher for kids
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 977 8844651
Posted: 11.04.22
I'm a TEFL certified english teacher. I'm motivated, energetic and love helping people become fluent in English! My lessons are fun and engaging, and I'm passionate about my student's individual needs and goals. I offer offline lessons in Moscow. I look forward to teaching you and starting a wonderful journey!
Native English Teacher
Contact: Angela
Tel: +7 999 12258464
Posted: 10.04.22
I am a IELTS British qualified British teacher with four intense years of experience in teaching. I started my teaching career with grade 1 pupils contributing my immense care and nurturing ability for two years before i got into personal governance for a year. I am a committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I teach children, teenagers and adults English Language at all levels. I am available for online and offline tutoring as the need be.
Native British Tutor
Contact: Sarah Oseh
Tel: +7 999 8517156
Posted: 07.04.22
I am a TEFL qualified British teacher with seven years of experience. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I teach children, teenagers and adults English Language at all levels. use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.I offer special tuition on Business English, Conversation lessons, Visa Interview practice,General and Exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Julia
Tel: +7 916 2628612
Posted: 04.04.22
I've been teaching Russian for 7 years. I taught at the University and I have individual classes. I always focus on students' needs and try to make language learning interesting and comfortable. I can teach online and offline in Moscow.
French Teacher
Contact: Liza
Tel: +7 926 7380058
Posted: 30.03.22
I am a young French teacher. I have 9 years of teaching experience for all levels and ages. My educational approach is focused on the individual needs of each student. Special programme for young children from 2,5 years old based on games, songs etc. Working with young children for almost 9 years, I elaborated my own method, based on early childhood development, including physical development and psychological growth. DELF/DALF preparation.
English Teacher for kids and adults
Contact: Funkey
Tel: +7 977 5071910
Web: @funkey_class (instagram)
Posted: 24.03.22
I am a native English Teacher with successful years of experience. I teach General English, maths, social studies and Business English. I offer both online and home lessons.
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