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   June 12
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English Teacher
Contact: Robier Victor
Tel: +7 977 1095851
Posted: 08.06.21
I am 27 years. I studied English in school for more than 12 years, so I consider my English level to be advanced. I also have EF SET Certificate with a C2 Proficient English level according to the Common European Framework of Reference, also known as CEFR. I had completed the 120-hour Advanced Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) course by Magic Ears University. I am in Moscow now and have just completed my Master's studies at HSE University. I am a Freelancer English teacher who works individually on teaching students all levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Advanced, and I also teach "Business English" with its different levels. I work offline and online via the Zoom platform.
Native French Teacher
Contact: Patrice
Tel: +7 906 7961298
Posted: 02.06.21
Amazing French teacher available for you. Learn french and spend great time. 12 years of experience in Russia. I speak also English and Russian. Private and corporate clients.All levels.
Russian and English-speaking Teacher/Tutor/Governor
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 916 0658639
Posted: 02.06.21
I am a teacher of several school subjects in English and Russian. I offer training in English and Russian for students of different age (from little ones to adults) mostly via Skype.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Ella Joe
Tel: +7 950 9694855
Posted: 29.05.21
Native speaker from Toronto, Canada with over 7 years of working experience .I am a proven professional who will always be an excellent role model for students and work colleagues alike, I am a TEFL certified teacher and have been teaching in Kazan for 4years. I graduated from Department of International Relations from the University of British Columbia. I have experience in teaching English to both adults and children (6 - 27 years old). I am able to teach all levels starting from general English to preparation for examinations such as English - Preliminary English Test (PET) , English - Key English Test (KET) , English - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) , English - First Certificate in English (FCE), English – TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and IELTS . I can also prepare adults for business presentations and writing reports.I'm looking for a well paying job and I'm ready to bring my A game. We will discuss your specific needs and arrange lessons at your convenience.English speaking teacher of several school subjects offers remote lessons ,I mostly take online classes. My prices are reasonable (and vary depending on the details) and my schedule is flexible.
English Teacher
Contact: Nataliya Pankova
Tel: +7 962 3607569
Posted: 29.05.21
I have a degree in Fine Art and History of Art and it has impact on the way I work in teaching. My professional experience is mostly linked to teaching English and working in childcare. Creative background informs the way I work with children a lot, as I believe that the way information is presented to children can make it easier for them to learn and start speaking freely and confidently without the pressure of getting it right or feeling like they are at school. I also work with adults and teenagers teaching general English as well as more specific aspects, such as History and theory of Art in English or preparing for international exams such as IELTS. I am Russian, however I lived, studied and worked in the UK for 8 years and it influenced the way I work with students - I am able to create an English speaking environment, but, at the same time I can use Russian with Russian-speaking students if they feel more comfortable learning that way. My third language is French, and it does help to know another language to understand and broadcast the mechanics of learning a language in general. Also, as I have experienced both Russian and British education systems, I can give some advice or perspective on that, if the student is interested.
Summer Camp Professional
Contact: Gill
Posted: 25.05.21
Tutoring and playing all sorts of games in summer camps is what I enjoy most. I have been working with language schools and summer camp organizers in Moscow and the Moscow region in their various camps. If you are looking for a native speaker for your kids, then look no further. That is exactly what I have been doing over the past 8 years in Russia and Asia. Beside teaching, I can help organize summer camp trips, accommodation and other camp related  tasks.
French Teacher
Contact: Lisa
Tel: +7 967 0714320
Posted: 24.05.21
I have been a teacher since I arrived in Russia in 2010 for my Russian bachelor. I work with teenagers and adults in private lessons or groupes teaching general French, conversation, writing and of course I prepare students to pass DELF-DALF, since I have been a member of the DELF-DALF Moscow commission for 10 years. If I was a teacher at the French Institut till 2013, since 2014 I have been teaching at MGIMO. I am currently finishing my master of Français Langue Etrangère (teaching French as foreign language). My method: complicity. It is the best ingredient to have an open conversation which is the only way to talk about everything and progress. Of course I do not forget grammar and writings, which are supported by videos, songs and articles. I also teach French cooking.
U.S. Editor, English/Algebra Teacher/Tutor
Contact: George Dole
Tel: +7 926 8137847
Posted: 23.05.21
I’m a U.S. Editor, English/Algebra teacher/tutor and Accent Coach. I’ve taught English, Maths and Test Preparation in Moscow for 15 years. I’ve a Russian Live-Work permit. I’ve vaccinations for Flu, Pneumonia, and CoVid-19. I teach in-person or online. I can help you or your children quickly learn English by combining Communicative Methodology and Bloom’s Taxonomy. I develop programs for each client. My Russian clients range from A1 to C2 ability. I patiently teach English for business, test preparation, or school (university; high, middle, primary or preschool). From 9-14:00 I teach English Phonetics, Grammar and Basic Maths to children 4-7 yrs old. From 14:00 to 21:00 I tutor adults and children. One of my specialties is teach English phrasal verb mastery to communicate better with Native English Speakers. Phrasal verbs are “Rosetta Stones” of English. In my first Moscow interview a U.S. owner of an English training center asked, “Russians need to understand spoken and written phrasal verbs that nonRussian Managers use. Can you teach them effectively and efficiently?” Since then, I’ve constantly improved teaching phrasal verbs and all English grammar. I quickly prepare clients to score high on TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, IELTS, GMAT and others exams. My corporate & university clients include: Sberbank, Deutsche Bank, Luk Oil, Chevron Oil, Schlumberger, Henkel and others. In 2017 my 4th Form School-57 client earned one of very few 100% scores among 81,989 competitors in Cambridge’s “Bulldog” English 60 question Olympiad for Russia. Sky-English’s 2017 English-Olympiad for Russia had only 14 - 100% scores from 109,000 competitors. I can help your children quickly learn Basic Maths (Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics -Regular or Advanced).
English Teacher
Contact: Stacey O. O
Tel: +7 926 0039367
Posted: 21.05.21
Experienced English teacher with TESOL certification from Arizona State University. Passionate for both written words and teaching, using this passion to connect students to the material. Possesses good presentation and communication skills that ensure students learn the material presented as well as they can.
French Teacher
Contact: Liza
Tel: +7 926 7380058
Posted: 18.05.21
I am a young French teacher. I have 8 years of teaching experience for all levels and ages. My educational approach is focused on the individual needs of each student. Special programme for young children from 2,5 y.o. based on games, songs etc. Working with young children for almost 9 years, I elaborated my own method, based on early childhood development, including physical development and psychological growth. DELF/DALF preparation. Skype lessons.
English Tutor
Contact: Maria
Tel: +61 450614423 (Whatsapp)
Posted: 13.05.21
I'm a TEFL-certified tutor from Canberra, Australia, currently based in Moscow. I studied at the University of Melbourne and have been teaching for nine years. I'm motivated, energetic and love helping people become fluent in English! I have taught general English, English for specific purposes (medicine, creative writing, journalism etc), both privately and in groups. I currently teach both kids (5+) and adults and use a wide range of textbooks, games, songs, activities, writing activities and debate topics to get my students motivated and inspired to learn. My lessons are fun and engaging, and I'm passionate about my student's individual needs and goals. My top priority is getting students to have fun while they learn. I have successfully prepared students for FCE, CAE, TEFL and the Russian state exam in English. In addition to this, I also teach general and specialized English (medicine, business and creative writing) to adults. I provide a safe and relaxed environment for students to open up and tailor lessons to their specific needs. Through my extensive experience with Russian learners I know a lot of problems that arise from state language courses and how to overcome them. I can't wait to meet you. CV, references and introductory video available request! Online/offline in Moscow.
EFL Trainer
Contact: Ian Sumter
Posted: 12.05.21
I am an experienced English teacher from the UK based in Moscow. I am offering a unique style of learning English through the language of classic literature and short stories.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Itay
Tel: +7 906 7803982
Posted: 12.05.21
Native teacher, looking for a part time job in Moscow. I am a Cambridge certified teacher and I am looking for online, offline part time job in the first part of the day. I am also looking for students looking for a private teacher for their kids. I have worked with different age ranges and have more than 10 years of experience.
Part Time English Teacher
Contact: Fred
Tel: +7 925 6230403
Posted: 08.05.21
I am well experienced English teacher great at working both with young learners and adults. I'm looking for a well paying job and I'm ready to bring my A game. I've been teaching for over 7 years and I'm confident your students will love my classes.
International Sales & Management
Contact: Andre Robl
Posted: 30.04.21
Native German and Russian speaker with excellent English skills.
27 years old, currently living and working in Germany. I have 5 years experience in Sales / Area Sales Management of industrial products to Russia. Suitable for any international management/sales/foreign relations job. Strong communication and presentation skills. High desire to move to Moscow. Looking forward for any contact!
English Tutor (Offline and Online)
Contact: Maggie
Tel: +7 985 2327433
Posted: 24.04.21
Native speaker from Toronto, Canada with over 11 years of working experience in Moscow, Russia. I am a TEFL certified teacher and have been teaching in Moscow for 12 years. I graduated from Department of International Relations from the University of British Columbia. I have experience in teaching English to both adults and children (2 - 17 years old). I have worked with adults individually and in group lessons from leading Russian and international companies. I am able to teach all levels starting from general English to preparation for examinations such as English - Preliminary English Test (PET) , English - Key English Test (KET) , English - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) , English - First Certificate in English (FCE), English – TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and IELTS . I can also prepare adults for business presentations and writing reports. With my Masters Degree in Politics from MGIMO, I have a deep knowledge of foreign relations, business, economics, oil and gas and information/technology sectors.
Online English Teacher
Contact: Georges Cerles
Posted: 20.04.21
Highly experienced English teacher from the US. Over 20 years in online teaching. Great international references, attractive rates, flex schedule.I focus on your performance, your experience, your enjoyment of the program.
General and Business English
Contact: Alex
Posted: 20.04.21
English for Special Purpose (ESP) native teacher offers intensive general and business English courses for leading Russian companies and top-managers in banking, leasing, insurance, consulting, construction, oil&gas, management, legal practise, business negotiations, financial markets, manufacturing etc. Customised programmes. Fast and maximum results guaranteed.
English Language Teacher
Contact: Alexander
Tel: +7 965 2650672
Posted: 16.04.21
Highly experienced English teacher from Great Britain. Cambridge Exams, Business/professional and general English. I'm interested in getting together a group of some sort if possible. References available on request.
Corporate English Teacher
Contact: Andrew
Tel: +7 965 2861511
Posted: 10.04.21
I am a native English speaker from England and I have 4 years of teaching English as a second language to adults. We will discuss your specific needs and arrange lessons at your convenience.
Online English Language Tutor
Contact: Sandrine
Tel: +7 910 4332857
Posted: 09.04.21
I am an experienced English Language tutor who offers interactive, fun and affordable English lessons online. The lessons are carefully structured to satisfy the student's needs. Over the years, I have worked with all age groups especially pre-teens and teenagers.
Online English Language Teacher
Contact: Michelle
Posted: 08.04.21
I am a qualified English teacher with Celts offering courses of General, Conversational English as well as FCE and IELTS preparation. Teaching all levels and ages. All lessons are online. Flexible prices.
Teacher of Russian language
Contact: Olga
Tel: +7 926 4303243
Posted: 08.04.21
I am an experienced teacher of Moscow State University with more than 26 years of teaching experience. I teach using my own program and my own textbook. Any levels are possible: from elementary to business. I also help in passing the test of Russian (TRKI test).
English Teacher
Contact: China
Posted: 07.04.21
I am a college professor of English in the US. I have worked in Russia before and have experience with both adults and school children. Please contact me for Zoom classes in English and science.
Summer camp leader
Contact: Julia
Tel: +7 985 5360236 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 07.04.21
A US Licensed teacher with a decade long experience in teaching internationally is looking to cooperate with a school on a school day camp project. The program is built on projects, public speaking, reading, games and fitness.
Native English Teacher offering conversation classes
Contact: Flora
Posted: 06.04.21
I have lived in Moscow, and have several years of teaching experience, both face-to-face and online. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Russian and International Relations from a UK university. If you are interested in speaking English with a native English speaker, please visit my website. I offer conversation sessions. These have significantly improved my clients' English speaking skills and confidence. I also provide feedback on grammar and vocabulary.
Chemistry and Mathematics Teacher
Contact: Ricardo Tracey
Tel: +7 977 4694932
Posted: 06.04.21
Teaching is something I do every day in every opportunity I get. Teaching extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. With that I must declare that I am an outgoing young dark skinned Jamaican male teacher who specializes in online classes in the areas of Chemistry, science, and mathematics. To see my students excel and pass Cambridge exams is my greatest achievement. Foreign students will believe that it's hard to learn the sciences in English, but with me, I facilitate this discipline bearing in mind that my students aren't native speakers. So, simplicity is guaranteed. I have been teaching foreign students for the past five years and it has been a successful experience. Football is my talent and when I am not in the classroom I am coaching or playing football. I love working in summer camps because I get more opportunity to be creative with my students. My media network, The Anime Chem Tutor.
Native French Teacher
Contact: Marc
Posted: 05.04.21
I am a French native speaking teacher with experience teaching children and adults. General language. I am preparing students for different French exams.
Teacher from Manchester
Contact: Jamie
Posted: 05.04.21
Native English teacher from the UK available for private tutoring as well as language schools. Pretty much teach all levels and all age groups both online and in-person sessions.
Contact: Rebeka
Tel: +55 11982793688
Posted: 01.04.21
I am graphic designer and also have experience with customer service and with evaluation of phone calls. My native language is portuguese, and I speak English, Russian and Spanish. I'd like to learn something new. I am interested in new works and challenges. I like to help people and any new work is interesting for me. Besides this, I already visited Russia twice and want to go back and stay. I can be collaborative with my ideas and way of working.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Joshua
Tel: +7 929 6404475
Posted: 01.04.21
I am a native English speaking teacher living in Moscow. I have 3 years of working experience teaching both in kindergarten and home lessons. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I teach children, teenagers and adults English Language at all levels. Fully conversant with the English National Curriculum across Key Stages 3,4 and 5 and experience of exploiting technology in the classroom to make the most of the learning experience. Presently looking for an English teaching position. I have vast experience in teaching students how to read, write and speak English, providing a classroom presence and contributing to the positive ethos of the school. Putting students first by demonstrating energy, vision and creativity. I teach children English through educational games (play-based learning), and I take care of the kids and always communicate with them in English. I have 3 years experience of teaching kids in the kindergarten, I love children, and I know how to communicate with them effectively to bring out the best in them, I have good animation skills, always positive, active, and a cheerful and enthusiastic personality.
Contact: Peter Scott
Tel: +7 925 0761830
Posted: 31.03.21
I have studied Russian for over 20 years and have a degree in the language from UCL. I have spent the past ten years living in Moscow. I was first employed as a translator by Yandex, then Russia Today in various roles and Reuters as a producer. I have worked as a presenter, correspondent, video editor, interpreter and video journalist during my time here. I am currently every other week and am looking for some interesting projects to get stuck into during my time off. I’m afraid I am not interested in teaching English.
Academic Art-Tutoring
Contact: Anastasia Fennell
Tel: +7 999 8771554
Posted: 29.03.21
Pleasure to offer Professional Academic Art Lessons by: Still Life, Composition, Live Portrait, In-Design Art Studios. Acrylics, Watercolors, Sketching, OilPainting, together with WES (World-Wide Education Service & Royal Academy of Arts) International Programs: Suitable for Individual programs, College Tutoring, ESL/EFL iGCSE Homeschooling: English/French - Main Lessons Course, Russian (friendly!).
Russian and English Teacher
Contact: Zara Tumanyan
Tel: +37 477186877
Posted: 28.03.21
I am an English and Russian Teacher. I have 19 years of experience in educational industry and management. Skilled in all aspects of classroom operations, curriculum development, evaluation of student progress, coordination with Faculty and administration, facilitation of positive learning environments, and relative administrative duties. Skilled in English as a Second Language (ESL), Linguistics, Translation, Proofreading, and Editing. Now I am working at an international school, I teach Russian, English B (IB) and ESL. I'll be happy to offer remote lessons via Skype, Zoom or any other platform.
Full Service English Writing & Communication Services
Contact: Samantha
Tel: +7 985 4500753 (WhatsApp only)
Posted: 26.03.21
Full service English writing & communication services for international businesses working at the intersections of art & science, business & technology. Native English speaker from the USA offering editorial (copywriting and editing), audio production, and language consulting services for marketing and PR, finance, intellectual property and tech. Resumes, cover letters, admissions letters, websites and landing pages, voice overs, RU-EN/EN-RU/DE-EN translations, UX/UI writing, social media, blogs, language assessments, private English lessons, IELTS prep, and more. 10+ years of experience. Highly reputable. Effective and service-oriented. Contact me for a free consultation and to learn about special offers and referral discounts. Looking forward to helping you succeed! Online only.
Spanish & English Native Teacher
Contact: Daniel Hernandez
Tel: +7 915 1233773
Posted: 25.03.21
Native Spanish and English teacher. I have over 10 years of experience working with kids from age 7+ as well as adults. Working with young learners I teach them through games, arts and crafts, sport activities, songs, etc. whereas with teenagers I prepare them for various language and university exams (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exams: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). I also teach business or general English and Spanish to adults for corporate or individual clients, I have work for multinational companies such as Pfizer, Exxon Mobil, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson among others. Lessons can be face to face or online format. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
English Teacher
Contact: Bryce
Tel: 8 925 7894483 (Whatsapp/Telegram)
Posted: 24.03.21
I’ve been teaching English in Russia for about 7 years. This concerns adults, teenagers and young learners in a Business and General English context; individual and groups. Other contexts include speaking clubs, skills development and exam preparation (ie . CAE, CPE, SSAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS, GMAT, GRE, Russian State exams and entrance exams for private schools abroad, etc). Use of different student-based methods to introduce aspects of the language as it relates to the students’ goals and characters. Corporate clients include Sberbank, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lukoil, Svyaznoy, Beeline, Oracle, Yandex, Zarubezhneft and the Central Bank, among others, as well as VIP client(s). Levels are beginner to advanced.
US Teacher in Moscow
Contact: Rony Casimir
Tel: +7 916 0841776
Posted: 21.03.21
I am an American teacher with 6 years of international teaching experience. I am great with students 12 years old and higher. In my international teaching career, I've taught social studies (economics, US history, journalism, public speaking), American Football as well as ESL. At the moment I am looking for summer camp opportunities
I apologize, but my phone isn't on Whatsapp.
Native English Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Riley
Tel: +7 917 5086096
Posted: 20.03.21
I am a Native English Speaker from the United States who has been teaching English for 3 years. I have been living in Moscow for 2 years and I am currently finishing my masters degree at HSE. I have experience teaching both teenagers and adults, and have a TESOL certificate. I also have a strong background in Business, Economics, Politics, and Sports, and have in-depth knowledge about sports nutrition and strength training. If you want to know more or are interested in hiring me as an English tutor/teacher feel free to reach out!
Native English Teacher
Contact: Morgan
Tel: +7 909 6426933
Posted: 19.03.21
I am from Atlanta Georgia (USA). I am a Teacher of English language with up to 5 years teaching experience. Students I have taught, after few months improve in whatever aspect of English language they had problems. I intensively teach about English grammar, oral and writing with recommended materials. For preschoolers, I engage them in object identification, songs, writing of sentences and more. In my style of teaching, I aim at developing communication skills and fluent speaking of the language. I am also available as a camp English tutor. Please find attached to this email, a copy of my CV.
English Coach & More
Contact: Bill McMains
Tel: +7 966 1647046
Posted: 12.03.21
I am a former lawyer, former headhunter, turned English coach with 12+ years experience helping clients of all ages (from young teens to people in retirement) and all levels (from absolute beginner to highly advanced) in countries all over the world, having lived in China, Thailand, Turkey and for the last 6 years in Moscow, Russia. I specialize in 3 areas: General Speaking & Writing (helping clients to improve their productive skills through guided practice), Specialized Business English (helping clients to improve all areas of language in their professional field) and Teenage Fluency & Conversation (helping younger clients to overcome the language barrier and become comfortable speaking about topics that interst them). In addition to my coaching services, I also help my clients with a variety of services from proofreading/editing to copywriting to test preparation to job/career coaching. My prices are reasonable (and vary depending on the details) and my schedule is flexible. If I can be of any assistance at all to you, your family or your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me via WhatsApp or Telegram or via email.
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