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   January 18
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Native German (Deutsch) Tutor
Contact: Marcel
Tel: +7 915 4708788 (Whatsapp)
Posted: 12.01.22
Native German speaking teacher. I have multiple years of experience working with both children and adults. I get my students ready for various tests and exams including DaF. In my classes we play games, do crafts, do sport activities weather permitting. I also teach Maths and Science. Besides, I work with major Russian and international companies teaching Business German.
English Teacher
Contact: Bryce
Tel: +7 925 7894483 (Whatsapp/Telegram)
Posted: 11.01.22
For 7 years or so I have lived and travelled in what is Russia, and in this time I have met a varied mix of people with language aspirations. It is through this that I have sharpened my people-skills and have come to understand what teaching is and what it means to relate to those in the classroom. Whether it be game-play with smaller children, having one-to-one sessions with upper-management or conducting speaking clubs in state-run companies, I have taken part in this. I have worked with numerous families and have cooperated with the likes of The Central Bank of Russia, Sberbank, Oracle, Beeline, Yandex, Johnson and Johnson, and Lukoil, etc. I prepare people for various exams like CAE, CPE, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, BULATS, SAT, SSAT and for those going to write State School Exams. Importantly and finally, I focus on delivering tailor-made lessons and sit down with each student and family beforehand to discuss what they would like to achieve and how we can set about in getting there.
English Teacher
Contact: Thomas
E-mail: +16187468058 (Whatsapp)
Posted: 10.01.22
I am a U.S native speaker with over twelve years of experience teaching English in Moscow, Russia. I offer individual, online classes designed for a student's personal needs - ranging from General English, Business English and Test Preparation. No age is too young, and no level is too remedial. Classes from 2000RUR/per hour.
English Tutor/Teacher
Contact: Mike
Tel: +7 903 5278274
Posted: 09.01.22
I am a certified and experienced Native teacher from the U.S. I can teach all age levels.
English Teacher
Contact: Nick Darlison
Tel: +7 965 0671243
Posted: 04.01.22
I am a teacher and Astrophysics graduate from England living in Russia. I have five years teaching experience with children and teenagers both online and offline! Looking for tutoring or teaching positions in Moscow.
General and Business English
Contact: Alex
Posted: 04.01.22
English for Special Purpose (ESP) native teacher offers intensive general and business English courses for leading Russian companies and top-managers in banking, leasing, insurance, consulting, construction, oil&gas, management, legal practise, business negotiations, financial markets, manufacturing etc. Customized programmes. Fast and maximum result guaranteed.
Tutor in English Speaking and Computer Science
Contact: Moe
Tel: +7 915 3899195
Posted: 20.12.21
I am a native English speaker from the UK. I have been teaching in Moscow in the British School. I am interested in tutoring or manny jobs if you have any questions please contact me via whatsapp call or message.
Contact: Lissa Yackshina
Tel: +7 999 9143765
Posted: 12.12.21
I am an experienced tutor with over l5 years teaching experience. I have taught corporate English, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, A LEVEL, and all levels of Cambridge Training. I have also taught ESL and writing.
French Teacher
Contact: Liza
Tel: +7 926 7380058
Posted: 11.12.21
I am a young French teacher. I have 10 years of teaching experience for all levels and ages. My educational approach is focused on the individual needs of each student. Special programme for young children from 2,5 y.o. based on games, songs etc. Working with young children for almost 9 years, I elaborated my own method, based on early childhood development, including physical development and psychological growth. DELF/DALF preparation.
Contact: Peter Scott
Tel: 8 925 0761830
Posted: 08.12.21
I have studied Russian for over 20 years and have a degree in the language from UCL. I have spent the past ten years living in Moscow. I was first employed as a translator by Yandex, then Russia Today in various roles and Reuters. I have also worked as a presenter, correspondent, video editor, interpreter and video journalist during my time here. I am currently looking to get my teeth stuck into some interesting projects/part-time work during my time off. Iím afraid I am not interested in teaching English.
Native English Tutor
Contact: Andrew
Tel: +7 965 2861511
Posted: 07.12.21
I'm from England and I have been teaching in Moscow for some years. I have extensive experience of teaching both general and business English to adults. Please get in touch on Whatsapp or Telegram or Email me if you would like me to help you improve your English.
Native British Governess
Contact: Fiona
Tel: +7 953 7423275
Posted: 22.11.21
Well-educated British governess from the UK is looking for a lovely family for a full-time position. PGCE, ESL, TEFL, 20+ years of experience with children of 2-12 years old, can play different musical instruments. Have worked for many years at primary schools and with VIP families. Currently in Moscow.
WES English Teacher/ ART Tutor/ TESOL
Contact: Ana-Patricia Cass-Fennell
Tel: +7 999 8321280
Posted: 21.11.21
Pleasure to be useful for ESL, EFL students for any International certified ' entry-exams preparations: KET, PET, FCE, iGCSE, BEC, IELTS, TOEFL +; Oxford Homeschooling for BC, IB students; @ Academic ART Tutoring RA (Royal College of ARTS): for Pre-KS1, KS2, KS3, K-12, University students: Location: m.Kurskaya, Art Studios. (Linguistic Centers).
English Lessons with Native Speaker
Contact: Mike Scott
Tel: +7 963 6310552
Posted: 17.11.21
US and UK Citizen (educated in both countries, however my accent is American). Fluent in Russian. I teach general and business English to adults and teenagers (individuals and groups). I've prepared students for the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, EGE and BEC exams. At the present time I'm offering English lessons either in person or online (using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp).
Native English tutor available now
Contact: Jerry
Posted: 16.11.21
Native speaker with 8 years of experience, currently teaching a group of elementary, intermediate and advanced students on zoom. Have free slots available now.
Teacher of Russian as a foreign Language/tutor/Finance&Laws
Contact: Anastasia
Tel: 8 903 1237372
Posted: 16.11.21
I am a native Russian tutor with 15 years of experience. I have a higher degree in Finance and in Laws. I prefer to work with adults individually. We can create a program in accordance with your demand and increase your knowledge in Finance and Law.
Native English Teacher/Tutor/Translator
Contact: Billy Matthews
Tel: +7 968 0967884
Posted: 08.11.21
Iím from Bradford Britain. Iíve been teaching English for over 7 years. Iíve been working in Kindergartens, Private Schools, International companies, and for renown VIP families. Iíve taught various age groups, young learners min age 3 and adults max age 67. Iíve been preparing students for different Cambridge and Russian State exams. Strong recommendations and references can be provided on demand.
Software Developer
Contact: Kuldeep Parade Patil
Tel: +9579406404
Posted: 08.11.21
I am looking for a job opportunity as a software developer. Splunk Developer. Splunk Administrator. I am a SAAS subject matter expert. Currently working as a BCM Lead for Starbucks Retail POS with Capgemini. Having worked through Europe and now in India. I think I have a combination of two different work environments which are totally 180 to each other. I can bring that and German work ethic to your valued company. I am a native level German & Spanish speaker as well along with English. Which gives me an extra way to bring clients together from America, North America, Australia as well as Europe. I coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects. Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget. Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility.
English Language Teacher
Contact: Ashley Kovas
Posted: 31.10.21
I am a native English speaker from the UK. I have been teaching for 18 months in Moscow at a small private school. I am interested in similar work in future, in Moscow or elsewhere. I teach all ages of children for Cambridge Exams and for Russian state exams (OGE, EGE). In the past, I have worked for many years in financial services law and compliance. I have also worked as a writer for Thomson Reuters.
Teacher, Translator, Editor, Musician, Voiceover
Contact: Jesse Wagner
Tel: +1 910 5467516 (Whatsapp/Tele)
Posted: 21.10.21
I'm a 30-year-old native-speaking English teacher from the USA. In the US, I earned my master's degree in English and TEFL certification while working as a college composition instructor and writing tutor at NDSU. I've have been teaching English to students of all ages in Moscow for the last five years, using fun and interactive activities and discussion topics. In addition to general English, I love teaching exam prep, especially TOEFL and IELTS. I also have experience translating from Russian to English, editing experience, and a home studio for recording audio.
English teacher
Contact: Simon
Tel: +7 929 6401162
Posted: 20.10.21
I am an English teacher with a huge experience working with kids, teenagers and adults. I have worked in different language schools and kindergartens.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Faith Daniel
Tel: +7 985 8209984
Posted: 19.10.21
I am a native English tutor with 5 years of experience I can work with kids, teens (intermediate and upper intermediate)and adults both individually and in groups. My method of teaching is designed specifically to meet the expected result of each student. I use current ESL materials as an interactive approach and interesting lessons, through reading, speaking, listening to audios and doing exercises.
English and French Native Governess
Contact: Ellen
Tel: 8 916 1223300 (text on WhatsApp)
Posted: 19.10.21
I am an English and French native speaker. I have been working as a governess in Moscow for 9 years. I have good recommendations from families. I am a mother myself, and have worked with children from as young as 10 months old. First aid; Evidence-based medicine adept; Have experience working in a kindergarten with a group of 4 year olds and a group of 5 year olds; Have experience of working in a children's camp. I am a very energetic, positive, active young woman. Children have shown delightful progress in English and/or French with me. I have experience working with small children who have 0 knowledge of English or French, and they have started understanding and speaking after 3 weeks (in a full-time enrolment). When I work with babies or toddlers I will usually play some classical music in the background, because it has been proving to have positive effects on the brain.I know a lot of songs and teach children in a fun, enthusiastic manner. I can go on walks on them outside, take them to museums, theme parks, zoos, etc. I am able to drop them off to various activities and pick them up, can cook children's soup, etc. I can potty train also. I like using the Montessori approach with babies and toddlers, I own a lot of wooden materials and games also. My philosophical approach is to trust children, I don't "hover" over them, I let them experiment safely.
Editor, US Teacher/Tutor of English & Maths-in-English
Contact: George William Dole
Tel: +7 926 8137847
Posted: 15.10.21
Iím an Algebra/ESL English Teacher/Editor from Los Angeles, US. Iíve taught English and Maths in Moscow for 15 years. For online classes I use Skype, Zoom, Gmail, and Jitsi programs. In 2017 my two School 57 students earned high English test scores. I want to help 2 families or groups with children/adults who need to be the best in their class in English and/or Maths. My Mission Statement is, "People read words, top musicians read music, but my clients can read most English phrasal verbs quickly". Along with basic grammar I teach Russians from 4 to 64+ to have stronger explicit command of English's 4129+ Phrasal Verbs (Macmillan) in 30 to 50 academic hours. How I teach English & Maths is combine Bloomís Taxonomy and Communicative methodologies. In MBA consumer product triangles of Effective-Efficient-Inexpensive Iím only Effective-Efficient and not Expensive. Iíve taught group lessons to Russian and International companies including: Sberbank, Chevron, Deutsche Bank, Luk Oil, and many others. A major specialty of mine is train clients to earn high scores in TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, SAT, GMAT, and other English exams. My MA Degree in International Relations/Quantitative Analysis helps me create engaging economic and IT topic classes. I train ďAccent CorrectionĒ to school students and Jazz singers. My lessons are effective, engaging, and enjoyable. I supplement textbooks with interesting 18-minute TED Talk videos with phrasal-verb highlighted scripts.
Publishing Translation
Contact: Ian
Posted: 14.10.21
I am a native English speaker from the UK. I have been teaching in Moscow for several years. In the UK I studied English at Oxford University, and worked in banking and finance. I would be keen on doing translation of literary works from Russian, with a view to publishing in the future.
Native English Teacher (Young Learners)
Contact: Natalie
Tel: +7 926 4201211
Posted: 12.10.21
Hi! I'm a native English speaking teacher from Toronto, Canada. I have been teaching English in Moscow for over 10 years, specializing in working with young learners as young as 2 years old. I've worked at some of Moscow's best schools and kindergartens and have also privately tutored children. My specialty is preparing children for entrance exams to international schools within one academic year.
Russian Teacher
Contact: Tatyana
Tel: +7 919 7277505
Posted: 10.10.21
Individual classes of Russian as a foreign language. Intensive/Ongoing courses and classes to suit you. Specially designed material to promote speaking. All levels. Visits possible.
Native British English Tutor
Contact: Matthew
Posted: 08.10.21
I am a native English tutor from the U.K, fluent in Russian, and have been teaching in Moscow for 10 years. I have recently left Russia, but I am offering tutoring online by Skype or Zoom. I teach teenagers and adults, and have a speciality in preparing students to apply for British private schools, so I teach maths and science in English as well, for 11+, 13+ and 14+ school entrance exams.
I can have lessons after school and in the evenings. Please email me with any questions, in English or Russian.
Russian and English-speaking Teacher/Tutor
Contact: Victor
Tel: +7 906 0377975
Posted: 07.10.21
I offer Russian and English lessons by Skype. It is possible other subjects too, as I am a teacher of several school and college subjects. For little ones, training via games.
Native English Teacher
Contact: Aisha Bagudu
Tel: +7 991 2532247
Posted: 03.10.21
I am an English teacher from Canada, I live in Moscow. I have 6 years of teaching experience both in kindergarten and in home lessons. I have extensive experience teaching students to read, write and speak English to ensure classroom presence and contribute to the positive spirit of the school. Online/offline.
Online English Teacher
Contact: Joshua
Tel: +1 613 7959726 (WhatsApp)
Posted: 02.10.21
I am a native English teacher from Canada, fluent in English and Russian, I have 6 years of teaching experience both in kindergarten and home lessons. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I teach children, teenagers and adults English Language at all levels. Fully conversant with the English National Curriculum across Key Stages 3,4 and 5 and experience of exploiting technology in the classroom to make the most of the learning experience. Presently looking for an English teaching position. I have vast experience in teaching students how to read, write and speak English, providing a classroom presence and contributing to the positive ethos of the school. Putting students first by demonstrating energy, vision and creativity.
Native speaker for all levels
Contact: Jack
Posted: 27.09.21
Ten years of teaching experience, certified tutor. Worked with families and schools in Moscow and Moscow region. Open to discuss your specific needs.
British Male Tutor Age 42
Contact: William Lockhart
Tel: +7 925 9317925
Posted: 22.09.21
Native Spanish & English Teacher
Contact: Daniel Hernandez
Tel: +7 915 1233773
Posted: 22.09.21
Professional and certified native English and Spainsh teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. I adapt my teaching style in order to cater to everyone and make the material as interesting as possible. I have taught ESL, DELE, IELTS courses to students of all levels as well as corporate language trainings for companies such as Bayer, Exxon Mobile, Yandex among others. My effective teaching methods always guarantee progress and success. Letís progress together!
Native English Teacher
Contact: O'J
Tel: +7 915 0851660
Posted: 22.09.21
Iím a native English speaker with 4 years of teaching experience here in Moscow. I was born in KGN, JA and spent some of my early high-school years in NY, USA. Iím currently doing my PhD in Chemistry as I have a MSc in Chemistry and BSc. in Chemistry and in English-Russian translation with certification in teaching both Russian & English language. Iíve been teaching both individual and groups lessons in several summer-camps, kindergartens, activity-clubs and language schools in and around Moscow. Iíve taught all ages (toddlers ďonly with TPR methodsĒ, pre-teens, teens and adults). Iíve also been preparing students for IELTS, TOEFL, OGE, EGE, etc.
English Teacher
Contact: Nicholas Stella
Tel: +7 926 7444863
Posted: 17.09.21
I am A TEFL qualified British teacher with five years of experience. I offer lessons online/offline with total flexibility. All levels and ages welcome. Extensive experience in schools, companies and private students. I use current ESL materials and offer English grammar teaching services for teens both within pre-intermediate and intermediate levels including practicals for kindergartens. I offer special tuition on Business English, Conversation lessons, Visa Interview practice, Presentation practices, General and Exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL etc, Iím also available for online/offline.
Contact: Mary
Tel: 8 926 5272348
Posted: 12.09.21
I have over 35 years of teaching experience, 14 of them in Russia. I am experienced in teaching all exam areas, from Cambridge to IELTS and TOEFL. I specialize in teaching critical thinking and writing, and am able to help students with any type of writing they desire.
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