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Restaurant Reviews
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 Tiflisskiy Dvorik 

Cuisine: Caucasian
Address: Ostozhenka ul., 32
Metro: Park Kultury
Tel: +7 (499) 766-9728
Open from 12:00 until 24:00
All major credit cards are accepted.

By Len Readle

I normally wouldn't write a review of a place without the expat staff asking me to do so, however, I feel I must comment on the wonderful meal and experience at Tiflis. I took a guest from England and a client to taste something a bit different, I hadn't been there before and heard it was an OK place, this was an understatement.

The decor on the outside was reflected inside and seemed to transport you to another time and place, a nice fountain on the front garden area helped to drown the traffic on Ostonjenka and create the right atmosphere.

There were 4 of us who arrived at this monument to Georgia; the trees grew inside and outside of the building. A lovely terrace to sit when the weather is warm with piped Georgian music coming from all around the trees and walls, helped to get into the mood of the day.

We sat inside and immediately the staff made us welcome, the drinks arrived quickly, followed by our starters, well I say starters but we had a mixture of various dishes, one dish contained basil, sage, and other green herbs which were surprisingly tasty.

Other dishes held differing vegetables, chili beans in a spicy sauce, aubergines, fish in a succulent and creamy sauce, Cold Chicken, a cheese pastry that was to die for, the type of food that puts kilos in your waste line just looking at it but delectably delicious, I had 2 portions, there was also a mouthwatering Hachipuri (a Georgian bread) which I just couldn't stop eating, I must have had 3 or 4 pieces myself. Another dish with combined spinach, beetroot, green bean salads, a good mixture of colors and textures and tastes to tempt even the biggest critics to enjoy.

To accompany this we had a bottle of Tiflis red wine, slightly dry but nevertheless very drinkable and actually made in Georgia, or so I was told, it did taste kind of authentic so the benefit of the doubt was given, very nice and inexpensive.

After thinking that was all and feeling quite full and pleased with the selection the plates were cleared and on came the main course, two assorted Shashliks, and four skewers per serving and on each skewer was a mixture of beef, lamb, fish and pork held together with a fresh green apple, my eyes bulged nearly as big as my full stomach.

Normally my self control would stop me from overindulging, however, the smells and the site of this food was just to much for me to stand, I dug in to the meats and fish with a vigor that made my companions a little worried that I had turned into a rabid and starved animal.

After the four of us managing less than half of the main course we finally had to rest, the waiter kindly offered to pack the remaining food into a bag for us to take away, of course we couldn't refuse such and offer.

Overall it was not only a great meal but an experience as well, the cost, well I am usually quite close with my money but I was glad to pay the bill without even bothering to check, actually it worked out to be around $30 per person, with the wine, so all in all a pretty good outing at middle range prices.


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