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   March 6
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Restaurant Guide / American
For advice, recommendations, and words of warning, check out our restaurant reviews in the Dining Out section.
American Bar & Grill
Address:  1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul., 2, str. 1
Metro:  Mayakovskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 250-9525

Open:  Open twenty-four hours a day.
The American Bar & Grill has a special children's menu for young cowboys and cowgirls. All our locations have high-chairs for the smallest visitors. On weekends our Taganka restaurant features a children's theater from morning till night, and from 3 p.m. till 7 p.m. our friend Kandelyabr the Jolly Clown will entertain your tots. He has entertaining games for children of all ages, so Mom & Dad can have a relaxing glass of beer or wine and delight in our wonderful dishes.
Antrekot (Entrecote)
Address:  Teatralny proezd, 2,
Metro:  Lubyanka
Tel:  +7 (499) 270-1050
Open:  from 12:00 until last guest.
Address:  Sadovaya-Samotechnaya ul., 4/2
Metro:  Tsvetnoi Bulvar
Tel:  +7 (495) 699-8206
Open:  from 11:00 until 24:00.
Beer, Buns and Burgers
Address:  Maroseyka ul., 6-8, str. 1
Metro:  Kitai-Gorod
Tel:  8 967 1707206

Address:  Krivokolenniy per., 12, str. 10
Metro:  Chistye Prudy
Tel:  8 909 9144505

Address:  Tsvetnoy bulv., 7
Metro:  Tsvetnoi Bulvar
Tel:  8 965 3833033

Address:  Sretenka ul., 36
Metro:  Sukharevskaya
Tel:  8 965 3832956

Address:  Moskovskaya obl., Ilinskoe shosse, 20 km
Tel:  8 965 3833016

Open:  Daily from 11:00 until 00:00.
BB&Burgers or Beer, Buns and Burgers is a network of city democratic burger restaraunts. The menu includes not only burgers but also different meat dishes and some sorts of craft beer. The delivery is available.
Beverly Hills Diner
Address:  Sretenka ul., 1
Metro:  Chistye Prudy
Tel:  +7 (495) 625-4221

Address:  Nikolskaya ul., 10
Metro:  Lubyanka
Tel:  +7 (495) 221-7801

Address:  Tverskaya ul., 12
Metro:  Pushkinskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 579-8131

Open:  24/7.
Multiple locations.
Black Market
Address:  Usacheva ul., 2, str. 1
Metro:  Frunzenskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 989-0445
Open:  from 10:00 until 24:00, Sat-Sun until 02:00
Brunches from 10:00 until 16:00 every weekend.
Burger King
Address:  Kievskogo vokzala pl., 2, TC
Metro:  Kievskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 229-6692

Address:  Zemlyanoy Val ul., 33, TC
Metro:  Kurskaya
Tel:  8 964 7864343

Address:  Krasnaya Presnya, 4
Metro:  Krasnopresnenskaya
Tel:  8 964 7864242

Multiple locations.
Chicago Prime
Address:  Strastnoy blvr, 8a
Metro:  Pushkinskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 988-1717
Open:  from 12:00 until 24:00, Fri-Sat until 05:00.
See review 
Corner Burger
Address:  Bolshaya Gruzinskaya ul., 76
Metro:  Belorusskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 250-0731
Open:  Mon- Thu, Sun from 10.00 until 24.00, Fri- Sat from 10.00 until 02.00
Brunches every weekend from 12:00 until 16:00.
Crazy Milk
Address:  Bolshay Polyanka ul., 54, str. 1
Metro:  Dobryninskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 230-7333
Open:  Mon-Thu from 12:00 until 06:00, Fri-Sat from 13:00 until 6:00, Sun from 13:00 until 24:00.
Flat Iron Bar
Address:  Voznesensky per., 7, Hotel Courtyard
Metro:  Tverskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 937-3077
Open:  from 11:00 until 02:00.
Address:  Pokrovka ul., 28/6, str. 3
Metro:  Kurskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 917-4795
Fax:  +7 (499) 764-9985
Open:  24/7
Boast a summer patio which, has over 200 planted trees creating a nice and cozy atmosphere. Guests can dine on classic american fare, among lush greenery - a rarity in the center of Moscow. Authentic American diner food in the heart of Moscow. Classic home-made breakfasts, thick and juicy burgers, and exciting desserts are just a small part of the large menu which caters to every taste and mood. Plus the cozy, youthful atmosphere, pretty waitresses, and a guarantee that you won't leave on an empty stomach will make you feel like you're back home. All major credit cards are accepted. See review 
Goodman Steak House
Address:  Novinsky bulv., 31, Novinsky Passage, Business Center
Metro:  Barrikadnaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 775-9888

Address:  Okhotny Ryad ul., 2
Metro:  Okhotny Ryad
Tel:  +7 (495) 775-9888

Address:  Evropy pl., 2
Metro:  Kievskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 775-9888

Open:  from 12:00 until 24:00.
Multiple locations.
All major credit cards are accepted. See review 
Grand Bourbon Street
Address:  Potapovski per., 5, str. 2
Metro:  Chistye Prudy
Tel:  +7 (495) 625-9424
Open:  from 12:00 until 24:00.
Hard Rock Cafe
Address:  Arbat ul., 44
Metro:  Smolenskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 241-4342, 252-9570
Open:  Sun-Thu from 09:00 until 24:00, Fri-Sat 24/7.
Breakfasts, business lunches, happy hours, live music, late night dancing. First Russian restaurant of the world-famous chain. Classical and special American cocktails. Every Thursday at 22:00 - Hard Rock Live.
Louisiana American Steakhouse
Address:  Pyatnitskaya ul., 30, str. 4
Metro:  Novokuznetskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 951-4244
Open:  from 11:00 until 24:00.
Papa's Place
Address:  Nikolskaya ul., 10
Metro:  Lubyanka
Tel:  +7 (495) 755-9554
Open:  from 18:00 until 06:00, pizzeria - 24/7.
Parus (The Sail)
Address:  Aviatsyonnaya ul., 66, TC, 2nd floor
Metro:  Shchukinskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 984-3000
Open:  from 09:00 until 24:00.
Polo Club
Address:  Petrovka ul., 11/20, Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, 2nd floor
Metro:  Teatralnaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 937-1024
Open:  from 18:00 until 24:00.
Fine dining with sumptuous imported steaks accompanied by the finest appetizers and superb wines. Open for dinner.
Starlite Diner
Address:  Bolshay Sadovaya ul., 16a, Aquarium Garden
Metro:  Mayakovskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 650-0246

Address:  Strastnoy bulv., 8a
Metro:  Pushkinskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 989-4461

Open:  24/7.
Multiple locations.
Classic American diner with all the trimmings. Milkshakes, fries and great inexpensive burgers to choose from. Hot entrees and desserts can be on the pricey side. Children's menu. Clowns on weekends on Mayakovskaya from 10:00 until 14:00, on Oktyabrskaya from 11:00 until 17:00, on Universitet from 11:00 until 17:00.
T.G.I. Friday's
Address:  Zemlyanoy Val ul., 33, Atrium
Metro:  Kurskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 970-1186
Open: from 11:00 until 24:00.

Address:  leningradskoe shosse, 16A, str. 4, TC
Metro:  Voikovskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 287-3439

Address:  Evropy pl., 2, TC
Metro:  Kievskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 229-6102

Multiple locations.
In the mood to dine in a plank walled saloon-style restaurant with a genuine metal-lined ceiling? Then this is the place for you. Step right up and get your no holds barred, rustic, Americana kitsch. Basic American fare going for about 25% cheaper than at the Starlite, unfortunately the food isn't quite as good. Still, not a bad deal and the management did comp my underdone burger. Multiple locations. Details on official web-site.
The Tunnel
Address:  Lubyansky proezd, 7
Metro:  Lubyanka
Tel:  +7 (495) 545-4399, 210-4039
Open:  24/7.
The Wild Donkey Bar
Address:  Novinskiy blvr, 11
Metro:  Smolenskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 605-1784
Open:  from 07:30 until 23:00.
See review 
Uncle Sam's Cafe
Address:  Sevastololsky prosp., 11 E
Metro:  Akademicheskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 663-7494
Open:  from 12:00 until 05:30.
Upside Down Cake Co.
Address:  Bolshaya Gruzinskaya ul., 76
Metro:  Mayakovskaya
Tel:  +7 (499) 250-0731
Open:  From 10:00 until 23:00
American bakery. Upside Down is not just a physical state, it is a way of life - a philosophy, which provokes a sense of thinking differently. This shared perspective is what bought 4 friends from different walks of life and completely different cultures together to pursue one creative goal: The Upside Down Cake Company.
Address:  Arbat ul., 16/2, str.3
Metro:  Arbatskaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 695-6940

Address:  Vernadskogo prosp., 6, TC
Metro:  Prospekt Vernadskovo
Tel:  +7 (495) 783-9885

Address:  Michurinskiy prosp., Olimpiyskaya derevnya, 3/1
Metro:  Yugo-Zapadnaya
Tel:  +7 (495) 666-2284

Open:  from 10:00 until 00:00.
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