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01.06.20 Could OPEC+ Become A Victim Of Its Own Success?
With oil prices roaring back, the OPEC+ output cuts are undoubtedly doing their job. But they’re due to be reviewed in a little over a week, and the unwieldy group needs to ensure the fault lines between its de facto leaders, Saudi Arabia and Russia, don’t resurface. We all know what happened last time they couldn’t agree on the way forward. For now, the results of the collaboration are almost too good to be true. In the first month of execution, the level of compliance achieved by most of the 20 countries that signed up to the deal has been astonishingly good. That may be a sign of their desperation as crude prices plunged below zero, or a reflection of the struggle to sell cargoes in a world where demand has collapsed. Read more 
01.06.20 Inside Trump's Decision To Delay The G7 Meeting
President Donald Trump's announcement Saturday that he is postponing an in-person summit of the G7 ends, for now, what had been a hurried effort to arrange a major gathering of world leaders while also assuaging those leaders' fears it was safe to assemble during the coronavirus pandemic. It became clear to the White House late last week that convening an in-person G7 economic summit on US soil would likely be impossible by the end of June, particularly with the addition of several other countries Trump said Saturday he wants to include in the meeting, people familiar with the matter told CNN. Read more 
01.06.20 SpaceX Launch Is ‘Wakeup Call’ For Russia’s Space Program
The Moscow Times
Russia has lost its long-held monopoly as the only country able to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station following the flawless manned launch by U.S. company SpaceX. The Russian space agency congratulated the United States and Elon Musk's SpaceX on the first crewed flight ever by a private company, but experts said the launch should be a wakeup call for Roscosmos. “The success of the mission will provide us with additional opportunities that will benefit the whole international programme,” cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, Roscosmos executive director for crewed space programmes, said in a brief video address. Read more 
01.06.20 Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Hundreds Of Thousands Of Migrants Without Food In Russia
ABC News
Zarina Ermyrzayeva lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow with nine other people, all immigrant workers from Central Asia. In late April, she and several of her roommates tested positive for novel coronavirus after falling severely ill with pneumonia symptoms. After a week in the hospital, they returned to the apartment. For over a month following, they were unable to leave. Quarantine rules forbade them from stepping outside, even to buy groceries. Unable to work and with no money to get deliveries, their food ran out. Read more 
31.05.20 Trump Postpones G7 Meeting, Seeks Expansion Of Members
President Donald Trump said Saturday that he will postpone until the fall a meeting of Group of 7 nations he had planned to hold next month at the White House despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And he said he plans to invite Russia, Australia, South Korea and India as he again advocated for the group’s expansion. Trump told reporters on Air Force One as he returned to Washington from Florida that he feels the current makeup of the group is “very outdated” and doesn’t properly represent “what’s going on in the world.” Read more 
31.05.20 Russia Plans Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trials In Two Weeks
Russian scientists plan to start clinical trials within two weeks on a vaccine to combat the novel coronavirus, the health minister was quoted as saying on Saturday as authorities approved the country’s first anti-COVID-19 drug. Russia has the world’s third-highest toll of coronavirus infections after the United States and Brazil, and Kremlin officials have said the nation’s researchers are working on almost 50 different vaccine projects. Read more 
31.05.20 Suing Russia’s President
Mikhail Ignatiev has an interesting list of accomplishments. He lost his job as the head of Chuvashia in January this year after two scandals: first, he advocated “wiping out” bloggers and journalists who praise Western countries, and then he humiliated a fireman by forcing him to jump for the keys to a new fire engine. Ignatiev is now saddling up for his next adventure: becoming the first public official in Russia to contest the presidential order that cost him his governorship. Read more 
31.05.20 After Criticism, Russia Expands Stats On Virus-linked Deaths
The Russian government on Friday presented more detailed mortality figures for last month that include more deaths linked with the coronavirus, in a bid to dispel suspicions from some Russian and Western experts that authorities were trying to lower the toll for political reasons.
But officials also defended the way they register deaths, which only includes people confirmed to have died of COVID-19, and not those who succumbed to other causes — even if they also tested positive for the virus. Read more 
30.05.20 The Latest: Russia Responds To Death Of George Floyd
The Latest on the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer knelt on his neck (all times local): 12:45 p.m. Russia’s Foreign Ministry is responding to the death of George Floyd. The ministry says in a lengthy statement that the death underlines frequent violence by police in the United States. Read more 
30.05.20 Russian Cenbank Sees May Inflation Steady At 3-3.1%
Annual inflation in Russia is likely to stay at 3.0-3.1% in May after running at 3.1% in April, the central bank said on Friday, three weeks before the board meeting where it is expected to cut its rates amid the economic crisis sparked by COVID-19. The Russian central bank is seen trimming its key rate to 5% from 5.5% on June 19, a Reuters poll showed on Friday. Read more 
30.05.20 US To Send Second Batch Of 150 Ventilators To Russia
The second batch of 150 US ventilators will be shipped to Russia on Saturday to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, a representative of Vyaire Medical company, which manufactures the equipment, said. "Another 150 LTV 2200 ventilators will be shipped to Russia this Saturday," Patrick O'Connor said. Read more 
30.05.20 Activists Held In Russia For Protesting Journalist’s Arrest
Entrepreneurs working in the areas which were not regarded as the most affected sectors of the economy name subsidies, tax write-offs and opportunities to obtain loans on favorable terms as the most necessary support measures. Read more 
30.05.20 Almost Half Of Russian Small Businesses Fail To Receive State Support
Entrepreneurs working in the areas which were not regarded as the most affected sectors of the economy name subsidies, tax write-offs and opportunities to obtain loans on favorable terms as the most necessary support measures. Read more 
30.05.20 Coronavirus Ravages Strategic Russian Region
The new coronavirus is sweeping through some of the mountain villages of Russia’s far-flung Dagestan region and they are struggling to treat patients properly, protect medics or even count the dead, five local officials said. Read more 
30.05.20 Russia To Continue Cutting Rates Amid Virus-boosted Economic Contraction
The Russian central bank will continue cutting interest rates in 2020, as it faces a worsening economic contraction and lower inflationary risks, a Reuters poll showed on Friday. Read more 
30.05.20 Moscow Doubles Coronavirus-Linked Death Count Amid Scrutiny
The Moscow Times
Moscow health authorities have more than doubled the city’s April death count from coronavirus or related cases as questions continue to surround Russia’s comparatively low mortality rate. The city’s health department said Thursday that 1,753 more people died in April than on average in the past three years. Covid-19 directly caused 636 of those deaths, the Moscow Health Department said in a statement. Read more 
30.05.20 Russia Wants To Spark A Domestic Tourism Boom. Will It Work?
The Moscow Times
The Russian government has swung into action to encourage its citizens to holiday at home this summer in a bid to kick-start the coronavirus-battered domestic tourism industry and ensure that people spend their rubles in Russia. In a string of speeches earlier this week, the authorities announced they would start lifting tourism restrictions — with some health resorts around the Black Sea able to reopen June 1 — and advised Russians to ditch their foreign holidays and travel around Russia instead. Read more 
29.05.20 Moscow's First Steps Out Of Coronavirus Lockdown, Explained
The Moscow Times
Starting Monday, Muscovites will be allowed to walk outside for the first time in two months — with a number of restrictions still in place — as the Russian capital eases some parts of its lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. “The new walking rules may seem too complicated. I am not pleased with them either,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said after residents took to social media to compare the rules to George Orwell's "1984" and the Gulag labor camps. Read more 
29.05.20 Russia’s New Assault Might Look Familiar—Especially To The French
When you can’t buy it, steal it. That’s Russia’s approach to acquiring new amphibious assault ships, six years after France cancelled a sale of the versatile vessels. On May 22, Russian news agency TASS reported that the Kremlin had inked a $1.4-billion deal with the Kerch shipyard in Crimea to build two Project 23900 assault ships. Similar in appearance to small aircraft carriers, the assaults ships each will displace 25,000 tons of water and carry up to 20 large helicopters, landing craft and 900 marines. Read more 
29.05.20 Moscow Hopes Dutch Judges To Order Extra Expert Examinations In MH17 Crash Probe
Moscow hopes that judges in the Netherlands will pay attention to the drawbacks of the probe into the deadly crash of the MH17 flight in eastern Ukraine — including the failure to properly study Ukraine's role — and order additional inspections. Read more 
29.05.20 Coronavirus Tightens Putin’s Economic Grip
Vladimir Putin has steadily expanded the Russian state’s involvement in an economy that’s increasingly dominated by large companies. The coronavirus crisis, with its lopsided financial assistance that benefits big employers more than entrepreneurs, looks set to continue this process. In the short term, this will strengthen the hand of a vulnerable president. Over the longer term, it spells stagnation. Governments almost everywhere have had to intervene in their industries over the past few months as they scramble to contain the fallout from Covid-19, bailing out airlines, carmakers and more. Moscow, though, has been slowly broadening its own economic presence since the early 2000s, constructing a corporate landscape that now leans on fewer sectors, with fewer competitors — a phenomenon heightened by international sanctions and a policy of self-reliance. Read more 
29.05.20 Germany Confronts Russian Ambassador Over Cyberattack
Germany said Thursday it is seeking EU sanctions against a Russian man over his alleged role in the hacking of the German parliament at a time when evidence shows he was working for Russian intelligence. Germany’s Foreign Ministry said it called in Russian ambassador Sergei Nechayev to inform him in person of the move. Senior German diplomat Miguel Berger “strongly condemned the attack on Germany’s parliament in the name of the German government” while meeting with Nechayev, the ministry said. Read more 
29.05.20 No Victory Day For Sobyanin, Or The Other Regional Bosses
The Moscow Times
Vladimir Putin is not, it seems, big on delayed gratification. Having reluctantly postponed his Victory Day Parade from 9 May, at the height of Moscow’s coronavirus epidemic, he has decreed that it will be held not in September, as some believed (for the end of World War Two in the Pacific) but 24 June, the 75th anniversary of the first-ever such parade, in 1945. His presumed triumph, though, poses monstrous challenges to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and other regional leaders, and epitomizes the new stresses on the unspoken social contract between center and regions. Read more 
28.05.20 Russian Billionaire God Nisanov Donates Millions To Coronavirus Relief
As of today, Russia has surpassed 350,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases – the second-highest number in the world after the US. Even as lockdown ends, the country reported almost 9,000 new infections on May 25, 2020. Fortunately, Forbes billionaire God Nisanov, a real estate mogul originally from Azerbaijan, is stepping up to help. Read more 
28.05.20 Top Lawmaker Denies That Russia Sent Warplanes To Libya
A senior Russian lawmaker on Wednesday strongly rejected the U.S. military’s claim that Russia has deployed fighter jets to Libya to support east-based forces in their offensive on the capital, Tripoli. Viktor Bondarev, the former Russian air force chief who heads the defense committee in the upper house of parliament, dismissed the claim by the U.S. Africa Command as “stupidity.” “If the warplanes are in Libya, they are Soviet, not Russian,” he said. The U.S. Africa Command said Tuesday the Russian military aircraft arrived in Libya recently from an airbase in Russia via Syria, where they were repainted to hide their Russian origin. AFRICOM did not say exactly how many aircraft were transferred or when exactly they arrived in Libya. Read more 
28.05.20 Moscow To Start Easing Coronavirus Restrictions After Flattening Curve
The Moscow Times
Moscow is ready to open non-food shops and certain service-sector businesses as well as begin allowing walks outside starting next Monday, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Wednesday at a videoconference with President Vladimir Putin. Sobyanin had extended the Russian capital’s strict lockdown — including its controversial digital pass system — until May 31 even as Putin ended the nationwide “non-working” period aimed at slowing the spread of the infection two weeks ago. The epicenter of Russia’s coronavirus outbreak with roughly half of its over 370,000 cases, Moscow has seen its new coronavirus cases decrease from a peak of 6,703 in early May to fewer than 3,000 in recent days. Read more 
27.05.20 US Military Says Russia Deployed Fighter Jets To Libya
The U.S. military Tuesday accused Russia of deploying fighter planes to conflict-stricken Libya to support Russian mercenaries aiding east-based forces in their offensive on the capital, Tripoli. Russia called the claim “disinformation.”In a strongly worded statement, the U.S. Africa Command said the Russian military aircraft arrived in Libya recently from an airbase in Russia via Syria, where they were repainted to hide their Russian origin. AFRICOM did not say how many aircraft were transferred or when exactly they arrived in Libya. Read more 
27.05.20 Russia Says US Leaving Overflight Treaty Will Hurt Security
Russia said Tuesday that the U.S. decision to withdraw from an international treaty allowing observation flights over military facilities would erode global security by making it more difficult for governments to interpret the intentions of other nations. President Donald Trump last week announced Washington’s intention to pull out of the Open Skies Treaty, arguing that Russian violations made it untenable for the United States to remain a party. Russia denied breaching the pact, which came into force in 2002, and the European Union has urged the U.S. to reconsider. Read more 
27.05.20 Russia To Hold World War II Victory Parade On June 24
Russia will hold a military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the defeat over Nazi Germany in World War II on June 24, after the celebration was postponed from May because of the coronavirus pandemic. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement Tuesday during a video conference with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and ordered the ministry to start preparing for the event. Read more 
27.05.20 Coronavirus In Russia: The Latest News
The Moscow Times
Russia confirmed 8,915 new coronavirus infections Tuesday, bringing the country’s official number of cases to 362,342.
Read more 
26.05.20 Russia To Start Lifting Restrictions On Domestic Tourism From June 1
The Russian government will start gradually lifting restrictions on domestic tourism from June 1, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said on Monday. "The safe and controlled launch of domestic tourism in the first half of summer is, of course, a priority for us. From June 1, the Russian government will start easing restrictions systemically and accurately," the vice-premier said at a government meeting on the prospects of reopening the tourism industry. Read more 
26.05.20 Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Region Is Among Those Hardest Hit By The Coronavirus Pandemic.
The Nizhny Novgorod region has taken fourth place in Russia for having the most coronavirus infections. As of May 25, more than 8,000 people in the region have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and 65 people have died. The growth of new cases has stabilized, but it’s still more than 200 per day. Local officials attribute these numbers to the region’s proximity to Moscow. Despite these alarming statistics, the regional capital of Nizhny Novgorod has moved towards the first stage of lifting quarantine restrictions. Technically speaking, the city has met the federal public health authority’s requirements for beginning the exit from lockdown. Read more 
26.05.20 Russian Prosecutors Demand 18 Years For Ex-US Marine In Spy Trial
The Moscow Times
Russian prosecutors on Monday called for a former US marine charged with spying to be sentenced to 18 years in prison, after a closed-door trial denounced by Washington and his family. Paul Whelan, 50, was detained in Moscow in December 2018 for allegedly receiving state secrets, but he insists he was framed when he took a USB drive from an acquaintance thinking it contained holiday photos. His trial, which caused tensions between Moscow and Washington and sparked speculation of a prisoner swap, concluded with closing arguments on Monday. Read more 
26.05.20 Foreign Firms Seek Level Playing Field In Russia’s Coronavirus Response
The Moscow Times
The year 2020 was supposed to be one of celebration for the Association of European Businesses (AEB), as the main lobbying organization for foreign companies and investors in Russia is turning 25. Instead, just three weeks into the job, new chief executive Tadzio Schilling has found himself trying to navigate the AEB’s 500-plus members through the most complicated and potentially devastating economic crisis in the organization’s history. Read more 
25.05.20 Russian Consumer Protection Chief Warns Of Higher Coronavirus Death Rate
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
The head of Russia's consumer protection and well-being agency, Anna Popova, warned on May 24 of increased COVID-19 death rates even as official figures show a slight easing in daily infections since peak counts around two weeks ago. Her statements, on state television's Voskresny Vecher (Sunday Evening) program, followed news of Russia's highest one-day coronavirus death toll, 153, but also the lowest number of new infections in three weeks. Read more 
25.05.20 Russia's Putin Faces His Toughest Times: Here’s Why He Will Survive
Falling popularity ratings, and the postponement of a crucial vote on constitutional change, are among the challenges facing President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Times are tough. It is too soon to start writing his political obituary. This spring was supposed to be a series of triumphant public events confirming Putin's power, and Russia's pride. The coronavirus pandemic means that it has not turned out that way. Read more 
25.05.20 ‘It Tried To Smother Everybody’
The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare used to be the Russian government’s agency for monitoring sanitation compliance and consumer safety. Now, it’s the country’s most powerful biological security force. As the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated, so has the bureaucratic might of this otherwise-obscure regulatory arm, usually known by the (still-unwieldy) abbreviation Rospotrebnadzor. Its rank-and-file employees have fought to overcome the unexpectedly rapid spread of the disease, while their higher-ups have continued to push fiercely for ever-bigger budgets and ever-greater scientific achievements. Read more 
24.05.20 Russian Government Allocates $1.4 Bln To Support 56 Regions
Russian regions will be provided with 100 bln rubles ($1.4 bln) in assistance allocated in order to compensate for the declining budget revenues, according to a decree signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. "The funds allocated in line with the Russian president’s instructions will be provided to 56 federal subjects where tax and non-tax revenues as of May 1, 2020 were lower than those in the previous two years," the government’s press service said. Read more 
24.05.20 After Weeks Of COVID-19 Cases, Russian Doctor Craves Quiet
As he strides down the sidewalk outside Moscow’s Filatov Hospital in blue jeans and garish crimson shoes, Dr. Osman Osmanov shows no signs of the rigors he’s just been through. But behind the veneer of calm is a yearning for relief from countless days of laboring to save the lives of the stream of coronavirus victims who come into the hospital on gurneys, frightened and struggling to breathe. Read more 
24.05.20 Picketing For The Police
More than a year ago, three police detectives in a town outside Novgorod apprehended a suspected child molester. Earlier this month, the officers were themselves arrested for allegedly beating that man up while he was in custody. The case against the detectives prompted a public campaign in their defense, organized by one of the molested children’s fathers, who’d helped the officers catch the suspect in the first place. After roughly 100 demonstrators assembled outside the Investigative Committee’s local office, and following intervention by federal officials from Moscow, the detectives were released. Read more 
24.05.20 Living Through 5 Economic Resets; How Life Prepared Me For The Pandemic
In the beginning of the 2020 lockdown, venture capitalist Bill Gurley tweeted, “I am living through my third “reset” in Silicon Valley. Reputations are built in hard times, not the easy times.” We are living through a tough time indeed, and it’s good to be able to put it all into perspective. I realized that this is actually the fifth economic reset I’ve lived through to date. I have “extras” because I grew up in the Soviet Union. That empire’s fall thirty years ago gave a much younger me a quick course in economic reality as I watched my single mother work multiple jobs to keep our family together. Many of my childhood friends did not fare as well as I did. More on that later. Read more 
23.05.20 U Urges US To Reconsider Military Overflight Treaty Pullout
The European Union on Friday urged the United States to reconsider its plan to withdraw from a military treaty allowing observation flights over more than 30 countries, as NATO insisted that Russia has long flouted its commitments under the agreement. President Donald Trump said Thursday that Russian violations make it untenable for the United States to stay in the Open Skies Treaty. Washington has signaled that it will pull out in six months, although Trump hinted that he might reconsider the decision. Read more 
23.05.20 Putin Says Coronavirus Situation In Russia Has Stabilized
President Vladimir Putin said Friday the coronavirus outbreak in Russia has begun to abate, creating a positive environment for easing restrictions, as officials defended the country’s data on deaths against claims they were being under-reported. Speaking during a video conference with top officials, Putin pointed at the decreasing number of new infections in Moscow and other regions. “The positive dynamic is not so fast as we would like it to be, sometimes even unstable, but it does exist,” he said. Read more 
23.05.20 Explainer: What Is The Open Skies Treaty And Why Is U.S. Quitting?
The Moscow Times
The Open Skies Treaty, which the United States plans to quit, was agreed just after the Cold War to allow signatories to avoid nasty surprises by monitoring rival militaries. It was signed in 1992 and came into force in 2002, allowing 35 countries — including the United States and Russia — to fly unarmed surveillance flights over each other's territory. Moscow and Washington have long accused the other of breaching its terms, and last year President Donald Trump suggested that the United States might leave the treaty altogether. Read more 
23.05.20 Russian Rocket Turned Space Junk Just Blazed A Spectacular Streak Across The Sky
It looked a bit like a bright comet streaking towards the horizon over Australia, but orbit watchers say it was actually the third stage of a Russian Soyuz rocket re-entering the atmosphere. Numerous eyewitnesses caught the show in the skies over Victoria and southeast Australia Friday evening. The fiery bit of space junk blazed a distinct and wide path across the sky, a display that was far more defined and prolonged than your typical meteoroid burning up as a fleeting fireball overhead. Read more 
23.05.20 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Flourish In Russia’s Republic Of North Ossetia
The Moscow Times
On April 20, around 2,000 protesters gathered in Freedom Square in the heart of Vladikavkaz, the sleepy capital of Russia’s mountainous North Caucasus republic of North Ossetia. Flouting the self-isolation regime imposed weeks before to combat the tiny autonomous region’s escalating coronavirus outbreak, demonstrators reeled off their demands: an end to lockdown, emergency financial support, the resignation of the regional government. Read more 
22.05.20 U.S. To Pull Out Of Open Skies Treaty, Trump's Latest Treaty Withdrawal
The United States said on Thursday it would withdraw from the 35-nation Open Skies treaty allowing unarmed surveillance flights over member countries, the Trump administration’s latest move to pull the country out of a major global treaty. The administration said Russia had repeatedly violated the pact’s terms. Senior officials said the pullout would formally take place in six months, but President Donald Trump held out the possibility that Russia could come into compliance. Read more 
22.05.20 Russian Covid-19 Vector Vaccine Unofficially Tested On Humans, Experiment Successful
Specialists of the Nikolai Gamaleya National Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center of the Russian Health Ministry tested a vector vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection on themselves; the experience proved to be successful: immunity emerged, and no negative effects were detected, the center's director Academician Alexander Gintsburg told Interfax. "As regards the developers, indeed, they didn't so much seek to test it on themselves, rather, they sought to protect themselves in order to be able to work on this development amid the pandemic [...] Consequently, all those working on this development are protected," Gintsburg said. Read more 
22.05.20 ‘We’re Expendable’: Russian Doctors Face Hostility, Mistrust
There are no daily public displays of gratitude for Russian doctors and nurses during the coronavirus crisis like there are in the West. Instead of applause, they face mistrust, low pay and even open hostility. Residents near the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, a Moscow hospital now treating virus patients, complained when they saw medical workers walking out of the building in full protective gear, fearing the workers would spread contagion. Read more 
21.05.20 ‘The Minister Realized A Catastrophe Was Brewing’
During a recent interview with local blogger Ruslan Kurbanov, Dagestan’s health minister acknowledged that the region has significantly under-reported coronavirus deaths in official data. The admission came a week after Meduza published a report on the critical situation the coronavirus pandemic has caused in this republic on Russia's southern edge. The interview with the minister, streamed on Instagram, became a national sensation. Now, even the Russian state media says the minimum number of coronavirus deaths reported here could be significantly higher than the official numbers indicate. Read more 
21.05.20 Putin: Russia Is Now Fully Self-sufficient In Basic Food Products
President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is now fully self-sufficient in basic food products.
"Russia is fully self-sufficient in basic foodstuffs, it is consistently venturing into global markets, and is one of the leading exporters in a number of positions," the head of state said at a meeting on the situation in agriculture and the food industry. Read more 
21.05.20 Putin Wants Russia To Get Back To Normal. New Outbreaks Show It May Be Too Early.
The Moscow Times
Before 136 employees of the distribution center for the popular Krasnoe & Beloe discount liquor chain in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk region tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, the region was set to relax its quarantine restrictions. The region had taken its cue from President Vladimir Putin, who last week announced a plan for Russia to get back to work while leaving its implementation to regional officials. Like most regions, Sverdlovsk quickly moved to take up the call, despite Russia registering the world’s second-highest number of positive coronavirus cases as of Thursday with over 317,000. Read more 
20.05.20 Russian Investigative Committee Launches First Case On Non-payment Of Medical Workers’ Bonuses
A criminal case has been launched in response to the non-payment of coronavirus bonuses for emergency services workers in the city Armavir (Krasnodar Krai), the Russian Investigative Committee reports. The circumstances are being investigated as a case of criminal negligence. According to the investigators, the medical workers did not receive hazard pay due to the “negligence” of the Armavir City Hospital’s leadership. Read more 
20.05.20 Russian Medics 16x More Likely To Die From Coronavirus Than Foreign Colleagues: Analysis
The Moscow Times
Russian medics are 16 times more likely to die from the coronavirus than healthcare professionals in countries with similarly high Covid-19 numbers, the Mediazona news website reported Tuesday. Russia does not officially publish a separate count of medical professionals who have died from the virus. Since last month, the country's doctors have been reporting their colleagues' deaths in an unofficial tally. Read more 
20.05.20 Russian Mi-8 Military Helicopter Crash Kills Three In Moscow Region
According to Russia's Defence Ministry, the accident happened at around 8 p.m., local time. A Russian Mi-8 military helicopter crash-landed outside Klin, in the Moscow region, on 19 May at around 8 p.m. local time, the country's defence ministry said. The helicopter crew of three died of their injuries. Read more 
19.05.20 Russian PM Says Growth Of New Coronavirus Cases Stopped
The Moscow Times

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Monday that the growth in new coronavirus cases had been stopped in Russia, which has recorded the world's largest number of infections after the United States. "The situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection remains difficult, but we can still acknowledge that we managed to put a stop to the growth of infections," Mishustin told a government meeting.
Read more 
19.05.20 ‘This Is War’ In Dagestan, Russia
In the Republic of Dagestan, a federal subject on the southern edge of Russia that stretches from the Caspian Sea into the Northern Caucasus Mountains, weddings and funerals mean enormous crowds. Hundreds and even thousands of people regularly gather to celebrate major life events not only from all over the republic but from all over Russia as well. Those traditions don’t fit well with the circumstances of a global pandemic. However, the strong communities that underlie them have been helping Dagestan pull off miracles of self-organization and mutual aid, especially when there’s no hope of receiving government support. Read more 
19.05.20 Russia Hopes To Start COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Soon - Health Minister
Russia has taken measures to prevent “exponential growth” of the coronavirus epidemic and hopes to start clinical trials of a vaccine within weeks, its health minister said on Monday. Read more 
19.05.20 Russian Military To Combat Coronavirus Outbreak In Siberia
Russia's defense ministry will send teams to combat a coronavirus outbreak in Siberia's Krasnoyarsk region, it announced on Monday. The order to involve Russia's military came from President Vladimir Putin, during a videoconference with 85 regional leaders, saying that decisions on lockdown measures and a following lifting of restrictions would be made by local leaders and not the federal government, Read more 
18.05.20 Russians Check Virus Status As Moscow Rolls Out Mass Testing
The Moscow Times
Tucked away in a Moscow office block, the laboratory could pass unnoticed were it not for the line of people waiting, as Russia rolls out mass testing for coronavirus. While those in line are observing social distancing, they do not have symptoms of coronavirus. They have come to the laboratory, part of a commercial chain called Gemotest that carries out a variety of medical tests, seeking confirmation that they do not have the virus. Read more 
18.05.20 Russia Allows Foreign Athletes Entry As COVID-19 Cases Pass 280,000
The Russian government said on Sunday (May 17) it would allow foreign athletes competing in its domestic sports leagues to enter the country as the number of COVID-19 cases passed 280,000. Russia closed its borders in March to foreigners and grounded international flights, except those repatriating Russians or returning foreign nationals to their country of origin, in a bid to stem the spread of the virus. The government said athletes and coaches under contract with a Russian sports organisation would be put under medical observation and obliged to spend two weeks in quarantine upon their return to the country. Read more 
18.05.20 Russia’s Bolshoi Has ‘Optimistic’ Plans For Return Of Ballet After Coronavirus Closure
Coronavirus has been the latest chapter in the Bolshoi's eventful history. Now the legendary home of Russian ballet and opera is making plans to stage performances in the fall—the situation with the pandemic permitting. In an interview with AFP, published by the Moscow Times, the general director of Moscow's Bolshoi Theater, Vladimir Urin, spoke of an "optimistic scenario" in which rehearsals could resume in July. Read more 
17.05.20 Russia Reports Rise In Virus Deaths Amid Decline In New Cases
Russia reported a record daily death toll from Covid-19 even as the number of new coronavirus cases eased to the lowest in more than two weeks as the country comes out of lockdown measures. Fatalities rose by 119 in the past day to reach 2,537, according to data published by the Russian government’s virus response center. There were 9,200 new confirmed coronavirus cases, the lowest increase since May 1, bringing overall infections to 272,043. Read more 
17.05.20 WHO Notes Good COVID-19 Testing In Russia — Official
The World Health Organization notes the good organization of novel coronavirus testing in Russia, said Michael Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme. "Certainly from the perspective of the Russian Federation, they have been very good at ramping up testing, at making testing more available, but it is clear that in certain areas that the number of cases is stressing the healthcare system," he said. At the same time, Ryan noted that Russia’s coronavirus death toll was relatively low. Read more 
17.05.20 Coronavirus Has Devastated Moscow. Now It's Spreading Across Russia's 11 Time Zones To Ill-funded Regions
ussia hit a grim Covid-19 milestone this week: According to Johns Hopkins University, the country now ranks second in the world for confirmed coronavirus cases. The Russian capital has been hardest hit. Of Russia's total of 272,043 confirmed cases, around half -- 138,969 -- are in Moscow, according to the country's coronavirus headquarters. But the virus is now spreading across Russia's regions, an enormous landmass that covers 11 time zones and includes some of the country's most remote and impoverished places. Read more 
16.05.20 Moscow Starts Free Antibody Testing For Coronavirus
ABC News
Moscow authorities on Friday began free coronavirus testing for all residents. Under the program announced by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, tests for coronavirus antibodies, a marker of infection, will be conducted at 30 clinics throughout the city. The program will allow officials “to know precisely how many Muscovites had coronavirus and developed immunity, how many people are infected or are suspected to have coronavirus,” the mayor said in a blog post Thursday. Read more 
16.05.20 Trump Says US Will Beat Out Russia And China With 'super Duper Missile'
The Guardian
Unveiling the flag for his new space force in the Oval Office on Friday, Donald Trump said the US was developing a “super duper missile” to outpace military rivals including Russia and China. “We have no choice, we have to do it with the adversaries we have out there. We have, I call it the super duper missile and I heard the other night [it’s] 17 times faster than what they have right now,” the president said, sitting at the Resolute Desk. Read more 
16.05.20 US Donating 200 Ventilators To Russia
Voice of America
The United States will donate 200 medical ventilators to Moscow via U.S. military transport beginning next week, to aid against the worsening coronavirus outbreak in Russia. Government communications obtained by VOA reveal that the first 50 ventilators are being produced in California and will be ready for shipment to a surgical center in Moscow on Wednesday. The remaining 150 will be ready for shipment on May 26. Read more 
16.05.20 Coronavirus: Is Putin Rushing Russia Out Of Lockdown?
BBC News
It looks like Vladimir Putin has run out of patience with coronavirus. On Monday he sent millions of workers back to factories and building sites across Russia, declaring six weeks of full lockdown over. Regional leaders have been left to manage exactly how and when they lift the remaining restrictions, with the infection rate still stubbornly high - especially in Moscow. But by Thursday, Mr Putin was telling his government that life was "resuming its normal, familiar rhythm" and urging them to refocus on non-coronavirus priorit Read more 
15.05.20 Russian Government Allocates 23.4 Billion Rubles To Support Domestic Air Carriers
The Russian government has allocated 23.4 billion rubles (about $329 million at the current exchange rate) to compensate for air carriers’ losses entailed as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to the government’s website. "Domestic air carriers will receive 23.4 billion rubles in compensation for losses entailed as a result of the novel coronavirus infection outbreak. This decree has been approved by the government," says a statement on the government’s website. Read more 
15.05.20 Permission To Die: Rejected How Russia’s Fight Against COVID-19 Relies On Fiddled Statistics
On May 11, Vladimir Putin ostensibly brought an end to Russia’s “non-working days.” In reality, regional leaders are responsible for using epidemiological statistics to determine exactly when and how to lift measures imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The same day that the president ostensibly reopened the nation, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova proudly announced that COVID-19’s lethality in Russia is 7.4 times below the global average. Demographers, however, say these numbers are a cause for investigation, not celebration. Read more 
15.05.20 Russian Medics Ask Where Putin's Virus Bonuses Went
The Moscow Times
Maria, a 24-year-old doctor working outside Moscow, expected to be paid extra if one of her patients tested positive for the coronavirus. Instead, her salary shrank. In a small town 200 kilometers (120 miles) from the capital, she visits patients at home and normally has around three calls a day. But that number surged to 30 in April as the pandemic struck Russia.
Read more 
14.05.20 Why Is Russia's Covid-19 Mortality Rate So Low?
For almost two weeks, three countries have led the rest of the world in the daily number of new Covid-19 infections: The United States, Russia and Brazil. This makes some sense -- each is in the top 10 of most populous countries with well over 125 million people and each has a few very crowded cities. Furthermore, each country was disorganized and disbelieving as the disease settled in their region. Read more 
14.05.20 Explainer: The Biggest Incubators Of Russia’s Coronavirus Outbreak
The Moscow Times
Russia has rapidly become one of the epicenters of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, reporting the world’s fastest growth in infections with more than 10,000 new daily cases from May 2-13. This week, Russia surpassed Britain, Italy and Spain to become the second most-infected country with 252,245 confirmed cases, behind the United States. Officials attribute the increase to mass testing and detecting asymptomatic cases not always counted in other countries. Read more 
14.05.20 Russia Khachaturyan Sisters: Investigators Refuse To Drop Murder Case
BBC News
Russian investigators have refused to drop a murder charge against three sisters who killed their abusive father as he slept, leaving a controversial case in legal limbo.
The general prosecutor's office concluded earlier this year that the Khachaturyan sisters had been subjected to prolonged physical and sexual abuse. The killing should therefore be seen as "necessary self-defence", it said. That ruling had been expected to close the case. But a lawyer for one of the women has told the BBC that Russia's investigative committee has now rejected the prosecutor's position. Read more 
13.05.20 Putin's Coronavirus Crisis Deepens With Fatal Hospital Fire And Spokesman's Diagnosis
A fire in a hospital treating coronavirus victims claimed the lives of five patients and forced the evacuation of 150 people in the Russian city of St. Petersburg on Tuesday, further testing the Russian government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic amid a growing crisis that has reached the Kremlin's inner circle. The St. Petersburg fire broke out on the sixth floor of an intensive care unit at the St. George Hospital, killing five coronavirus patients connected to ventilating equipment, the TASS news agency reported, citing medical personnel. Read more 
13.05.20 Explainer: What The End Of Putin’s Coronavirus ‘Non-Working’ Period Means
The Moscow Times
President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia’s “non-working” period would come to an end from May 12, allowing the country to start easing restrictions imposed more than six weeks ago to slow the spread of the coronavirus even as Russia saw record increases in new infections. During the nationwide “non-working” period, all non-essential businesses were required to close and employers ordered to continue paying staff. It has been criticized for what observers say is insufficient financial support for small and mid-sized businesses as well as for people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Read more 
13.05.20 ‘Conspiring With These People’
How Rosneft trapped one of Russia’s top business newspapers and left the nominal owner with $15.1 million in profits. A joint investigation. Read more 
12.05.20 Coronavirus: Putin Eases Russian Lockdown As Cases Rise
BBC News
Russian President Vladimir Putin says that from Tuesday the nationwide coronavirus lockdown will be eased and businesses will go back to work. He said the country's "non-working period" imposed to curb the virus had lasted six weeks. The easing of restrictions will affect all sectors of the economy, Mr Putin said, but some regions may keep tighter controls if necessary. Russia now has the third-highest number of confirmed infections worldwide. In the last 24 hours it reported a record daily rise of 11,656 cases, bringing the official total to 221,344. Read more 
12.05.20 Uh Oh, Putin's Following Trump's Covid-19 Playbook
Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be following some of the central pages of President Donald Trump's playbook. And the results seem to be heading in an even more catastrophic direction. In the past seven days, the World Health Organization reports that Russia has added over 75,000 coronavirus cases, more than double the nearest European nation, the United Kingdom. Even more troubling: The growth rate of the disease was 56%. Moscow has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, with only scattered clusters in other major cities like St. Petersburg, and as far as some oil and gas fields in the more remote reaches of Siberia. Read more 
12.05.20 How Kremlin Propaganda Destroyed Russian Healthcare
The Moscow Times
Ever since 2014, state-controlled television has simply diverted viewers’ attention away from domestic challenges to the problems — both real and imagined — other countries face. Why talk about Russia’s shortcomings when life is even worse in Ukraine? Europe and the U.S. are in crisis and liable to collapse at any moment. Rather than maintain the superpower charade, Russia has tried to make everyone else look like losers. Against such a backdrop, Russia is meant to look more appealing. Read more 
11.05.20 Russia Is Boasting About Low Coronavirus Deaths. The Numbers Are Deceiving.
The Moscow Times
Suspicions are growing that Russia is undercounting its coronavirus death toll. Although the country has the second fastest growing outbreak in the world after the United States, its mortality rate falls far below other countries. On Friday, Russia reported 187,859 coronavirus cases to only 1,723 deaths, putting it in fifth place globally for case numbers with a mortality rate of only 0.9%. Read more 
11.05.20 Roscosmos Confirms Destruction Of Russian Fregat Upper Stage’s Tank In Space
The TsNIIMash rocket and spacecraft scientific center has confirmed the destruction in the earth’s orbit of tanks of the Russian Fregat-SB upper stage, the press service of Roscosmos space agency told TASS on Sunday. It said the upper stage was used to place into orbit Spektr-P scientific satellite in 2011. Measurement data is being collected, the number and parameters of the orbits of detected fragments is being specified, Roscosmos said. Read more 
11.05.20 Death Toll In Fire At A Hospice In Moscow Region Rises To 10 - Emergencies Ministry
The death toll from a fire in a hospice for the elderly in Krasnogorsk near Moscow has risen to 10, an official in the press service of the Moscow department of the Emergency Ministry told TASS. "Ten people died. They all got poisoned by products of combustion," the official said. Read more 
10.05.20 Coronavirus: Russia Marks WW2 Victory Day With Subdued Celebrations
BBC News
Russia has marked 75 years since victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two despite cancelling its traditional military parade because of the coronavirus outbreak. In a subdued celebration, President Vladimir Putin laid roses at the Eternal Flame war memorial. Unable to attend public processions, people uploaded pictures of family members and told war stories online. On Saturday Russia recorded another rise of 10,000 cases of coronavirus. Read more 
10.05.20 The True Meaning Of Victory Day
The Moscow Times
Once when I was comparing Moscow and St. Petersburg in a column for this newspaper, I wrote that the Russian capital is not as easily understood or straightforward as its northern neighbor and needs a bit of explaining so that a visitor can accept it. Victory Day celebrations in Russia also require some explanation. Seventy-five years after the war ended, the way the date is commemorated and discussed is unprecedented. This might seem a bit strange from a foreign point of view — after all, we’re dealing with a military event, a purely textbook matter for many people in the world today. Read more 
10.05.20 Victory Day And Russia's War Cult
During his annual New Year's address to the nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin touted the 75th anniversary of the allied victory over Nazi Germany as the country's main event in 2020. The celebrations were supposed to culminate in a pompous military parade in the Red Square and the opening of a new Christian Orthodox cathedral dedicated to the Russian army on May 9. Read more 
10.05.20 Russia Records Muted V-Day Celebrations As Coronavirus Cases Continue To Spiral
Fox News
Russia held a stripped-down Victory Day celebration Saturday as its coronavirus cases spiral, making it the fifth highest-infected country in the world. When Nazi Germany signed its surrender on May 8, 1945, it was already May 9 in Russia. As such, Russia proceeded with commemorations on Saturday while the rest of Europe had already celebrated on Friday. Read more 
10.05.20 What Coronavirus Postponement Of Russia’s WWII Victory Parade Means For Putin
The continuing threat to public health posed by the coronavirus means Russia has been marking the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany much more modestly than planned. May 9 in Russia is a celebration of past glory, and a demonstration of contemporary military might. For months, there had been plans for 15,000 troops to march across Red Square with hundreds of pieces of military hardware. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic changed all that. Read more 
10.05.20 'The Russians Are Coming': How East Germans Met Soviet Soldiers In 1945
"The Russians are coming!" In April 1945, the family of four-year-old Uwe Trostel expected only cruelty from Soviet soldiers. However, the first encounter turned out to be completely different. Based on his mother’s stories, Uwe Trostel, who is now 79, spoke about the peaceful coexistence that endured with the Russians in a Czech town until 9 May. Read more 
10.05.20 ‘Essentially, A War Is Going On’
In St. Petersburg, hundreds of healthcare workers have already contracted the coronavirus. There are currently 190 specialists undergoing treatment at the Botkin Infectious Diseases Hospital — four of them are on ventilators. Over a dozen St. Petersburg doctors between the ages of 30 and 84 years old have already died during the pandemic. Meduza spoke to their relatives and colleagues about what’s happening to Russia’s medical workers when they become infected with COVID-19. Read more 
09.05.20 Russians Celebrate Victory Day Amid Pandemic
Russia celebrates the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War amid restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Large-scale celebrations were postponed to a later date, however, many of them will be held online, so Russians will be able to feel the atmosphere of the holiday without leaving their homes. Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the celebration of Victory Day. Around 10:00 Moscow time, he will lay flowers at the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Gardens in Moscow and congratulate Russians. Read more 
09.05.20 Europeans And Russians Should Remember What Bound Them Together: Anti-fascism
The Guardian
In the early 1990s Russia used to have a strong sense of belonging in Europe. This began to change: the post-Soviet shock therapy reforms were a punishing transition to a free-market society, when a kilogram of sausage cost about the same as a monthly pension and many families experienced malnutrition and hunger. The sudden shift to a more “westernised” way of running the economy left many impoverished, which was eventually capitalised on – after the oligarchic power wars – by a new political leader who embraced a conservative, nationalist rhetoric: Vladimir Putin. Read more 
09.05.20 Will Telegram Ever Launch Planned $1.7Bln Blockchain Project?
The Moscow Times
Last week Telegram, the messaging app founded by Russian tech guru Pavel Durov, postponed the launch of its blockchain platform TON and cryptocurrency Gram yet again. It is the latest in a string of upsets and delays for the project — one of the most high-profile crypto projects ever. The hypothetical launch is now scheduled for April 2021, with a clawback clause for investors. Read more 
08.05.20 Russia Preparing To Ease Coronavirus Restrictions In Three Stages, Officials Say
The Globe and Mail
Russia plans to ease its restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus in three stages, officials said on Wednesday. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the outbreak had stabilized in the past two weeks, with the growth in cases in the capital explained by increased testing. But he said the public should keep observing self-isolation measures even when some restrictions are eased from May 12. Read more 
08.05.20 Coronavirus: Why Russian Doctors Are Falling To Their Deaths
The Independent
In Russia, the news this week should have been about Covid-19 taking ever greater chunks out of the country. An unexpected surge in infections has, after all, made it the fifth-most affected nation on earth — with little sign of the crisis abating. Instead, headlines around the world have been dominated by a more unusual effect of the virus in Russia – a spree of frontline workers falling out of windows. In the course of eight days from 24 April to 2 May, three medics plunged to the ground. Two have already been buried by their colleagues; one is fighting for his life in intensive care with a fractured skull. In all three cases, there is evidence of serious conflict with hospital authorities over the coronavirus response. Read more 
08.05.20 Putin Accepts U.S. Ventilators As Russia’s Coronavirus Cases Surge – Trump
The Moscow Times
U.S. President Donald Trump has said that Russsian President Vladimir Putin accepted his offer to provide ventilators as Russia continued to see record-setting daily coronavirus cases, Reuters reported Thursday. Trump offered to send “a consignment of medical equipment to Russia” in phone talks with Putin, the Kremlin said on the day when Russia broke into the top five countries with the most Covid-19 infections.
Read more 
08.05.20 VE Day: ‘memory War’ Continues Between Europe And Russia Even Under Lockdown
The Conversation
How happy the Austrians will be that the Bleiburg commemorations won’t be happening in 2020. Each year, groups of Croatians normally gather at Bleiburg in Carinthia to remember the tens of thousands of Nazi-supporting Ustaša fighters murdered in Austria by Yugoslavian partisans at the end of the war in Austria. The Carinthian authorities, embarrassed by this show of far-right nationalism, have so far been unable to stop the commemorations. Until the advent of the coronavirus. Read more 
07.05.20 Russia's Coronavirus Cases Rise By Over 10K For Fourth Straight Day
The Moscow Times
Russia confirmed 10,559 new coronavirus infections Wednesday, bringing the country’s official number of cases to 165,929. Russia now has the world's second-fastest rate of new infections behind the United States. It is the seventh most-affected country in terms of infections, having surpassed China, Turkey and Iran last week. Eighty-six people died over the past 24 hours, bringing the total toll to 1,537. Read more 
07.05.20 The Number Of Unemployed People In Russia Has Surpassed 1.2 Million
The number of registered unemployed Russians reached 1,243,000 people at the end of April. What's more, 735,000 of these people registered as unemployed between March and April of this year. These figures were reported by Russia’s Labor and Social Protection Minister, Anton Kotyakov, during a May 6 conference with President Vladimir Putin, focused on issues related to supporting the economy. Read more 
07.05.20 Russian Investigative Committee Confirms Death Of Alltech President Bosov
Spokesperson for the Moscow region branch of the Russian Investigative Committee Olga Vrady has confirmed the death of Alltech Group president Dmitry Bosov in the Moscow region. "Investigators of the investigative department in the town of Odintsovo have opened an inquiry into the death of a 52-year-old local resident," Vrady told Interfax on Wednesday in reply to a question about Bosov's death. The man's dead body with a gunshot wound to the head was found by his relatives near a house in the village of Usovo, she said. "A Glock 19 Gen 4 pistol was found near the body," Vrady said. Read more 
07.05.20 Russia Coronavirus Cases In Capital Three Times Higher Than Reported, Moscow Mayor Says
The mayor of Moscow has said that over 300,000 people in his city have been infected with the novel coronavirus, more than three times the official figure. Sergei Sobyanin's admission on state television comes as Russia had a record daily rise in cases, overtaking France and Germany to become the fifth hardest-hit country in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University. "The fact that we have identified so many patients is not a minus, but a huge plus," Sobyanin said, pointing out that identifying those who are infected meant that they could be quarantined. Read more 
06.05.20 Russian Business Ombudsman Hopes Businesses To Resume Work On May 12
Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov expects that enterprises, including restaurants, shops and museums that had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic to resume operations from mid-May. He said this on Tuesday during an online broadcast. "I hope that starting May 12-15, part of the businesses will start to resume their operation. This applies to certain restaurants, shops, museums, exhibitions, sightseeing sites. They will be allowed to resume work on condition they observe special regulations," he said. Read more 
06.05.20 Russia Domestic Violence Cases More Than Double Under Lockdown
The Guardian
Reported cases of domestic violence in Russia have more than doubled during the country’s coronavirus lockdown, according to the Russian human rights commissioner, who painted a different picture to that provided by police data. Complaints and reports made to Russian non-governmental organisations spiked from roughly 6,000 in March to more than 13,000 in April, Tatyana Moskalkova said on Tuesday. “The picture is rather non-optimistic,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted her as saying. Read more 
06.05.20 Russian WWII Veteran Uses Wartime Memories To Raise Money For Coronavirus Medics
The Moscow Times
Zinaida Korneva’s World War II memories include having to drink from the Volga River after crawling across the steppe on her belly, using a camel to drag a damaged aircraft to a safe place for repair and seeing the face of a German pilot through the window of his shot-down plane seconds before it hit the ground. The 98-year-old veteran from St. Petersburg, inspired by the fundraising efforts of Captain Tom Moore in the U.K., has launched a website to share her stories that has already raised more than 1.7 million rubles ($20,000) for the families of Russian doctors and medical personnel who have died during the coronavirus outbreak. Read more 
06.05.20 Silicon Valley’s Russian Women Meduza Speaks To The Tech Entrepreneurs
On April 23, Russian journalist and YouTube star Yury Dud released his latest documentary film — “How the World’s I.T. Capital Works” — about a handful of Russian startups that have found success in Silicon Valley. The three-hour video, which currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube, focuses on eight entrepreneurs, not one of whom is a woman. The oversight angered many viewers and led to allegations of bias against the filmmaker. So far, there’s been no response to the backlash from Dud himself, who might be surprised to learn that Silicon Valley has several Russian businesswomen. Meduza asked some about their work and what they think of “How the World’s I.T. Capital Works.” Read more 
05.05.20 Russian Authorities Brace For Quick Surge In Virus Cases
Russian officials on Monday reported a steady rise in the number of the new coronavirus infections that raises pressure on the nation’s health care system. The government’s task force dealing with the outbreak reported 10,581 new cases Monday, including 5,795 in Moscow. That has brought the nation’s total to 145,268, including 1,356 deaths. The number of infections has been rising quickly over the past few days, fueling concerns that the nation’s hospitals could be overwhelmed. The authorities have charged that broader testing has contributed to the recent surge in the new cases and insisted that hospitals so far have been coping with the influx of new cases. Read more 
05.05.20 SSJ100 Plane Lands Safely At Moscow's Sheremetyevo After Left Engine Failure
A Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane en route from the southwestern Russian city of Saratov to Moscow safely landed at the capital’s Sheremetyevo International Airport on Tuesday after experiencing a left engine malfunction, a representative of the emergency services told Sputnik. Read more 
05.05.20 Construction Sector To Face Around 10% Of Financial Losses Due To Pandemic, Says Deputy PM
Russia’s construction sector may face around 10% of financial losses amid the current epidemiological situation, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said in an interview with Pavel Zarubin on Rossiya-24 TV channel. "It will only be possible to estimate the losses of each region (when calculating - TASS) the results of the year. With the current epidemiological situation, losses may total 10%, whereas with a worse situation, losses may be higher," he said. Read more 
05.05.20 Third Russian Doctor Falls From Window After Criticizing Working Conditions During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Emergency physician Alexandr Shulepov fell from a second-story window at the hospital where he was recovering from the coronavirus, in the rural town of Novaya Usman (Voronezh Region). Shulepov had previously complained that he was being forced to work after becoming infected with COVID-19. He is now the third Russian doctor who has fallen from a window in the past two weeks. Read more 
05.05.20 Russia Trails First U.S. Warships In Barents Sea Since 1980s
The Moscow Times
The Russian Navy is tracking the first U.S. Navy warships to have entered the Barents Sea near Norway in more than 30 years, the Defense Ministry said Monday. The guided-missile destroyers USS Donald Cook and USS Porter, the large supply vessel USNS Supply and the British frigate HMS Kent entered the Barents Sea after conducting anti-submarine drills in the Norwegian Sea. The destroyer USS Roosevelt joined them in the Barents Sea for the security operation that the U.S. Navy called an effort “to assert freedom of navigation and demonstrate seamless integration among allies.” Read more 
04.05.20 Coronavirus Cases In Russia Rise By Record Daily Amount, Mortality Rate Slows
Russia on Sunday recorded its highest daily rise in confirmed coronavirus cases with 10,633 new cases, bringing the total to 134,687, with more than half of cases and deaths in Moscow. But the mortality rate has slowed in recent days and remains much lower, in relative terms, than many other countries. Russia has said its lower mortality rate was because the Russian outbreak occurred later than in many other countries which gave the authorities more time to prepare. Read more 
04.05.20 Russia Has A Huge Fund For Times Of Crisis. But Putin Is Hesitating On A Sweeping Rescue Plan.
The Washington Post
President Vladimir Putin's oil-price war with Saudi Arabia only sharpened the pain, leading to a humiliating reversal when Russia reached a deal last month with OPEC members and others to cut production. Yet Putin seems oddly aloof from the disaster sinking small and medium enterprises in Russia that constitute up to a quarter of the economy.
Kostik was rescued after being hit by a car. Read more 
04.05.20 Star Filmmakers Draw Inspiration From Russia Lockdown
The Moscow Times
The coronavirus pandemic might have brought the film industry to a halt but Andrei Konchalovsky, one of Russia's most renowned film and theatre directors, is as busy as ever. He wants to make a documentary about daily life under quarantine, exploring the poetic side of the mundane, and he has invited ordinary Russians to work with him on the project. Read more 
03.05.20 Russia Adds Record 10,000 Coronavirus Cases In Dramatic Turnaround As Putin's Problems Stack Up
Russia reported 10,633 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, its fourth record single-day increase in a row, in what is becoming a major headache for President Vladimir Putin. The country's total number of cases is now 134,687, the seventh-highest number in the world, in a dramatic turnaround from the situation back in March. A total of 1,280 deaths has now been recorded, the country's coronavirus response headquarters said in a statement, adding that around 50% of the cases were asymptomatic. Moscow, the country's worst-hit city, accounts for more than a half of total cases. Read more 
03.05.20 Putin’s Fear Of Unemployment Is Being Exposed By The Pandemic
Yahoo Finance
It’s a Catch-22 situation that’s becoming commonplace in households across Russia as the near total economic shutdown due to the coronavirus takes its toll. President Vladimir Putin prides himself in overseeing one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, but the pandemic is showing the downside of a system that restricts flexibility. The situation is exacerbating poverty at time when Putin badly needs a popularity boost following five years of stagnation and falling incomes. His approval rating has fallen to the lowest since 2014 and scattered protests have broken out in some parts of Russia over the fallout from the virus lockdown. The economy is expected to contract by as much as 6% this year. Read more 
03.05.20 Pipe-laying Vessel Reaches Baltic As Russia's Nord Stream 2 Target Looms
A special pipe-laying vessel that could be used by Russia to complete construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany has arrived in the Baltic Sea, a Reuters witness said on Sunday. The arrival of the Academic Cherskiy suggests that the pipeline project remains a priority for Moscow despite U.S. sanctions on Russia. Read more 
03.05.20 Russia’s Ambulance Crews Are Running On Empty As They Fight Coronavirus
The Moscow Times
On Saturday morning, Russia recorded 9,623 new coronavirus infections, marking a new one-day record increase and bringing the country’s official number of cases to 124,054. More than 64% of the new infections were between Moscow and the Moscow region. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the healthcare system for Russia’s most populated area has been stretched to the limit — its ambulance system perhaps most of all. Read more 
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