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News about Russia and the CIS from Leading World News Media.

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20.06.19 Investigators Name 4 Top Suspects Behind MH17 Crash
The Moscow Times
A team of international prosecutors has launched the first criminal proceedings against four suspects in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 near the Russia-Ukraine border nearly five years ago. MH17 was shot down in July 2014 over territory held by pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people onboard. Investigators have said that the plane was shot down by a Russian missile, a claim Moscow has repeatedly rejected. Read more 
20.06.19 Dmytro Tymchuk: Ukrainian MP Found Shot Dead At Home
BBC News
Prominent Ukrainian MP and military affairs analyst Dmytro Tymchuk has been found shot dead at his home in the capital Kiev. It is unclear whether he was murdered, killed himself deliberately or shot himself accidentally with his pistol, the interior ministry says. A fellow MP from the People's Front party said his friend had been found with a gunshot wound to the head. Mr Tymchuk had blogged extensively about the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Read more 
20.06.19 Russia Says Findings Of MH17 Crash Investigation Are Groundless
Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it regretted the findings of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash investigation and called murder charges against Russian suspects groundless. Three Russians and a Ukrainian will face murder charges for the 2014 downing of the MH17 jet over eastern Ukraine which killed 298 people, in a trial to start in the Netherlands next March, an investigation team said earlier on Wednesday . Read more 
20.06.19 Russia And Putin: Is President's Popularity In Decline?
BBC News
Within months of Russian President Vladimir Putin clinching his fourth term in office, Russia hosted the World Cup. It was June 2018, and all eyes were on the country. The competition went off without a hitch - and fans and teams alike praised their Russian hosts for putting on such a smooth show. But there was no honeymoon period for its leader Read more 
20.06.19 Top Russian Official Predicts Protest ‘Explosion’ If Economy Doesn’t Improve
The Moscow Times
Russia is at risk of nationwide social upheaval if the country’s economy does not improve, the head of Russia’s auditing agency has said. During a Monday interview on state-run television, Audit Chamber head Alexei Kudrin described an upcoming “explosion” of protests caused by falling living standards and widespread poverty. The only way to prevent this is by transforming the country’s economic system, he added. Read more 
20.06.19 Evidence Shows Russia Supplied Missile Used To Shoot Down MH17
Investigators have collected enough evidence to show that Russia provided the missile launcher used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014, they said on Wednesday. Chief Dutch Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke said: “We have evidence showing that Russia provided the missile launcher.” Read more 
20.06.19 Moscow To Have Citywide Recycling Program By 2020
The Moscow Times
Moscow will transition to citywide recycling collection by the end of the year, its city government has announced. Waste reform has been a major issue facing Russia as the country grapples with a trash crisis. Residents of several Russian regions have held mass protests starting last year against a plan to ship Moscow’s trash to landfills across the country. Read more 
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