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News about Russia and the CIS from Leading World News Media.

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04.06.20 Putin Signs Russiaís Nuclear Deterrent Policy
President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday endorsed Russiaís nuclear deterrent policy which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nationís critical government and military infrastructure. By including a non-nuclear attack as a possible trigger for Russian nuclear retaliation, the document appears to send a warning signal to the U.S. The new expanded wording reflects Russian concerns about the development of prospective weapons that could give Washington the capability to knock out key military assets and government facilities without resorting to atomic weapons. Read more 
04.06.20 Turkey, Russia Cooperate On Virus Vaccine
Turkey and Russia have agreed to cooperate in the development of a coronavirus vaccine and plan to carry out joint clinical trials, the Turkish health minister said Wednesday. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said scientific advisers from the two countries were scheduled to hold a second round of talks later this week. A total of 22 Turkish universities and research centers are working to develop a vaccine, and four of them have advanced to the animal-testing stage, Koca said. Read more 
04.06.20 Rosneft Replaces Sanctioned Trading Arm With New One - Sources
Russiaís Rosneft (ROSN.MM), which closed its oil trading arm after sanctions were imposed by U.S. authorities in February, has set up a new Geneva-based trading business, four trading sources familiar with the matter said. The new business, Energopole SA, will take on the main functions previously carried out by Rosneft Trading of supplying Russian oil giant Rosneftís refineries in Germany and some trading operations in Europe, the traders told Reuters. Read more 
04.06.20 Russians Watch The American Protests As Clouds Gather At Home
The Moscow Times
In Russia today, it feels just like there is a gathering storm. But no one knows anything about it. Itís like on a hot and oppressive summer day when there is barely a hint of storm clouds on the horizon, there isnít even a short clap of thunder and it wonít rain, but all the same youíre anxious, and you hurry home because you donít just feel it ó you know that something terrible is about to happen. Even though of course there are no obvious signs of the gathering storm. Read more 
04.06.20 ĎThereís Nothing The Kremlin Hasnít Triedí
How Russian election officials plan to secure 55-percent turnout in the upcoming constitutional plebiscite. Read more 
04.06.20 Fact-check: Russian Media Are Not Free
In 2020 Russia ranks 149 on the World Press Freedom Index, annually published by Reporters Without Borders. This is far below any other western country, and even lower than some Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.
Many in the West will take this for a fact, because for decades their media have been hammering into their heads the Kremlin kills journalists. Read more 
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