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   June 23
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News about Russia and the CIS from Leading World News Media.

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23.06.18 Top U.S., Russia Energy Officials To Meet On Tuesday
U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry will meet Russia’s energy minister next week in Washington, a person familiar with the situation said on Friday, as the two countries compete to supply global markets with natural gas and crude. Perry will meet Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Tuesday, in the context of the World Gas Conference that is being held in Washington, the source said. Read more 
23.06.18 Russia: Evidence Of Syria Chemical Attacks Was Faked
The Associated Press
Russia said Friday that the U.S. and its allies have relied on fabricated evidence to accuse the Syrian government of launching chemical attacks against civilians. Russia’s foreign and defense ministries also charged the international chemical weapons watchdog with failing to objectively investigate the alleged chemical attacks and with being subject to political control. Read more 
23.06.18 World Cup Helps Putin Step Up His Diplomacy
President Vladimir Putin hosted the first official visit by a South Korean president to Russia since 1999 on Friday, in the latest of a series of meetings he has secured with international guests on the sidelines of the soccer World Cup. Increasingly isolated on the global stage, Putin has used the World Cup to send a defiant message to his opponents that Russia is succeeding despite Western efforts to hold it back. Read more 
23.06.18 South Korean President In Russia To Boost Economic Ties
The Associated Press
South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited Moscow Friday on a trip intended to boost bilateral economic ties. Following Moon’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, officials from the two countries signed agreements on cooperation in various economic projects, energy, transport and innovative technologies. Putin emphasized that South Korea is one of Russia’s top partners in the region and voiced hope that their two-way trade will expand. Read more 
23.06.18 Soccer-Russian Truck Sprays Roads With Vanilla To Repel World Cup Gnats
Russia deployed a truck to spray roads with vanilla extract outside a World Cup fan zone and stadium on Friday to ward off swarms of gnats at soccer matches in Volgograd. Volunteers in the southern Russian city also handed out insect repelling wipes to fans to help them fend off bugs that England and Tunisia players could be seen swatting away as they played their opening World Cup group game on Monday. Russian authorities said on Thursday they hoped that spraying vanilla concentrate on trees and shrubs around the venue would keep the gnats at bay. On Friday, a flame-coloured truck sprayed a vanilla-based solution onto streets around the stadium from a row of sprinkler hoses. Read more 
23.06.18 Jailed Filmmaker In Russia Loses 44 Pounds On Hunger Strike
The Associated Press
A lawyer for a Ukrainian filmmaker who has been on hunger strike for more than a month in a Russian prison says his client has lost about 20 kilograms (44 pounds) and is severely weak. Oleg Sentsov, a vehement opponent of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, is serving a 20-year sentence on a conviction for planning terrorist acts. He denies the charges. Friday marked the 40th day of his hunger strike. Read more 
23.06.18 Russia World Cup Coach Wins Graffiti Honor
Stanislav Cherchesov is getting the big graffiti treatment in Russia after coaching the home team to the second round of the World Cup for the first time in 32 years. After Tuesday’s 3-1 win over Egypt in St. Petersburg, his familiar moustachioed features appeared at a city intersection, spray-painted across a wall. “We just had to do it,” said local artist Artyom Burzh, who started the painting after watching the match. Read more 
23.06.18 World Cup 2018: Is Saransk The Most Unusual Host City In Russia?
BBC News
I was only in town half an hour before I saw him - a man taking his overweight cat for a walk, down the road and under a bridge on a makeshift lead. Nobody could really tell me what Saransk, the capital of Mordovia and about 430 miles east of Moscow, would be like, but this was an interesting start. Welcome to the city nobody expected to host the World Cup. Speaking to Russians in Moscow, the reaction was always the same: a scrunched nose, two raised eyebrows, and a sympathetic tone. "Ah, so you're going to Saransk…" Read more 
23.06.18 Crate Expectations: Moscow Shops Stockpile Beer For World Cup Fans
Moscow’s shops are stocking up on beer to slake the thirst of World Cup fans after some bars reported shortages. At a branch of Russian supermarket chain Azbuka Vkusa crates of Heineken, Guinness and local brands like Zolotaya Bochka blocked the aisles on Friday. Thousands of foreign fans in the Russian capital for the month-long soccer tournament have been partying until the small hours, guzzling beer in bars and restaurants and spilling over onto the streets. “There’s beer everywhere,” an Azbuka Vkusa saleswoman said. “There’s nowhere to put it.” Read more 
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