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News about Russia and the CIS from Leading World News Media.

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10.04.20 Russia Sends Medical Aid To Bosnian Serb Region
Russia will on Thursday send three planes carrying medical experts and equipment to Bosnia’s autonomous Serb region to help combat the spread of the new coronavirus there, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik said. Dodik, who represents the Serb Republic in Bosnia’s tri-partite presidency, said he had appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin for help some days ago when Banja Luka, the Serb Republic’s largest city, experienced a surge in coronavirus cases. Read more 
10.04.20 Opec And Russia Agree To Cut Oil Output In Bid To Prop Up Prices
The Guardian
Opec and its allies led by Russia agreed on Thursday to cut their oil output by more than a fifth and said they expected the United States and other producers to join in their effort to prop up prices hammered in the coronavirus crisis. The cuts by the oil cartel plus its allies, a group known as Opec+, amount to 10m barrels per day (bpd), or 10% of global supplies. Reductions of 5m bpd are expected to come from other nations to help navigate the deepest oil crisis in decades. Read more 
10.04.20 Russia Releases First Cargo Of Wheat To Saudi Arabia
A symbolic 60,000 tonne cargo of Russian wheat has set sail for Saudi Arabia from a Black Sea port seven months after conditions were set to allow the trade, three sources told Reuters on Thursday. The cargo is being sent by a trading house under a tender with optional origin it won a couple of months ago, sources said. Saudi Arabian state grain buyer SAGO did not reply to a Reuters request for immediate comment. Read more 
10.04.20 Russia's Coronavirus Numbers Surpass 10,000 As One-Day Increases Surge
The Moscow Times
Russia confirmed 1,459 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, bringing the country’s official number of cases up to 10,131 and marking a new record one-day increase in infections. Seventy-six people have been killed by the virus, 13 of whom have died in the past 24 hours. Russia’s officially reported numbers — which are still smaller than those in European countries — have sparked suspicion. Experts warn that Russia's testing capacity is hampered by bureaucracy, while officials warn that the real number of cases is likely much higher. Read more 
10.04.20 Muscovites Flee Coronavirus Shutdown, Bringing Trouble To Russia's Regions
On Wednesday, March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that, because of the spread of the new coronavirus, the following week would be a non-working week in Moscow, and the city’s residents should stay indoors. On Friday evening, about 730,000 cars, carrying perhaps 10% of Moscow’s 12.7 million population, left the capital, centre of Russia’s epidemic, for the countryside, according to Moscow’s transport department. The exodus, perfectly legal, has raised fears that the virus is being carelessly spread across the country, and angered the residents of outlying regions who had thought themselves at least relatively protected. Read more 
10.04.20 Remote Border Town Locks Down As China Opens Up
BBC News
A Chinese city on the Russian border is entering a "lockdown" due to an increase in coronavirus cases - even as the rest of China cautiously opens up. In Suifenhe, 1,000 miles from Beijing, people have been ordered to stay indoors, with some exceptions. The border is closed to people, although not goods, and a 600-bed isolation hospital is being built. Read more 
10.04.20 Coronavirus Lockdown Drives Jump In Vodka And Whisky Sales In Russia
Russian retailers have seen a sharp spike in alcohol sales in recent weeks, with consumers rushing to buy vodka, whisky and beer at a time when Moscow and other regions have imposed partial lockdowns to stem the spread of the coronavirus. In the last week of March, vodka sales across Russia’s largest retail chains jumped 31% in year-on-year terms, while whisky and beer purchases increased 47% and 25% respectively, Nielsen, a market research firm, found. Read more 
10.04.20 One Russian Region Proves Italian Doctors Point.
The Moscow Times
On March 21, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article by a group of doctors who had for weeks been treating coronavirus patients in the small city of Bergamo in northern Italy, the European epicenter of the pandemic. “We are learning that hospitals might be the main Covid-19 carriers,” the Italian doctors wrote. “They are rapidly populated by infected patients, facilitating transmission to uninfected patients.” Three days later, a hospital in Russia’s northern republic of Komi not meant to be treating coronavirus patients would be put under quarantine after an outbreak of the virus infected its staff. By Wednesday evening, another five hospitals not set to take in coronavirus patients would likewise have to be put under quarantine due to outbreaks. Read more 
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