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Culture Reviews
By Richard Morris
This past Friday night, Moscow felt the pulsating rhythm of one of the worlds top DJs. Thousands of young Moscovites descended upon Moscow’s Gaudi club to witness DJ Tiesto spinning the trance that has officially awarded him the title of Europe’s number one DJ. Gaudi, located near Savelovskaya Metro station, hosted the event that allowed the audience to be delivered far away from its concrete walls to a pulsating and blissful heaven, filled with a hypnotizing trance of euphoric proportions.

With a constant line of fans from ten PM, until almost three, the powerful energy of the show could be felt well before approaching Gaudi’s silo-like structure. With lights streaming on outside walls and beats thumping, fans knew they would not be disappointed. DJs Fonar and Kolya cranked the evening off, starting a steam trance that traveled late into the early morning. The rush of energy ebbed and flowed as the DJs conducted the audience like a puppet on strings; concert goers hanging on to the every beat, this show empowered the audience with a rush of artistic energy, awe-inspiring enough to move anyone in the house.

As the night traveled on, clothes a little heavier with sweat, and feet a little wearier from their dance, the shows pace did not let up. As Tiesto took over the mixer, he elevated the building to a new level with his stage presence, musical selection and ever-energetic mixibility. Performing a blend of old and new, Friday night’s setlist highlighted some of the mixes that have elevated Tiesto to his current fame.

Offering small strokes of softness to the set, Tiesto gave periodic rest to everyone. These breaks awakened the mass of bodies: opening their eyes and raising their arms in unison, they communicated to the DJ himself their gratefulness for the evening thus far. As the steady trance beat gave this old concrete building a pulse of life, Tiesto melded his own convulsive wave of signature tracks. His mixing prowess was never close to slowing down; fueling himself on soft drinks he made sure the show continued on for many more hours to come.

Dj Tiesto

The fortunate ones close enough to the turn tables, witnessed a DJ enjoying his own work as much as his audience. Wearing a “Freeman” sports shirt and trousers, Tiesto could be seen bouncing back and forth in his DJ booth, maneuvering through his books of cd's and crates of vinyl, orchestrating another beautiful symphony. Like a child in a candy store, Tiesto was performing all of this with a smile of personal enjoyment and out of approval for his Moscow audience; never hesitating to sign an autograph or pose for a picture.

As the sun rose, greeting the Moscow skyline, the party that spilled over into daylight began to die down. Moscow had officially placed its mark on the Teisto timeline which will rival performances experienced by the rest of the world. Teisto’s performance of classic, swirling trance beats, peppered with his signature synthetic style gave everyone a night to remember.

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