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Je Reste!
35 mm 
By Guillaume L'Ecuyer
Marie-Dominique (Sophie Marceau), a “wanna be” designer, lived 10 years with her husband Bertrand (Vincent Perez) who is working for an international construction firm, flying to South America every week. When at home on the week end, he is training as if he wanted to race the “Tour de France” the following year.

His wife is supporting him like a coach does. She loves her husband and their son unconditionally. But, as you probably guessed, at one point the bored French couple will find another sweat heart to sleep with...

Bertrand, the “bad to the bone” husband (doesn’t shave much, likes to watch television, doesn’t appreciate what his wife cooks) won’t hesitate to cheat on her when he is away from home. Marie-Do, the very naive and exhausted innocent wife, will develop a (not so romantic, by the way) relationship with Antoine (Charles Berling) who is a... scenarist. She will suddenly decide to leave her husband, but he will decide to stay as says the title.

The first half of this film is full of stereotypes (I won’t enumerate them) and could have been shortened to introduce the action sooner. But don’t leave! Like Sophie Marceau’s character does, because the second part is a bit funnier and more original.

If you are expecting a romantic comedy, as the publicity of the film suggests, you might be disappointed a lot. The relationship between Marie-Do and the scenarist is not passionate and without any kind of romance just like the attempts of Bertrand to convince his wife to come back to him (good news for those of you who don’t like romance).

For a real good laugh or an exciting romantic comedy, if that is what you are looking for, pass your turn. I should mention that some people laughed at the first scene - that is why and only why, I would tend to recommend it a bit to you (there are few funny scenes). From my point of view, the alternative ending (a French tradition) could have saved the film in a way, but just underlined the weakness of the lazy scenario full of unrealistic twists. On the other hand, the actors are very good of course. What else could we expect with that kind of casting? Especially Perez who is great performing this role far from what he usually interprets (see Fanfan la Tulipe). It doesn’t change the fact that the characters are weak and superficial, just like the scenario is.

With Mauvais Esprits, Je Reste is the second failing French comedy coming out in Moscow this last month. It may be a good moment you will forget as soon as the final generic starts. For the real unconditional fans of Marceau and Perez only! One last positive note other than the good acting to conclude with a smile - the music is well chosen.

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