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Culture Reviews
By Clifford Isaak
Zimpala - from Bordeaux? Yes, Zimpala dropped into Moscow on Friday night and treated the patrons of Tinkoff to a musical treat. Zimpala - the band - is a group of 4 very talented musicians who make their home in Bordeaux, and like their DJ partners, present electro jazz with a hint of pop, funk and latin in the mix.

Tinkoff is a perfect watering hole - perfect for Friday night relaxation after a tough week of work. Being my first visit to the brew-pub, I was compelled to experiment with a variety of beverages, with a personal preference for the lighter varieties of beer. Beer coupled with heaping appetizers set my mood for some good jazz to follow.

A few interesting facts about the band. Each band member plays the keyboards and composes music, bringing their personal preferences into the music mix. Adding to the obvious keyboards were a bass guitar, saxophone and acoustic guitar, plus the computer tracks for background detail. The trip marked the band's first gig in Moscow and before the show, were practicing the basic two Russian words.

The pub was primed and ready for some lively music and at long last, the band appeared on stage. The first songs were rather mixed and I was somewhat unsure of exactly where the music was headed. However, two back-to-back songs defined the band. Adios, a more romantic jazz vocal focused piece started to catch the attention of the patrons and those able to find a square meter, began to dance and enjoy. The next song, Crazy Girl, was pure electro jazz beat and rhythm, bringing the crowd to life and action in the dance area. These two songs set the parameters of the spectrum of music and the rest of the evening flowed well, or was it the beer that flowed well?

Tinkoff is perhaps not the most ideal venue for dancing as tables near the stage impede movement for dancers, patrons and staff. That is perhaps the only negative as the service was super fast and beer was delivered on time and cold, food portions were of a good size and tasty, and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxing.
The temptation to compare Zimpala to Bordeaux wine is irresistible - well-aged and mature, best enjoyed with friends and beer.

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