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   June 25
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Electro Boogie Nights New Year
If you cannot avoid family New Year and at one A.M. you will found your family members deeply sleeping on the sofa - don't hesitate: leave home very smoothly and come to Roxy Club. You will not have to plan your flight beforehand: all volunteers will be saved from boredom only for forty bucks.

01:00 - "Star Wars" personalities - "Robots" (Moscow)
02:00 - Ironic Electro-Majeurs from "Lavanda" (Kalinigrad-Vladivostok), playing italo disco music
03:00 - Real Sexy-Pioneer Super Alisa (Kazan)
04:00 - "Electrod!y!nomique" (Izhevsk)

Before, during and after shows, - dance, dance, dance in the style of unsweet 80-s (Electro, Synthy Pop, Future Pop, Italo Disco, Disco Punk, etc.).

Surpises, competitions, adult and role plays, will be as usual.

Can you say, how many of your friends already know where and how to see the New Year? Except "new born mummies", very right ones and ones leaving abroad, there will be two or three happy persons, knowing, what they will do December 31. That's why all below mentioned can be considered as a happy letter - read it and give it to your friends.

Roxy Club with Leonid Burlakov and "CDL Sputnik" promoting company offers you to see the New Year in in the style of Electro-boogie nights. Besides food, dances and impossible revelry guests will be able to see all new projects of Leonid Burlakov.

The main idea, clamp or, if you want, the concept of the party is that this is the first club New Year you can see with your children. No calls to mothers-in-law and other baby-sitters! Roxy will have two parties at a time - for adults and for children (in a separate premises, where with all children between 3 and 6 years old will play clowns, jugglers and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Girl). At 00.0 parents with children will see the New Year in, afterwards experienced baby-sitters will go with children to specially equipped children bedroom. And then all guests, who remained without children, mother-in-laws and Philippe Kirkorov in the TV will be able to start the second part of the program. A very adult one.
So, the second part. The adult one. After beautiful songs of ChubykINa (Vladivostok) and of Julia Lord (Kiev), which you will be able to hear before 00.0 on the stage will appear Star Wars personalities - "Robots" group (Moscow), a real sex-pioneer SuperAlisa (Kazan), ironic electro-majeurs from «Lavanda» (Kaliningrad-Vladivostok), playing italo-disco music and "Electrod!y!nomique "(Izhevsk).

And if somebody cannot escape the family New Year with a Petrosyans fabric in the TV and if this somebody at one a.m. on January 1, 2004 will found his/her family members deeply sleeping on the sofa, he can leave home very smoothly and come to Roxy. You will not have to plan your flight beforehand: all volunteers will be saved from boredom only for forty bucks.

Everybody who plans to ask her\himself a question: But how did I see this New Year?, and self-video fans can after the party buy a video-tape with a professionally mounted film about his/her New Year "feats".

Start at 21.00
Free breakfast at 7.30

Ticket price:
- $150 - tables at the ground floor (ranged before DANCE - after 1.00)
- $170 - tables on the first floor (the whole night)
- $40 - entrance after 1.00

If you buy tickets for $150-$170, you can take a child with you, paying only extra $40. Hurry up, number of children places is limited!

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