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Culture Reviews
David Carretta / DJ IDO
By Laura Holt
Every ass was shaking in DJ Cafe MIO whether it wanted to or not when David Carretta’s live set with DJ IDO began on Saturday night. While, DJ IDO warmed up the eager crowd by playing his popular pop/electro music, Carretta’s music screamed for a larger dance floor for the crowded dancers and the throbbing bass as a light fixture near the back of the bar crashed on the floor. Needless to say the duo rocked the dance floor at DJ Caf? MIO with their electro/techno music. Carretta’s and DJ IDO’s fans felt they were worth the wait on Saturday night at Caf? MIO when their set began a bit late and they played well into the morning hours on Sunday. DJ IDO’s brand of techno is more mainstream and oriented towards hip-hop while Carretta’s hard electric techno used vocals, guest and his own, to incite body movement with the Caf? Mio crowd. Carretta spun.

Internationally known electro/techno wizards Carretta and IDO made their first ever appearance together in Moscow on Saturday night at DJ Caf? Mio. Carretta and IDO met in 1998 when they were both playing a party at Rex Club in Paris. Their mixture of Carretta’s electro/techno new wave 80’s and IDO’s A-Pop/minimal electro techno blends together very well. Carretta has a gift for mixing and blending techno/electric beats. Carretta may be a household name in Europe’s electro/techno scene, however Muscovites are relatively new to Europe’s electro music but they are catching on fast. The crowd and setting on Saturday night would lead one to think that you were at a hip “see and be seen” club instead of an electro/techno show but this is Moscow and one has to look good no matter where you go. On a side note, DJ Caf? MIO woman’s bathroom was playing soft-core porn on the bathroom mirror when this author came in to use the facilities.

Carretta inspired DJ Hell to start his own record label, International DJ Gigolo Records, with his track Innerwood. Carretta has been credited with paving the way for other Gigolo Record artists such as the famed Miss Kittin & the Hacker and Tampopo. Carretta’s off stage quietness appears to signal he wishes his music to speak for himself, see the above ass shaking sentence. The music that inspired Carretta is Depeche Mode, New Order, and DAF, and other “new wave 80’s” music. For those readers not familiar with “new wave 80’s” Carretta describes the music as non-mainstream music that he puts to electro/techno beats. Carretta has earned rave reviews in Europe for his hit - tracks "Futurama" on Compilation, "Le Cauchemar" -- where he worked with Chicks On Speed -- and for “Ca Plane pour moi” from his first French album Le Catalogue Electonique.

The history of techno music began in the mid to late 70’s with the German band Kraftwerk. In the ’80s musicians in Detroit began combining the sounds of Kraftwerk with funk. Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson combined synthesizer beats inspired by Parliament, George Clinton, and Funkadelic. Combining techno with electro began possible with the advent of computer technology in the early 80’s. As early as ten years ago techno music was considered an underground movement. Techno became more mainstream and commercialized with hits like Prodigy’s “Charly”. Rave parties playing techno music began in Britain in the early 90’s and spread throughout the US and Europe, this also helped bring techno to a mainstream audience.

Carretta has been a DJ and doing live sets since 1984 and the genre of music that he works with has stayed consistent, “new wave 80’s”, however he does experiment with new technology that allows him to produce different sounds. DJ IDO was inspired by A-Pop, electric pop, and industrial music such as Afrika Bambaataa. Carretta is now working on a new album yet to be named and played some of his new music on Saturday night as well as a couple of songs from his previous albums. He can be seen touring throughout South America and Europe. IDO is currently producing two new projects on David’s label, International DJ Gigolo Records, titled Leitmotiv 10, 11. You can read more about David Carretta and DJ IDO at International DJ Gigolo record’s website

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