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21.03.12 From: Job Strous
Hi, beginning May my girlfriend and I are moving from Netherlands to Moscow. We are looking for a 2 or 3-room furnished apartment of about $1500-2000 a month near a subway station and basic shop facilities. This apartment should be for living and for establishing an office which is part of a St.Pete based company. While asking some agencies they explain that we have to call back 2 weeks before we arrive:

- Is it only possible to discuss possibilities on such a short notice?

- Can you give an estimation if we can find something based on our needs?

- Is it difficult to register a company on the same address as where we are living?

- Can you advise how we can find such an apartment?

Thanks for your support and service!    Read answer
08.03.12 From: Martin
I will be moving to Moscow in June 2012 and I would be interested renting a house in Rosinka or Angelovo. I have checked in internet but there are no prices given on their webpage. What are the rental prices in this two places?    Read answer
24.11.11 From: Robert Gollings
I am British and I own an apartment in Russia, and I would like to sell it. I have a buyer but because I live outside the country I need to plan my time to return and complete the sale. How long does the process take? The buyer's bank has agreed to lend him the money. Thanks for any information!    Read answer
18.11.11 From: Guy
What are the indoor places popular for children over the winter months (where we can take the kids on the weekend)?     Read answer
10.11.11 From:  Sue
We are coming to Moscow at the beginning of December. Where do I go to buy good value winter clothing (coats, snow suits etc for kids and winter coat for me and my husband)?    Read answer
28.05.11 From: Mazen
Hi, We are planning to relocate to Moscow in the near future and will be looking for a place to stay. Ideally, a house not too far away from the world trade center, close to an international kindergarden and not too pricey. Also, I have noticed that most of the places for rent in Moscow are furnished, is this always the case?    Read answer
11.05.10 From: Marco
I will relocate to Moscow, expecting to get a place for my kids at AAS. Please help me to get a good apartment (3 bedrooms) or a house near the school.    Read answer
19.01.10 From: Boris
I would ideally like to rent a property (large flat or small house) with the following characteristics: (1) centrally located (as close to the Kremlin as possible as will be working near there), (2) very near a very good school (for a 3-4 year old) and (3) with outdoor space (e.g. a ground floor flat with a garden or patio), as we have a dog. I appreciate there may not be many (if any) properties in Moscow fitting this description but please let me know what area you would recommend and a rough estimate of rent range. Thank you!    Read answer
18.01.10 From: Don P
We are generally pleased with our apartment, but after 3 months, and a number of things promised to be done are not yet done - installing drapes, bookshelves, wardrobe doors, etc. According to the lease, these were to have been done two months ago. Do we have a legal right to withhold rent until the landlord completes thes promised items?    Read answer
15.09.09 From: Ryan
We have just moved out of a flat after a year and the landlords are unsatisfied with the state of the carpets in the flat. We had the flat professionally cleaned out of our own pocket and have offered to pay for a dry cleaning service, but the landlord still claims two of the carpets may have to be replaced, despite them not being damaged in any way. Do we have any rights at all in this situation?     Read answer
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