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Free Dentist's Advice sponsored by ARDC
10% discount on first visit, includes X-Rays, teeth cleaning, Exam by Dr. Giovanni Favero who has been working in Moscow for 12 years. We offer excellent Preventive Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology, Orthodontics by Dr. Garo, and Dental hygiene. Emergency care 24/7. Please take the time to "CLICK" on our website for more details about discounts.
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23.04.08 From: Sue
I went to the dentist and had a molar taken out, and another tooth refilled. And the top wisdom tooth removed. this was done in 2 visits. But now, since I've had this done, my whole mouth has been in PAIN!!! I've went to the doctor, and got pain killers, but i can't get back to see my new dentist until the end of May! What can I do?? I am dying!! I mean why would all my teeth be in pain??    Read answer
24.11.07 From: Mary
I have noticed that my gums has become dark suddenly and also my lips what is the cause?    Read answer
11.04.07 From: Tracey
I am with at a dental center now and they seem to want to do a lot of work on my teeth. They want to change all of my silver fillings to white, to change my gold crown to white and to crown one of my other teeth even though there is nothing wrong with it. They say that the filling is too big and that it would be better to crown it. So far I have let them change one of my fillings to white and I have had tooth pain for the last two and a half months. When I went back they said that the filling is close to the root now that it may be better to kill the root. I'm due to go back in 2 weeks for them to sort out my tooth pain but it seems a lot of work to me. Please let me know what you think?    Read answer
28.03.07 From: Abigail
One of my front teeth is out of place and bigger than the other. What do I do and how much will it cost?    Read answer
26.03.07 From: Tip Top
My two front teeth are longer than all my other teeth on the top row. Is it possible to have them shortened and what kind of cost would I be looking at?    Read answer
13.03.07 From: Shannon
My friend currently wears an upper partial which he must slip out to eat. In general, what are the options as far as implants, etc. and their associated costs? Your assistance is appreciated.    Read answer
23.02.07 From: Serine Mims
My boyfriend has swollen gims. He has a really hard time chewing on the right side of his mouth. His tooth feels like it is going to come our. What can he do if not able to see a dentist?    Read answer
22.02.07 From: Asymptotic
I think I've got the start of a dental abscess (have had them twice before and once lost a crowned tooth due to one); there is increasing pain if I chew on a particular (long since root-filled) tooth. Can you advise if antibiotics would be enough to clear it up, and how much a consultation would cost? Cost determines treatment in my case as I do not have (cannot afford) dental insurance and it might be cheaper to return to the UK. Thanks.    Read answer
09.02.07 From: Ira
Is the microscop for very difficult work (pieses of instruments and others) in root canals in your center?    Read answer
05.02.07 From: Kathy
If I am to get a molar root canal tommorow without a crown. My tooth isn't infected at present, and has already had a medicated filing put in it.That didnt work. Than a poreclain one now. Can this be done properly in only one 45 min regular dentist's office visit? Thank You.    Read answer
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