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   August 12
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20:00 Arch Enemy (Sweden)
The Swedish band Arch Enemy is unique in many ways. They rose from the smokey ashes of the legendary grindcore band Carcass comprising guitarist Michael Amott and a male singer. However, Arch Enemy gained fame only after Angela Gossow handed Amott a demo tape during an interview after which the band hired her as their singer – a sensation in the death metal genre in 2001. 13 years later, yet another sensation: Angela Gossow switched to management and Alissa White-Gluz jumped in as the new singer, who not only continued where Gossow had left off, but brought them to new heights (of which Full Force 2015 is proof). Today, Arch Enemy belong on the big stages, impressively showcasing their headline potential – and, for the first time, they’ll take the pole position at Full Force, too! Arch Enemy's latest studio album Will To Power was released back in 2017 and features tracks including The Eagle Flies Alone and Reason To Believe. Arch Enemy's Michael Amott says: "Reason To Believe is a song that was born out of reminiscing about my own youth and also the stories from our fans around the world. This one’s for you. Always keep on fighting, my friends!"
Glavclub Green Concert 
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