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   August 5
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14:40 Killers Anonymous
Action, thriller, crime. UK 2019, 95 min. Directed by Martin Owen. Starring: Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Suki Waterhouse, Michael Socha, Tommy Flanagan, Sadie Frost. In English with Russian subtitles. “Killers Anonymous” is a secret support group for the best professionals in the assassination world. At one of their meetings, a newbie appears, unknown to everyone there. Tensions rise when the group’s members try to figure out which of them tried to kill a high-ranking American senator, resulting in all of the police in town going on high alert. When the truth comes out, the group of like-minded murderers is torn apart by new alliances, people are betrayed, and the therapy session is interrupted by violence and chaos. Now, each of them must make a choice: kill or be killed.
Pioner Cinema on Kutuzovsky 
19:10 Princess Mononoke
Anime. Japan 1997, 134 min. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In Japanese with Russian subtitles. Medieval Japan is going through a mystical battery between people and forest gods. On the side of the Forest is San (Princess Mononoke), a human girl raised by the Wolf Goddess. The people are represented by Lady Eboshi, who is developing the Iron City by cutting down a preserved forest. In the heat of the fight for survival, the young Prince Ashitaka tries with all his might to find a way to permit the peaceful cohabitation of both sides. But the battle becomes bloodier and bloodier, and it seems that hope is lost forever…
Pioner Cinema on Kutuzovsky 
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