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   January 29
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23:00 Connan Mockasin (New Zealand)
Born in New Zealand's capital of Wellington, Connan Hosford was first introduced to music at a very early age by his father, who played the guitar. Hosford went on to record his first song at age five; a fact that doesn't seem too far-fetched when you consider the playful, imaginative, and experimental style of his work in later years. Connan Hosford first found success as leader of the quirky psych outfit Connan & the Mockasins, who gained some attention and endured a short-lived contract with EMI imprint Regal in the mid-2000s, before its leader found the pop scene too constricting and chose a significantly weirder path as a solo artist. Beginning with his 2011 solo debut, Forever Dolphin Love, Connan Mockasin (as he was so billed) became an indie critics' darling known for his love of jazzy, '70s-inspired soft rock and obtuse conceptual projects, releasing an acclaimed follow-up, Caramel, in 2013 and pairing with collaborators like Charlotte Gainsbourg and LA Priest, forming the sleazy glam-funk band Soft Hair with the latter in 2016. Mockasin eventually directed an absurdist art-house film to accompany his third solo album, Jassbusters, in 2018.
Strelka Bar 
19:00 Coven (USA)
Formed during the late 60's, Coven is a legendary U.S proto-metal band that captures a variety of approches, combining classic psychedelic tendances with folk vibes and proggy-doom-goth accents. Heavy and catchy this musical odissey includes Kinx Dawson's absolutely gorgeous, groovy, sensual and sometimes agressive, demonic hard rockin' vocals. In touch with the occult, black magic and esoteric practices, the atmosphere of their first classic called Witchcraft destroys mind and reaps soul (1969) is ritualistic, austere but also majestic and beautifuly melodic at the same time. In 1970 their recorded their second album that is also really enjoyable despite that it sounds less challenging and less pioneering than their first. The band is dissolved in 1974. In 2007, Jinx Dawson announced the re-formation of the band. They recorded new materials published for the album Metal Goth Queen-Out of the Vault (2008). It reputedly featured session work from original Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, one-time Jethro Tull bassist Glen Cornick, and even James Gang/Deep Purple guitarist Tommy Bolin, captured on some of his final recordings. An important contribution in the developpement of prog rock's heavy side.
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