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Albert Watson. Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019
As part of the XI Moscow International Biennale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography-2019’ the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents Albert Watson latest project ‘Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019’. For this year’s Pirelli Calendar, the celebrated Scottish photographer Albert Watson has created a series of vignettes centering on the dreams and aspirations of four successful and talented women - Julia Garner, Gigi Hadid, Laetitia Casta and Misty Copeland. Each ‘little movie’ shows the characters at significant crossroads in their lives. The result is 40 beautiful and cinematic images taken on location in Miami and New York all on the theme of ‘Dreaming’. The photographs, for the 46th edition of the iconic Calendar, were shot in colour and black and white using the cinematic 16:9 format, inspired by Albert Watson’s passion for the art of film. Until 12.05.19.
Multimedia Art Museum 
Compulsion. Alex Prager
Alex Prager is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer. Her work consists of elaborately staged scenes that draw inspiration from a wide range of influences and references, including Hollywood cinema, experimental films, popular culture, and street photography. Her familiar yet uncanny imagery depicts worlds that synthesize fiction and reality. The highly choreographed nature of her photographs and films embody a visual vocabulary and style that has become uniquely her own. Beyond the bright and attractive façade of Prager’s imagery is a world full of emotion, drama and psychologically rich subjects. Her hyper-stylized and layered compositions, like those reminiscent of Diane Arbus and William Eggleston, exist in a space where there is no clear boundary between fact and fiction as well as superficiality and depth. In order to create a ‘living picture’ Prager carefully constructs the décor to emulate familiar places — streets, beaches, airports, and fills them with an onslaught of carefully crafted characters that are immersed in their own internal dialogue. The early work of the artist has been described as a snapshot of a ‘moving image’, deeply cinematic it’s no surprise that the work has sub-sequentially and seamlessly transitioned into films. Until 12.05.19.
Multimedia Art Museum 
Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and the School of London
In cooperation with the Tate (London), the Pushkin State Museum presents the exhibition “Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and the School of London.” For the first time, the Russian public will have the chance to get acquainted with a unique and very important chapter in the history of modern British art and explore the legacy of artists who used figurative painting to express their deeply personal, sensual and intense life experience. The exposition includes 80 paintings and graphical artworks by many outstanding artists including Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, R. B. Kitaj, Leon Kossoff, Lucian Freud, Michael Andrews, David Bomberg, William Coldstream, Paula Rego, and Euan Uglow. Until 19.05.19.
Pushkin Fine Arts Museum 
On the Other Side of Reality. Erik Johansson
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is presenting the work of the young Swedish photographer Erik Johansson, known for his staged surreal landscapes. Each of his works consists of fragments of many images, carefully processed and cleverly combined in a graphics editor. Johansson boldly invades images with manipulation, constructing fantasy scenes and expanding the boundaries of human perception. Erik does not capture a moment, but realizes his fantasies, using the camera and fully constructing places and situations.Combining real-life objects in the frame, he seeks to maximize the realism of the image, so that his fantasy worlds seem genuine. "No one can say that it doesn't look realistic if I really captured it all on camera," he comments, defining his style as "photorealistic surrealism". Until 12.05.2019.
Lumiere Brothers Photogallery 
Playing with Masterpieces: from Henri Matisse to Marina Abramovic
"Playing with Masterpeices" will demonstrate modern and contemporary art masterpieces from cubism to video art. It is mainly designed for a family visit. The display works as an amusement park where visitors need to climb a staircase, to pass under something, to ride down the slide or to open a cupboard in order to see a work of art so that both children and adults can perceive contemporary art masterpieces beyond styles and conceptions. The exhibition will include selected works of the XX and XXI century such as masterpieces by Kazimir Malevich (Three Figures in a Field), Francis Bacon (Study for head of George Dyer), Roy Lichtenstein (Portrait), Vladimir Yakovlev (Cat Catching a Bird), Viktor Pivovarov (For Pasha, For Vika), Natalia Goncharova (Bathing Girls), Anselm Kiefer (For Adalbert Stifter) as well as works by Wassily Kandinsky, Niko Pirosmani, Marina Abramovic, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and others prominent artists. Visitors will enjoy more than 30 art works in different genres: painting, photography, installation or experimental animation. Until 14.04.19.
Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center 
Rasheed Araeen. A Retrospective
This spring, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition in Russia of Rasheed Araeen (b. 1935, Karachi, Pakistan), presenting six decades of work by the seminal practitioner who has had a profound influence on generations of artists, writers, and thinkers around the world. Known for his strident critique of the ideological and political assumptions of Western modernism, Araeen trained as an engineer in Karachi, before moving to London in 1964 in pursuit of an artistic career. There, he first became known as a pioneering sculptor and installation artist in the (then) emerging field of minimalism, receiving the prestigious John Moores Prize for sculpture in 1969. Until 26.05.19
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art  
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