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 Survival Guide

How Do I Prepare for an International Move from or to Russia?
How far in Advance Should I Start Preparing?

For any international move you should allow as much time as possible. Ideally you should contact your moving company at least six to eight weeks before your proposed departure date. This will provide you with enough time to set up a date & time for a pre-move survey, obtain a written quotation for the moving services, have the quotation approved by your company, and to familiarize yourself with the export and import procedures for your personal belongings, motor vehicles, and pets. When leaving Russia, this will provide your moving company with enough time to obtain the necessary export permits for your artwork and antiques (in some cases, this process can take up to a month or longer). Last but not least, you will have enough time to sort through your things - moving is always a good time to take stock of your possessions and get rid of anything that is no longer needed or wanted.

You should reserve a packing date approximately two to three weeks in advance of your actual moving date. This is especially important during the summer months, as well as November and December - all of these are high season for moving around the world.
The Pre-Move Survey
In order to obtain a detailed written quotation for your move, your moving company will offer you to carry out a pre-move survey of your personal belongings at your residence. This survey should be carried out by a qualified moving consultant; it should be free of charge and should not put you under any kind of obligation toward the moving company.

The purposes of the pre-move survey are to:

Provide your moving company with a good idea as to the volume and nature of your shipment (personal belongings, artwork and antiques, motor vehicles, pets, etc.).

Confirm the final destination (city and country) for your shipment and supply you with information on your destination country, including information on the import customs regulations.

Inform you of the various available shipping methods for your relocation, including approximate transit times to your destination country. Based on your personal requirements, moving schedule and budget, your international moving consultant will help you determine the best shipping method or combination of shipping methods.

Discuss your moving schedule, including your prospective packing dates, your personal departure date from Russia / your origin country), your personal arrival date in your destination country / Russia, and the required delivery dates.

Tell you about the customs formalities that are necessary to clear your shipment through customs at both ends of your move.

Explain the Ministry of Culture procedure for the export of artwork and antiques to you (if your move originates in Russia).

Answer any questions you might have regarding packing & packing materials, including special packing and/or wooden crating for fragile or high-value items.

Explain the insurance cover offered by your moving company.

Discuss any special requirements and answer any additional questions you might have concerning your upcoming move.

All of Allied Pickfords Moscow's moving consultants are completely bilingual (English / Russian), with some also speaking German and French. In fact, all of our moving consultants around the world speak English - in addition to the language of their native country.

Please contact the Allied Pickfords Moscow anytime at (+7 095) 796-93-25, or send an e-mail to to set up a date and time for a free survey of your personal belongings. If you are moving to Russia from another country, please also contact our Moscow. We will then put you in touch with a qualified moving consultant from our office in your origin country.
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