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Traedonya Chequelle (USA)


Presentation of the new VIP dance floor featuring special guest from USA, Traedonya Chequelle

At age 8, Traedonya and her mother moved to New York City and settled in The Bronx, the original Home of Hip Hop. While Traedonya's mother held down two jobs to put her through private school and pay the bills, Traedonya, a pretty tomboy, ran with all the fiery feisty boys on the block, who built ciphers to battle and show their mc skills. At the time Run DMC was blowin up the streets. With her mc-ing skills developing, Traedonya met Pumpkin "The King of The Beats", who later introduced her to Aaron Fuchs, which landed Traedonya her first recording contract, and if you know real Hip Hop folklore, then you know what the legendary Tuff City represents in Hip Hop history. "Do The Boogaloo" was her first solo recording at the tender age of 13.

Already politically and socially aware of the worlds passions and ugliness, Traedonya recorded and toured with the innovative and infamous X-Clan. "Years of The Nine" was one of the main tracks that featured Traedonya, and showed her poetic soulful vocals. This was the foundation of what is now called Hip Opera by worldwide press and publications in the Traellineum. The family oriented Blackwatch Movement allowed Traedonya to embrace other teens around the world. Touring with Lamumba "Professor X" Carson, "Funkinlesson" Brother Jay, "Suga Shaft" and the powerful Sonny Carson, prepared Traedonya for the business of music, and made her understand the power of her womanhood in the music business and everyday life.

Being around live music all of her life, bands in and out of church, poetry and expression and live mc-ing in the streets in her Hillside Housing Project in The Bronx, Traedonya got her close friend and mentor The Large Professor (Nas, Main Source, Common, Pete Rock) to start production on her demo. "He taught me how to get around the studio and get what I wanted from the board". He then later introduced her to Hip Hop engineer and multi instrumentalist Anton Pushansky (Santana, Nas, Kool G Rap) and Curtis Watts (Graham Central Station, Roy Ayers, Vernon Reid). They later formed a band called "Sample This!" , a blend of Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz, with Traedonya as the lead vocalist and main writer. Bringing a full horn section and 3 backgrounds, "Sample This!" played venues around New York City and the East Coast. Not trying to get a record deal, a live recording ended up at Elektra Records, where they later signed and were able to tour parts of the U.K and Europe. While with "Sample This!" , Traedonya continued her growth and studied Jazz at The New School / Mannes in New York City. Still very young and influential, Traedonya studied with Bernard Purdie, Chico Hamilton and Reggie Workman, who all very much influenced her musical pedigree.

Still on her crusade, "a fantastic voyage, Earthbound" , Traedonya is working extra hard, creating a solo project that expresses her raw talents. With producers Cadet and Roland of T-Groove Recordings (Salt n Pepa, China Black) and producer Asen aka Wet.

"The sound is a mixture of hardcore soul, rock, funk and poetry, with a definite street edge, with tight raw vocals. For anybody that wants to get down and party! It's a blend of many yesterdays and many tomorrows. I picked my own producers because, I found that too many cooks in the kitchen ruins the stew! The defining thing in this project for me is my independence. I'm going from the LP to the MP3! Live performance to the World Wide Web!"

Traedonya's gumbo, is some of the best that you will have ever tasted! She sings with raw passion, love and sometimes anger. Her straight forwardness is that of a real Boogie Down Bronx home girl, and her sensitivities, which are very apparent, are that of an Earthy Moon Princess. Coined "Hip Opera" , in musical publications in America and abroad, her song "Naked Gun", which was penned by Traedonya, will be featured in the major motion picture "Spanish Moss". The film is due out Summer 2001.

Traedonya's life's changes and growths are expressed on her solo musical work "Elemental Change" , which is still in production.

"Touring and performing is my forte, and is how my career will make one of it's biggest marks, including my current extensive touring through out the U.K. and Europe. Performing for me is first nature, like breathing. I love to give back to people that come see me play."

Traedonya is a time machine, she can take you to the past, present and most importantly, the future. With her sound, image and powerful artistic vision, which will always have a twist, she will leave your musical taste buds aroused. Traellineum is the time and Traellineum is the space! So pay attention!

Find out more at Traedonya's homepage.

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