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     December 3
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November 22, 19:00
State Kremlin Palace State Kremlin Palace

Ballet to music by Vladimir Kachesov. Libretto by Andrei Petrov. Choreographer - Andrei Petrov. Set Designer - Grigory Belov. "Cleopatra" by V. Kachesov staged by the founder of the "Kremlin Ballet" theater, People's Artist of Russia Andrei Petrov is a bright, dramatic and in many ways unexpected for the audience performance. It will certainly not leave indifferent neither those who are interested in the events of the ancient world, nor, of course, admirers of the magnificent Cleopatra - one of the most charismatic and mysterious person in world history.

The last queen of Hellenistic Egypt from the Macedonian dynasty of Ptolemy to the general public is known, first of all, the story of her love - first in her life was a loud romance with Gaius Julius Caesar, and after - with the Roman commander Mark Antony. Meanwhile, not everyone knows that Cleopatra was not only a spectacular, seductive woman who drove the best men of her time crazy, but also an outstanding ruler who cared about the prosperity of her country. And it is precisely this aspect of her personality that the choreographer-director draws attention to first of all.

Andrei Petrov said this about his vision of Cleopatra: "Usually Cleopatra is presented as a vamp woman, but in fact it's not that simple. She was a prominent statesman, a wise politician, in which Egypt for 20 years remained an independent state. And her romances with Caesar and Mark Antony - which were very different relationships - helped Cleopatra strengthen her country's position. And this is a line that I was very interested in.

The action of the ballet alternately takes place in Alexandria, in the famous Palace of the Ptolemies, and in Rome, where Caesar the triumphator brings Cleopatra and his heir Caesarion and where he himself falls at the hands of conspirators. The audience is offered large-scale pictures of battles, parades, feasts. And also - mystical episodes of Cleopatra's appeal to the gods - patrons of Egypt, whom she asks to show her the way and to open the veil over the future. And, of course, the beautiful, full of passion and psychologically accurate love duets of the Egyptian queen with Caesar and Mark Antony - these are really emotionally two completely different stories, and therefore for each the choreographer-director finds his own, special, plastic expressive means, allowing to convincingly convey the nuances of the relationship between the partners.

The ending of the story of Cleopatra is known to be tragic, but in this new performance we are waiting for a not banal and truly philosophical ending, reminding us of what values in the world are really eternal, and forcing us to think about what is really a defeat and what is a triumph of the human spirit.

The performance is accompanied by the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra. Artistic Director and Principal Conductor - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Kondrashov.


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