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     February 26
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Architecture of the World
April 13 - August 20
Triumph Gallery Triumph Gallery

As part of the Architecture of the World exhibition, Russian artist and architect Sergey Kuznetsov will present a new series of large-format works written in charcoal on cardboard. The main characters of his works are well-known architectural structures located in various parts of the world.

Kuznetsov does not strive for a thorough reproduction of the details of architectural objects. His method can be described by resorting to the musical term "improvisation". Taking the existing architecture as a basis, the artist complements and transforms it at his own discretion, extremely delicately, almost imperceptibly to the viewer.

Using a minimal amount of materials - charcoal, whitewash and a few color accents, Sergey Kuznetsov achieves amazing spatial depth in his works, building volumes solely due to light accents. Architectural graphics is considered to be an academic process that does not develop in combination with contemporary art. In Kuznetsov's works, the size of works is used as a tool to build a dialogue with already known architectural structures.

The large format of works, on the one hand, gives the artist greater dynamism, impetuosity and freedom of performance. On the other hand, despite their impressive size, the works remain intimate and convey a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. While retaining the features of sketchiness due to sharp broad lines and expressive shading, the compositions nevertheless appear to be finished works.

The cardboards are combined into an installation by a large-scale architectural structure that creates the effect of individual frames snatched from photographic film. Due to the use of a cropped type of lighting in the dark space of the hall and seemingly light and weightless metal structures, the works located in different planes seem to levitate in the air.

Through architectural images, Kuznetsov turns to reflections on eternal values, which are often ignored by us in everyday life and in moments of doubt. At the same time, according to the artist, it is they who are able to serve as a kind of mental support in the era of paradigmatic changes taking place in the world.

The exposition included 24 large-format cardboard sheets measuring 300 ? 200 centimeters. They depict the architectural structures of St. Petersburg, the Vladimir region, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Venice, Rome, Florence, Delhi, Istanbul, Bukhara and Baku.

Especially for the exhibition of Sergey Kuznetsov, Russian composer and electronic musician Andrey Antonets (OID) created unique musical compositions that are sound pictures that complement the exhibition space and create a certain atmosphere of presence in those cities that become the object of the image. They are designed not to interpret the works, but to enter into a dialogue with them, enhancing and expanding the perception of the viewer.

Since 2003 Kuznetsov has been a partner and CEO of the architecture workshop 'S.P.Project', which was one of the first architecture offices in Moscow to specialise in 3-Dimensional building design technology.

In 2006 the architecture workshop "S.P.Project" under the direction of Sergey Kuznetsov entered into the association "SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov".

There have been several projects realised including an office building on Leninsky prospect, Residential complex "Granatny, 6", Residential complex "Grunewald", Business center "Akvamarin" on Ozerkovskaya embankment, and the construction of the Palace of water sports in Kazan. Bureau SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov also take part in designing of huge urban planning projects: D1 district in the Innovation center "Skolkovo", microcity "V lesu".

In 2010 Sergey Kuznetsov became the co-author of the project and design of exposition "Factory Russia" of the Russian pavilion in XII Architecture Biennale in Venice. In 2012 at the XIII Venice Architecture Biennale he was a co-curator and co-author of design of the exposition "i-city/i-land" of the Russian pavilion. In August 2012 he was assigned to the post of the Chief architect and First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development.

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