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Symphonic Mystery. World of Hans Zimmer
February 06, 20:00
VTB Arena Park VTB Arena Park

For the first time, the music of a real “rock star” among film composers will be performed on the Russian stage.

The “The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration” concert tour is on a triumphal procession across the world. The groundbreaking tour, which stars longtime friends and colleagues of Hans Zimmer – the rock star of film score composers – is set to remain in high demand.

Hans Zimmer is curator and musical director of the show, and although he isn’t performing himself, he has invited several renowned soloists from his talent factory and circle of friends to take part in the tour.

Academy Award, Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential film composers of our time. His soundtracks to an almost infinite number of blockbusters and movie hits are recognizable and loved. Zimmer powerful opuses gave drama and depth to such films as The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Da Vinci Code, The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar - and this is only small part of the maestro’s filmography. In January 2018, Hans Zimmer received his 11th Academy Award Nominee for a musical score for the last work of Christopher Nolan “Dunkirk”.

Current projects include a live-action remake of The Lion King, which was released by Disney in 2019. In 2017, Zimmer completed a highly successful, critically acclaimed tour across Europe and the U.S.

Is it possible to become a sought-after Hollywood composer without professional education? Zimmer experience proves that it is possible. The column “education” in his CV contains only one item: two-week piano courses. However, the list of films he managed to work with takes several pages. Hans Zimmer is rightfully recognized as the most innovative Hollywood’s composer. His music carries an element of surprise and unpredictability. The innovation of the German genius is the lack of fear of experimentation. Instead of blindly listening to the director, he plunges into the world of the main characters, creating something new and unusual for the viewer.

The concert tour “Symphonic Mystery - World of Hans Zimmer” is a triumphal music procession around the world. In the fall of 2019 and in the spring of 2020, there will be performances in Germany, as well as in other countries of Europe and - for the first time! - in Russia. Hans Zimmer is the musical director and curator of the tour. Although he does not appear in the show, the composer invited several famous soloists and musical associates to take part in the symphonic mystery, such as Lisa Gerrard (the vocals, known on the film "Gladiator”), Pedro Eustache (the flute, known on the films "Pirates of the Caribbean", “Kung Fu Panda").

Unlike the famous tour “Hans Zimmer Live”, in which all attention was focused on the electronic sound, the program "World of Hans Zimmer" includes the composer’s works, specifically adapted for a live symphony orchestra. The maestro spent many months transforming his soundtracks into fantastic suites, turning them into brand new luxurious concerted numbers.

For the first time, along with the music, viewers can enjoy an exclusive video sequence that includes the most iconic scenes of Zimmer's favorite films. The master carefully selected the best movie shots that most accurately reflect the mood of his genius musical scores.

Under the direction of Gavin Greenway - Hans Zimmer's soundtracks conductor, whom, as the maestro himself admits, he trusts as himself - a large symphony orchestra will give the audience mind-blowing emotions and unforgettable impressions of the live performance. Throughout the show on the screen will be shown funny and exciting fragments of studio and backstage work by Zimmer, his old friends and colleagues. In the spring of 2019, the double album "Symphonic Mystery - World of Hans Zimmer" was released on the Sony Classical label, which presents the music from a concert tour and recently orchestrated suites.

Challenging the genre of concert performance itself, “Symphonic Mystery” is on pace to become an entirely new perspective of Zimmer's music with a complete immersion into the reality of his phenomenal path in the modern world. This is an amazing opportunity to present orchestral music to a new generation, while fully preserving the aesthetics of symphonic culture and revealing all its versatility. Immerse yourself in the incredible “World of Hans Zimmer” and enjoy its dizzy musical palette at one of the most anticipated concerts of the coming year in Russia!

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