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Signal 2019
August 15-18
Nikola-Lenivets Park  Nikola-Lenivets Park

Signal 2019 dates are confirmed! The festival in Nikola-Lenivets starts on August, 15 at the National Park "Ugra" and goes on for four days.

The first wave of headliners for the event includes Efdemin, Phase Fatale, Lutto Lento, Boot & Tax, Objekt, Andy Stott, Samuel Kerridge, CoH, Rezzett, Petre Inspirescu, Heap, Retrograde Youth, Bill Patrick, Robin Ordell, Anushka, tINI, Paramida, System 108 team, LVRIN, Elena Sizova, Ernestas Sadau, Roman Sputnik, Yung Acid, Abelle, Fennesz, The Panacea, Bejenec, Noizar, Daria Kolosova, Sofia Rodina, Sergey Sanchez, Izhevski, Vlada etc.

Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann is a German DJ, producer and musician based in Berlin. Known for his deep, psychedelic, and idiosyncratic take on both house and techno, he has released numerous 12“s on various labels, three albums on DIAL and a fourth LP called "New Atlantis" on Berghain´s inhouse Label Ostgut in 2019.

Phase Fatale is the Berlin-based techno project of Hayden Payne, with residencies at Berghain and Khidi. Since 2014 the he has earned a reputation as a techno innovator, both for the broad spectrum of dystopian, gritty, industrial-laden electronics included in DJ sets as well as his deep understanding of synthesis and sound design in his own productions.

Lutto Lento is Lubomir Grzelak, sound artist, producer, DJ and co-owner of DUNNO Recordings, based in Warsaw, Poland. Lone ranger, making uncompromising decisions when it comes to publishing, producing and playing music, achieving blissful states through recontextualization. Inspired equally by post-war avant-garde and indigenous music of Native Americans as well as dancehall and raw off-beat club music.

Boot & Tax are comprised of Cristian Croce (already part of The Barking Dogs) and Claudio Brioschi (Brioski), two of the most popular and respected djs/producers of the Italian scene who share a great passion for analog synths and experimentation, and a deep knowledge of both clubbing and production.

Currently based in Berlin Frenchman Robin Ordell output takes influence from three key European cities; Nice, London and the German capital city. His penchant for Jazz imbues his music with deep soulful grooves, characterised by improvisation, syncopation and an insistent rhythm. Deep, bassy tones, together with infectious breaks and warm loops flow through his sets and productions, while touches of minimal experimentation and a strong house motif make up his signature sound.

Signal 2019 is held on four stages – the high-tech main stage, the concert Meadow stage and the Mobius and Prizma dance floors. In addition to the main program, a series of sub-events by Signal's international and local partner labels will be held.

The concept of the Signal festival, which brings together music and architecture in the form of a large-scale cultural happening, has received public acclaim and the sincere support of the audience. Now we have the opportunity to hold a second event in Nikola-Lenivets, due to other major urban events by Signal which have further established the festival’s reputation around the world.

Signal 2019 is going to be this summer's most important musical event. Furthermore, the team is increasing its contribution to the development of the local infrastructure in this unique natural area, which is listed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Signal is designed to be an open platform for communication between artists and the audience. This format attracts numerous independent artists and presents an impressive art program that perfectly reflects the free spirit of the event.

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