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     July 15
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Usadba Jazz Moscow
June 22-23
Kolomenskoye Museum and Park Kolomenskoye Museum and Park

The 16th International Music Festival and one of the largest open-airs in Russia will be held on June 22-23. It's a real celebration of music, arts and joyous mood, inspiring tens of thousands of people every year, will welcome all guests in 2019 at a new location: Kolomenskoye Estate.

Sixteen years is a good test of maturity, marking the Festival's coming of age: from the very first independent steps, the first realization that we can do it on our own, to the sought-after freedom and serious responsibility that comes with it. Also, of course, this is a new beginning!

So, after USADBA JAZZ has loudly and cheerfully celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Arkhangelskoye Estate, gathering some 28,000 people and 500 musicians from 20 countries on one stage, it enters the next phase in its life. A new site, a radical revamp of image, and a host of various, primarily musical, surprises and incredible transformations – this is a small part of what awaits both loyal fans of USADBA JAZZ and newcomers who are about to join their ranks.

As always, the USADBA JAZZ Festival brings together a whole array of flamboyant and creative people – actors, directors, artists, poets, and designers. The most ambitious performances and spectacular artistic work combined with a unique natural setting – something really to look forward to!

In addition to music, guests are always eagerly awaiting what the market, food courts and varied entertainments for the whole family have to offer, including a special programme for the youngest guests. By the way, admission for children under the age of 10 is traditionally free.

Life doesn't stand still, but time-tested events remain with us, and so is USADBA JAZZ with its unique atmosphere of love, friendship and shared creativity. This year the audience will enjoy performances by Black Eyed Peas, Dhafer Youssef, Michael Kiwanuka, Kovacs, and Jamie Cullum.

Black Eyed Peas who released their first single back in 1995, are today one of the most successful bands of all time, selling more than 76 million records worldwide. This summer we will again see in Russia the group that has already made a huge impact in the history of pop music, but, despite its status, is not afraid to reinvent itself and take risks with commercial success. No doubt, it's one of the major concerts of the year and an event that is not to be missed! Greet the Black Eyed Peas on June 23, on the Parterre Stage of the Usadba Jazz Festival!

Dhafer Youssef is a Tunisian Oud player, vocalist and composer born in November 19th, 1967 in Teboulba. Descendent of a modest family from this Center-eastern fishing village, he comes from a long line of muezzins. For him mastering vocal performances is a heritage.

«The older you get, the less you need to explain your music», says Dhafer Youssef. The Sounds of Mirrors album does not really require lengthy annotations: swing and meditation, Youssef's deep voice that seems to be leading the listener along an invisible ladder upwards, incredible skill and spirituality in each note - all this creates an unforgettable musical experience that will be brought to you on the Aristocrat Stage of the Usadba Jazz Festival in Kolomenskoye, on June 23.

Michael Kiwanuka is a British musician of Ugandan heritage who writes songs combining soul and rootsy folk influences and sings them with a deep, husky soulful voice. The BBC announced on January 6, 2012 that Kiwanuka had won their Sound of 2012 poll, an annual survey of music critics and industry figures to find the most promising new music talent. This summer, for the first time, the Russian audience will be able to feel the magic of his music – at the Usadba Jazz Festival in Kolomenskoye.

Five years ago, looking sharp with her shaven head, Sharon Kovacs took over the European charts in one go: her single My Love, partially recorded in Cuba, resembled a song for James Bond movies, while her passionate low voice was reminiscent of Shirley Bessie, Billie Holiday and other iconic singers of the 20th century. Kovacs' Shades of Black debut album hit the charts in 36 countries and led the charts in her native Holland.

Behind her somewhat brutal looks and coarse intonation hides a sensitive and vulnerable person – this is definitely part of her appeal to fans throughout Europe. Over time, their numbers have increased exponentially, and Russia is no exception – you can witness it for yourself at her concert on June 22 this year, at Usadba Jazz in Kolomenskoye.

Jamie Callum is a real Renaissance man: he is a jazz pianist and vocalist, showman, cinema music composer, photographer, radio (BBC Radio 2) and TV (VH1 and BBC) presenter. His talents have been acknowledged with numerous awards: from Grammy and Golden Globe to awards in the radio broadcasting industry. He started his career as a pianist at weddings, family parties and bar mitzvahs, and today he has become the most successful British jazzman in history, who has sold over 10 million records worldwide. Do not miss: the Aristocrat Stage of Usadba Jazz, June 23, Britain's No. 1 jazzman Jamie Callum!

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