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17th German Film Festival
November 29-December 3
Formula Kino Horizon Formula Kino Horizon

German Films, Embassy of Germany in Moscow, Goethe Cultural Center, CoolConnections and Formula Kino Horizon present the 17th German Film Festival. The festival will be held at Formula Kino Horizon on November 29-December 3. The program presents a selection of recent feature films, documentaries, shorts, silent movies, and a short film program Next Generation Short Tiger. Some of the guests of the 17th German Film Festival are Julia Charakter (short films' director), the director of "Styx" drama Wolfgang Fischer, Safari Sayora from "The Bra" tragicomedy and its director Veit Helmer, the director of "Lomo - the Language of Many Others" drama Julia Langhof and Hans Weingartner, who directed the "303" road-movie.

Films will be demonstrated in German with Russian subtitles.


Styx Germany, Austria 2018, 94 min. Directed by Wolfgang Fischer. Starring: Susanne Wolff, Gedion Wekesa Oduor, Alexander Beyer, Inga Birkenfeld. Rike - 40, a doctor from Europe - embodies a typical Western model of happiness and success. We see Rike's everyday life, as an emergency doctor, before she fulfils a long-held dream and sails out to sea alone in her sailing boat. Her goal: Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. But her dream holiday is quickly broken off...

Transit Drama. Germany, France 2018, 101 min. Directed by Christian Petzold. Starring: Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Godehard Giese. When a man flees France after the Nazi invasion, he assumes the identity of a dead author whose papers he possesses. Stuck in Marseilles, he meets a young woman desperate to find her missing husband - the very man he's impersonating.

Lomo - the Language of Many Others Drama, thriller. Germany 2017, 101 min. Directed by Julia Langhof. Starring: Jonas Dassler, Lucie Hollmann, Eva Nürnberg, Karl Alexander Seidel, Marie-Lou Sellem, Peter Jordan. Twins Karl and Ann are facing their final high school exams. The ambitious girl knows what she wants to do with her life. The 17-year-old boy spends all his time on his blog where he posts photos and videos, creating an imaginary world. He is watched by thousands of followers who cannot be quite sure what’s true and what’s not. When Karl is dumped by his girlfriend, he turns to his faithful and only admirers, giving them control over everything he’s going to do from now on.

Next Generation Short Tiger 2018 97 min. In 2018, German Films and the German Federal Film Board (FFA) combine their forces again to present a new edition of the traditional talent showcase "Next Generation Short Tiger". This year it premieres 12 most remarkable student shorts that represent a wide diversity of forms, genres, subjects and skillful filmmaking that international audiences have come to expect from German shorts.The filmmakers scan deeply under the surface of current social topics, but in the end they always find some kind of hope. Their stories are deeply personal as well as very universal, told from different angles and in a variety of styles.

303 Road-movie. Germany 2018, 120 min. Directed by Hans Weingartner. Starring: Mala Emde, Anton Spieker, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Martin Neuhaus. On the way from Berlin to Portugal in her rusty 303" camper van, young biology student Jule picks up hitchhiker Jan. While having intense conversations about everything and the world, they try not to fall in love.

Ants + Jibril 88 min. The screening of a 5-minute "Ants" (2017) short film will be followed by "Jibril". Drama. Germany 2018, 83 min. Directed by Henrika Kull. Starring: Susanna Abdulmajid, Malik Adan, Doua Rahal, Emna El-Aouni. Maryam lives an independent life as a divorced mother of three girls. An accidental encounter with Jibril, who is serving time in prison and whom she barely knows, makes her aware of what is missing in her life. She and he elope in an ardent love affair.

Lost Ones (Verlorene) Drama. Germany 2018, 91 min. Directed by Felix Hassenfratz. Starring: Anna Bachmann, Maria Dragus, Meira Durand, Clemens Schick, Enno Trebs. The only time Maria feels liberated is when she is playing the organ. Bach’s music is something you feel in your gut. At home she bears the brunt of responsibility – both for her rebellious sister Hannah, two years her junior, who is busy planning her escape from the village, and for her father, Johann. Ever since their mother’s untimely death, these two very different sisters have been living alone with their father in the backwoods of southern Germany. Maria does everything in her power to keep their fragile little family together – even if it means giving up her own dreams.

Moments (Augenblicke) + All Good (Alles ist gut) 97 min. The screening of a 4-minute "Augenblicke" short film will be followed by "Alles ist gut". Drama. Germany 2018, 93 min. Directed by Eva Trobisch. Starring: Aenne Schwarz, Andreas Döhler, Hans Löw, Tilo Nest, Lisa Hagmeister. Janne's new boss's brother-in-law slept with her against her will. She conceals the incident and continues her way of life as usual. But her silence has consequences, not only for the love that she feels for her friend Piet.

Weit. Die geschichte von einem weg um die welt Documentary. Germany 2017, 129 min. Directed by Patrick Allgaier, Gwendolin Weisser. Two young Germans spend three and a half years traveling around the world just by hitchhiking, bus, train and ship. They travel almost 100,000 kilometers through Europe, Asia, North and Central America.

Link + Three Peaks (Drei Zinnen) 100 min. The screening of a 7-minute "Link" (2017) short film will be followed by "Drei Zinnen". Italy, Germany 2017, 93 min. Directed by Jan Zabeil. Starring: Alexander Fehling, Bérénice Bejo, Arian Montgomery. Aaron wants to become a family with his girlfriend and her 8-year-old son, but high up in the Italian Dolomites, his attempts to win the boy's acceptance turn into a dangerous power game.

Mountain Miracle – An Unexpected Friendship (Amelie rennt) Adventure, drama. Germany, Italy 2017, 97 min. Directed by Tobias Wiemann. Starring: Mia Kasalo, Samuel Girardi, Susanne Bormann, Denis Moschitto, Jasmin Tabatabai. A girl struggling with asthma is taken to a clinic in South Tyrol to be cured. After some time she decides to get out of this hell (that's how she feels about it) and soon she'll meet a new friend. Together they try to reach the peak of a mountain where, according to an old custom, she can be healed.

The Bra Tragicomedy. Germany, Azerbaijan 2018, 90 min. Directed by Veit Helmer. Starring: Predrag Manojlovic, Denis Lavant, Paz Vega, Chulpan Khamatova, Maia Morgenstern. In German with Russian subtitles. Train driver Nurlan is heading to Baku for the last time before retirement. On its way round the neighborhoods of the city his train snags a blue bra off a washing line. To escape from his lonely existence, Nurlan embarks on the most adventurous journey of his life: to find the owner of this perky piece of underwear. He rents a small room in Baku and begins his quest.

THF: Central Airport (Zentralflughafen THF) Documentary. Germany 2018, 97 min. Directed by Karim Aïnouz. In German with Russian subtitles. Berlin's Tempelhof Airport was opened in 1923 and, under Adolf Hitler, extended to become the world's largest airport which was finally closed in 2008. But even today Tempelhof Airport remains a place of arrivals and departures being used simultaneously as a refugee shelter and a leisure park for the inhabitants of Berlin. A historically unique moment for a portrait of this city within a city, but also of a European society in a state of emergency, caught between crisis and utopia.


29 November, Thursday:
19:00 Styx
21:30 Transit

30 November, Friday:
19:00 Lomo - the Language of Many Others
21:30 Next Generation Short Tiger 2018

1 December, Saturday:
13:00 Lost Ones (Verlorene)
15:00 Moments (Augenblicke) + All Good (Alles ist gut)
17:00 Weit. Die geschichte von einem weg um die welt
19:30 303
22:00 Ants + Jibril

2 December, Sunday:
13:00 Mountain Miracle – An Unexpected Friendship (Amelie rennt)
15:00 THF: Central Airport (Zentralflughafen THF)
17:00 Link + Three Peaks (Drei Zinnen)
19:30 The Bra

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