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   April 18
Children Venues
Dining Out with Children
Children Calendar / February 28
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28.02.21 A Christmas Story
12:00. A boggart lived in one empty house and, like all real boggarts do, he considered himself to be very scary - though in reality he was small, funny and kind. All cats and dogs that lived nearby loved him, but he had one dream - he wanted a human family to move in so that he could look after them and protect them from bad things. And right before Christmas his dream started to come true...What happened next? Kuklachev's Cats Theatre invites everyone to find out. 100 min (with interval).
Kuklachev's Cats Theatre  
28.02.21 At the Pike's Behest
12:00. Emelya lived in a village on the shore of the Volga River with his two brothers and their wives. Although he was good-looking, he was also foolish, lazy, and despised work. He spent his days sitting on the clay stove in the kitchen. His brothers ran a trading business left to them by their dead father. The brothers left Emelya one day, to sell their wares along the river, leaving Emelya with the wives, promising to return with a kaftan, red boots, and a red hat for their brother...
Circus on Prospekt Vernadskogo 
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