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   February 27
Children Venues
Dining Out with Children
Children Calendar / January 25
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25.01.20 How the Cats Saved Fedora
12:00, 15:00. 18:00. This is one of the most mysterious and magical productions of the creative group of the cat theater. You will see a theatrical performance, a musical, a sand show, funny clowns, a lot of joy, children's laughter, an inimitable live action, with a talented, fervent game of human actors and, most importantly, the game of cat actors!
Kuklachev's Cats Theatre  
25.01.20 The Flower of Seven Colors
13:00, 18:00. It is known to us from childhood the story about the girl called Zhenya, who found a magical flower (Tsvetik-Semitsvetik) that is able to fulfill the most incredible desires. A good old fairy tale about fulfillment of desires and happiness, which is measured not by things, a funny performance with clowns, air gymnasts, jugglers and animals.
Circus of Dancing Fountains "Aquamarine" 
25.01.20 Wish I was a Queen...
13:00, 17:00. Based on the famous fairy tale "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" by Alexander Pushkin, this story tells about evil and good, trust and betrayal, happiness and love. Swan-princess, 33 knights, a magical squirrel with golden nuts and many others are waiting for you in the Great Moscow State Circus!
Circus on Prospekt Vernadskogo 
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