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   September 21
Children Venues
Dining Out with Children
Children Calendar / September 11
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11.09.20 I'm a Clown or Kotostroyka
16:00. Theatre production. 100 min. The show "I'm a Clown or Kotostroyka" is dedicated to the world-famous clowns and comics like Charlie Chaplin, Leonid Yengibarov, and Charles Adrien Wettach, a Swiss clown known as Grock. This show presents a new look on these famous names with Dmitri Kuklachev, the theatre's artistic director, recreating their famous performances with the help of cats. Prior to the show, the guests will be invited to take a tour around the premises visiting the apartments of the furry cast. Suitable for 5+.
Kuklachev's Cats Theatre  
11.09.20 Kotobum
16:00. Theatre production. 90 min. There are no bad people, there is a lack of love. Running from the police two hooligans fall into a mysterious world of cats where extraordinary things start happening to them. But the love of 40 cats will transform the hooligans into kind, honest and happy men.
Kuklachev's Cats Theatre  
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