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   September 25
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Arts Calendar / June 25 / Opera
19:00 Il Trovatore
Opera by Giuseppe Verdi. 130 min. Stage Director: Dmitry Bertman. Music Director: Oliver Diaz. Sets and Costumes Designers: Igor Nezhny, Tatiana Tulubieva. The first show of the new season in "Helikon Opera" and along with that the last premiere of the previous one is «Il Trovatore» by G.Verdi. If there is a perfect opera in the world, the victory in the nomination definitely goes to "Il Trovatore", with its intricate plot, emotional intensity and brilliant music. To all of that "Helikon" added the ultra-modern stage equipment, high-tech lighting effects, a gripping detective story, a passionate love affair and an unexpected denouement – and here it is, the performance which has become a hit of the opera. The image of the sinister "grill", which roasts people’s fates, permeates the entire show. It is very realistic and therefore breathtaking. And next to that horrible grill, in the stylized ruins of Palmyra, there is the illusion theatre, where actors experience dramatical suffering, emotions and love. According to the Stage Director, "Theatre used to be a mirror of life and its reflection. Nowadays theatre has become our world, where you can find harmony, while real life seems to be an illusion, a nightmare." Responsible for the music part is Spanish Maestro Óliver Díaz, invited to Russia specially for this perfomance. The choice of the conductor was an absolute fortune for the theatre: its "Il Trovatore" is full of life, colour and energy, with Italian passion in every sound. "One of the most important words in the Italian drama is "vendetta". And I think it is present in "Il Trovatore"," said Oliver Diaz.​
Helikon Opera 
19:00 Mazeppa
Opera in three acts to music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Libretto by Viktor Burenin based on Alexander Pushkin’s poem Poltava. Music Director: Tugan Sokhiev. Stage Director: Evg?ny Pisarev. Set Designer: Zinovy Margolin. Opera is based on Pushkin’s poem Poltava where personal drama is intertwined with critical events of Peter the Great period. The story reaches culmination on narrative about Poltava battle and it provides rich material. The fact is that Tchaikovsky is alien to a ‘grand style’ – thus it is needless to expect such a style of Peter I and Charles XII parts in Mazeppa. What attract composer primarily are characters feelings, emergence and the dynamics of the conflict. Moral aspect of Mazeppa was essential for Pushkin – ‘insidious evil’ he called him: betrayal of Peter I and revenge to Kochubei. Tchaikovsky follows Pushkin's interpretation and does not idealize Mazeppa; however, his hero is more complex and multi-sided. The ability to bend people to his will, backbone for reaching specific goal, authority and ruthlessness, intensity of the feelings – contradictory traits of hetman are revealed in the opera to the fullest. Lyrical aria ‘Oh, Mariya’, which became most popular, was created later (due to request of first Mazeppa performer – Bogomir Korsov). Aria organically completes the image.
Bolshoi Theater 
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