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   September 24
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19:00 Falstaff
Opera by Giuseppe Verdi. 140 min. Stage Director - Dmitry Bertman. Music Director - Damian Iorio (Italy). Set and Costume Designers - Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva. On «Helikon-Opera» stage the senescent glutton and scapegrace Falstaff turned to young golden-haired dandy with sound stamina, tempted with everything. Infuriated with the same love messages his women created and realized the subtle plan of revenge, but the sensitive pleasure from intrigue with beautiful women have sweetened the bitterest final for Falstaff. A rarely performed Verdi’s «Falstaf» was staged as a performance about happiness to feel the taste of life, to be filled with its vital juices and to enjoy its aromas, to hear its music and to sense the joy of earth existence. Doctor Caius bursts into the tavern named «Garter», where Sir John Falstaff is having lunch drinking much wine, and tries vigorously to find out where his purse has gone, which disappeared mysteriously after yesterday's joint drinking. Naturally, neither Falstaff himself nor his servants Bardolf and Pistol have any idea about it. Caius is forced to leave with no result. However, financial affairs of the boon companions are very bad. Falstaff sure of his human and masculine irresistibility, is writing similar letters to his merry good women - Alice Ford and Meg Page hoping that his ladies will appreciate his merits. The servants refuse to participate in this disgraceful undertaking. Falstaff explains very thoroughly and intelligibly to scoundrels for which purpose their honour may further serve them. The page takes away the letters...
Helikon Opera 
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