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Arts Calendar / April 21 / Opera
19:00 Ariadne auf Naxos
Opera in one act by Richard Strauss with a prologue. Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Second version (1916). Stage Director: Hans-Joachim Frey. Music Director: Alexey Vereshchagin. Regarded by many as the ultimate collaboration between Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the witty musical comedy “Ariadne auf Naxos” tells the story of the hopes and dreams of a young composer crushed by harsh (theatre) reality; of heartbroken ladies and of taking love and life as it comes. Last but not least, the opera raises questions of human trust, change and constancy, inadvertence and freedom. In the house of a rich man, preparations are in progress for the performance of a new opera seria, “Ariadne auf Naxos”. The major-domo enters to inform the music master that immediately after the opera an Italian comedy will be performed, followed by a fireworks display in the garden. The outraged music master replies that the composer, his young pupil, will never tolerate that, but the major-domo is unimpressed by his objections and leaves. When the composer appears, hoping for a last-minute rehearsal, a disdainful servant tells him that the musicians are still playing dinner music. Suddenly the tenor rushes from his dressing room, arguing with the wigmaker. The prima donna furiously comments on the presence of the comedy troupe and their leading lady, Zerbinetta. In the middle of the confusion, the major-domo returns with an announcement: in order for the fireworks to begin on time, the opera and the comedy are to be performed simultaneously...
Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage 
18:00 Lohengrin
Opera in three acts by Richard Wagner. Conductor: Evan Rogister. Stage Director: Fran?ois Girard. Dramaturge: Serge Lamothe. Sung in German. Sitting under the tree of justice, King Heinrich explains to the people the dangers that threaten the peace and unity of the German Empire. He questions Telramund on the reasons for division within the duchy of Brabant. The count accuses Elsa, the duchess of Brabant, of having murdered her own brother, the young duke Godfrey, heir to the throne. He insinuates that Elsa acted with the complicity of a secret lover to seize power. The King summons the accused. Elsa, dreamy, appears dressed in white. For any defense, she evokes a dream in which a virtuous knight came to comfort her. She asks for the protection of this knight. It is he, she says, who must face Count Telramund in a battle whose outcome will clear her name. The King's Herald makes an appeal, then another, which remain unanswered. Elsa begins to pray fervently. A digital certificate (a QR-code) is required to enter.
Bolshoi Theater 
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