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19:00 Without a Dowry
Theatre production. A drama in four acts. 200 min (with an intermission). Author: Alexander Ostrovsky. Producing Director: Pyotr Fomenko. Director: Valius Tertelis. Subtitles available in English, French, German and Russian. Pyotr Fomenko’s stage production of the well-known play by the great 19th century Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky does away with all the rules of its usual comprehension. The colours are subdued, and the stage sets are minimalistic. There are no melodramatics here, no boisterous merchants, and no languid songs. Still, there are songs, but they are bitter, terrifying, desperate. And the Gypsies, as written by Ostrovsky, remind one of the flock of Macbethian witches. “Without a Dowry” seems like a watershed moment for the Fomenko Workshop Theater. (Ostrovsky himself considered it a turning point). Pyotr Fomenko has directed a very severe and bitter production about human ruthlessness and false, surrogate, perverted values, be that morality, reputation or an honest merchant’s word. He speaks about the world, where the person’s “price” is equal to his financial, not spiritual spending. Working as if with a polishing stone, Fomenko clears away all the romantic gold-plating of this play," Olga Fuks, Evening Moscow.
Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre 
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