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   May 17
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Arts Calendar / September 18 / Dance
20:00 DanceInversion Dance Festival: Jungle Blues/Three to One/Myelination
International Contemporary Dance Festival DanceInversion celebrates its 20th anniversary! During these years Moscow has welcomed almost 90 choreographers as well as numerous professionals from: 5 continents and the Islands of New Zealand, Ireland and Cuba, 30 countries, 78 companies. The Festival's mission has always been the discovery of new names and new styles of dance art. DanceInversion remains true to this ethos and includes the names of both professional artists and exciting newcomers. Three brilliant performances will give a vivid portrait of the company and boldly synthesize American step with various dance styles. Michelle Dorrance (MacArthur Fellow, Bessie Award winner, and Doris Duke Artist Award winner) is one of the most sought-after tap dancers of her generation and “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today” (The New Yorker). Under her direction, Dorrance Dance upholds the traditions of tap dance, a uniquely American art form, while propelling them forward rhythmically, technically, and conceptually. Dorrance and her company will perform the impulsive, visually enticing Myelination, an exhilarating ensemble piece featuring original live music by Donovan Dorrance, Gregory Richardson, and Aaron Marcellus; the rarely seen, dramatic, Bessie Award-winning Three to One; and a revival of the sassy, funky Jungle Blues with score by Branford Marsalis. “Dorrance . . . pushes the boundaries of tap while exposing its true nature: that it is music” (The New York Times).
Russian Academic Youth Theater 
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