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   November 22
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Arts Calendar / September 28 / Concerts
20:30 Autumn Duets
"Autumn Duets" is a duet of an organ of the laureate of an international competition Alexey Shmitov and a violin of the laureate of international competitions Ksenia Dubrovskaya (Germany). The Vienna Opera soloist Nikolay Borchev (baritone) and laureate of an international competition Maria Aria (soprano) will be soloists. The program includes compositions by German composers: J.S. Bach, F. Schubert, J. Rheinberger, J. Haydn, F. Mendelssohn, R. Strauss and others.
Roman Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
19:00 Valeri Grohovski: from Bach to Beatles
One of the most famous Russian musician Valeri Grohovski (piano) and his guests: Aleksey Utkin (oboe), Anatoliy Kroll (piano, conductor), Misha (vocal) present the eclectic program "From Bach to Beatles". Born in Moscow, Valeri Grohovski received his musical training and doctorate from the prestigious Gnessin Music schools. After winning a national piano competition in the former U.S.S.R. he was permitted to compete abroad where he proceeded to win numerous competitions in both Europe and the United States. Valeri Grohovski has performed extensively around the world, awing audiences with his unique combination of formidable classical repertoire and his virtuoso jazz improvisations. "I haven't come across Grohovski before (born Moscow in 1960 and currently professor and artist-in-residence at San Antonio University in Texas), but I was happy to make his aquaintance. This is the sort of Bach playing which makes you glad to be alive - rhythmically exuberant, jaunty tempos, no heavy-handed reverence - in music that frequently sends both hands scurrying after each other round the keyboard. Yet the wistful, late-night musing that Grohovski brings to the slow movement of the Italian Concerto and the Sarabande in the fifth partita, for example, is most affecting. Lovely disc" (Bel Air BAM Jeremy Nicholas from CLASSIC FM magazine, November 2002). "Valeri Grohovski is that rarest of musicians: he plays always with perfect taste" (Tatiana Petrova, President Gnessin Music College). "One of the finest classical pianists in the world, Valeri Grohovski accomplishes what few others would even attempt when he crosses freely from classical into jazz - without an accent!" (Christopher Wilkins, Conductor San Antonio Symphony). "Valeri is a consummate musician whose diversity is without peer. There simply is not another pianist in the world who is classically competitive and the envy of jazz pianists who have devoted their lives solely to jazz performance" (James Biotos).
MMDM Svetlanov Hall 
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