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   June 18
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19:00-23:00 Celebrating 25 Years of Command & Conquer by Frank Klepacki
Frank Klepacki is an esteemed composer, producer, and sound designer whose career has spanned over 25 years and has worked on video game titles for top developers and publishers. In 1995, he pushed the limits of music in the game industry in what would become one of the biggest game franchises, “Commad& Conquer” (aka C&C). The original score for C&C transcended norms of video game music. The music style of the C&C score had strong cross-over commercial appeal, resulting in the score meriting its own stand-alone soundtrack. Moreover, he won the PC Gamer Magazine award for Best Game Soundtrack for “C&C: Red Alert”. In 2012, its main theme "Hell March" was ranked #7 of top 100 video game themes of all time by While working for Westood, Klepacki composed for other notable titles including “The Lion King”, “Blade Runner”, “Monopoly”, “Lands of Lore” and “Dune 2000”.
Arbat Hall 
19:00 Joseph Haydn. The Creation
The performance within the Framework of the XV Chekhov International Theatre Festival Programme by Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia “Evgeny Svetlanov”. La Création is an unusual oratorio. One of the authorities on Haydn’s work described it as “a picturesque illustrated book for adults and children”. Instead of the traditional heroic and epic pathos, its 34 vivid musical movements are pervaded with joy, astonishment and admiration for the world, and gratitude to God for the miracle which He created. La Fura’s production is an oratorio of the twenty-first century, the age of high technology and immense multimedia opportunities. A nine-meter-high crane, thirty-six enormous helium balloons and an aquarium of 1,000 litres – we are able to touch all this. Everything else is light, which breathes life into the stage and auditorium space. The founders and performers of the celebrated “La Fura dels Baus” company have long decided that miracles should be created with our own hands. For over forty years this fascinating theatre has never failed to amaze and captivate the public with its fantastic grand-scale shows. Their huge puppets, guided by cranes, were seen strolling along the streets and squares of world capitals, notably during the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. It was during these open-air performances that La Fura’s true spirit and unique style took shape. Thus, literary and musical masterpieces are transformed into spectacular pageants, which resemble your dreams and fantasies.
Zaryadye Concert Hall 
19:00 National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia
The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia (NPR) performs works by Wagner, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and others. The Orchestra was founded in January 2003 by the Ministry of Culture. The Orchestra united top orchestra musicians and gifted youth. During the 13 years of its activities, the NPR has succeeded in becoming one of the best symphonic orchestras of Russia and in gaining admiration from the audience and recognition from the professionals. The Orchestra is headed by Maestro Vladimir Spivakov, a world-known violinist and conductor. The NPR’s repertoire covers the period from early classical symphonies to the newest works of modern composers. In the course of eleven years the Orchestra has presented many exceptional projects, world premieres, unique transcription series and concert cycles. In accordance with its status and name, the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia gives concerts not only in Moscow, but in various regions of Russia as well. The NPR ends up each season with a tour in Russia. Every year the NPR takes part in the International Music Festival in Colmar, France. The Orchestra has toured extensively over the CIS countries and the Baltic countries, in Europe, the USA, China and Japan.
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 
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