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   February 27
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Arts Calendar / February 4 / Ballet
19:00 Le Corsaire
Adolphe Adam and Leo Delibes' ballet staged by Marius Petipa edited by Alexei Ratmansky and Yury Burlaka. Designer - Boris Kaminsky. Costume designer - Elena Zaitseva. Music director - Pavel Klinichev. Lighting designer - Damir Ismagilov. This Bolshoi Theatre production is intended for those who still seek for miracles in theatre. If you are moved to applaud the flooded with sunlight bazaar square which comes to view as the curtains are pulled back, if the piles of stage-prop pears and peaches delight your eye and make your mouth water, if you wish to penetrate to the gist of the touchingly naive pantomime via which these intriguing — dressed in attires that are out of this world — pasha-eunuchs-slave-girls communicate, if the magicof a shipwreck on stage excites you more than the real thing in the film version of the Titanic, then have no doubt, you are a potential fan of this Le Corsaire. And if, in addition, you are as passionate about ballet as was Petipa, who embellished the old Paris original with marvelous choreographic tableaux and numbers of his own and if you love it as much as do the creators of the Bolshoi current version of Le Corsaire — Alexei Ratmansky and Yuri Burlaka who have attempted to revive — here the creations of their famous predecessor — there — simply his signature, you will become a devotee of this ballet and attend performances of it just as regularly as you do those of La Bayadere or Swan Lake. “Yes, it is a long evening, but you have to stay because of the verve and grace of the dances and, just as important, for the final shipwreck, a triumph of stagecraft, dramatic taradiddle and howling gales. My companion on Monday believes that all ballets are improved by including a shipwreck. Just think how this would enliven some of our local po-faced stagings” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times, 3.08.2010, 5 "stars" to the performance).
Bolshoi Theater 
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