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   June 15
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19:00 Master and Margarita
Ballet in two acts to music by Alfred Schnitke and Milko Lazar, 150 min. Libretto by Edward Clug after Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel of the same name. Choreography: Edward Clug. Set Designer: Marko Japelj. Costume Designer: Leo Kulas. The Master is devoured by his work. He makes the image of Pontius Pilate come to life. The Master wakes up to reality. He is in hospital. At the Patriarch’s Ponds Annushka spills the oil. Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz and Ivan Bezdomny have a heated argument. An elegantly dressed gentleman appears: Woland himself. He predicts Berlioz’s upcoming death. The prophecy is instantly fulfilled: Berlioz gets his head cut off under a tram. Bezdomny is shocked. He is stalked by a weird pair: Behemoth and Fagot. Trying to shake them off, he gets into a series of awkward situations, but the uninvited companions keep following him everywhere. Terrified, Ivan jumps into a river. Woland and his entourage – Behemoth, Fagot, Azazello, and Hella – come to Berlioz’s flat. Styopa Likhodeyev, administrative director of the Variety Theatre, is asleep in one of the rooms. Woland’s henchmen wake him up and remind him of his invitation for Woland to perform at the theatre, although he recalls no such agreement whatsoever...
Bolshoi Theater New Stage 
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